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uva housing assignment

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The indefinite article exists only in the singular, where its absence marks definiteness. In the plural, (in)definiteness does not receive special marking. Verbal morphology edit sinhalese distinguishes three conjugation classes. Spoken Sinhalese does not mark person, number or gender on the verb (literary sinhalese does). In other words, there is no subjectverb agreement. 1st class 2nd class 3rd class verb verbal adjective verb verbal adjective verb verbal adjective present (future) kanəva kanə arinəva arinə pipenəva pipenə past kæva kævə æriya æriyə pipuna pipunə anterior kala kapu ærəla ærəpu pipila pipicca simultaneous kanə kanə / ka kaa(spoken) / arinə.

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Depending on how far an independent word has progressed on a grammaticalisation path, scholars will see it as a case marker or not. The brackets with most of the vowel length symbols indicate the optional shortening of long vowels in certain unstressed syllables. Animate sg inanimate sg animate pl inanimate pl nom miniha potə minissu pot acc miniha və potə minissu(nvə) pot instr miniha atiŋ poteŋ minissu(n) atiŋ potvəliŋ dat miniha ʈə potəʈə minissu(ɳ)ʈə potvələʈə abl miniha geŋ poteŋ minissu(n)geŋ potvaliŋ gen miniha ge pote minissu(ŋ)ge potvələ loc. Most inanimates mark the plural through disfix. Loanwords from English mark the singular with ekə, and overpopulation do not mark the plural. This can be interpreted as a singulative number. Sg amma deviya hora pothə reddə kanthoruvə sathiyə bus ekə parə negroes pl amməla deviyo horu poth redi kanthoru sathi bus parəval Gloss mother(s) god(s) thief(ves) book(s) cloth(es) office(s) week(s) bus(ses) street(s) On the left hand side of the table, plurals are longer than singulars. On the right hand side, it is the other way round, with the exception of parə "street". Note that animate lexemes are mostly in the classes on the left-hand side, while -animate lexemes are most often in the classes on the right hand. Indefinite article edit The indefinite article is -ek for animates and -ak for inanimates.

For example, tamba 'copper' contrasts with tamba 'boil'. F and ʃ are restricted to loans, typically English or Sanskrit. They are commonly replaced by p and s is colloquial speech. Long /ə/ is restricted to English loans. Morphology edit nominal morphology edit The main features marked on Sinhalese nouns are case, number, definiteness and animacy. Cases edit sinhalese distinguishes several cases. Next to the cross-linguistically rather common nominative, accusative, genitive, dative and ablative, there are also less common cases write like the instrumental. The exact number of these cases depends on the exact definition of cases one wishes to employ. For instance, the endings for the animate instrumental and locative cases, atiŋ and lagə, are also independent words meaning "with the hand" and "near" respectively, which is why they are not regarded to be actual case endings by some scholars.

uva housing assignment

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Several of these diacritics occur in two forms, which depend on the shape of the consonant letter. Vowels also have independent letters but these are only used at the beginning of words where there is no preceding consonant to add a diacritic. The complete alphabet consist of 60 letters, 18 for vowels resumes and 42 for consonants. However, only 57 (16 vowels and 41 consonants) are required for writing colloquial spoken Sinhalese ( suddha sinhala ). The rest indicate sounds that have gotten lost in the course of linguistic change, such as the aspirates, are restricted to sanskrit and Pali loan words. Sinhalese is written from left to right and the sinhalese character set (the sinhalese script) is only used for this one language. Citation needed The alphabetic sequence is similar to those of other Brahmic scripts: a/ā ä/ i/ī u/ū year ŗ e/ē ai o/ō au k kh g g c ch j jh ñ ṭ ṭa ṭ ṭh ḍ ḍh ṇ t th d dh n. A short homorganic nasal occurs before a voiced stop it is shorter than a sequence of nasal plus stop. The nasal is syllabified with the onset of the following syllable, which means that the moraic weight of the preceding syllable is left unchanged.

The sinhalese alphabet is closely related to south Indian Grantha alphabet and Khmer alphabet taken the elements from the related Kadamba alphabet. 21 8 The sinhalese writing system is an abugida, where the consonants are written with letters while the vowels are indicated with diacritics ( pilla ) on those consonants, unlike english where both consonants and vowels are full letters, or Urdu where vowels need not. Also, when a diacritic is not used, an "inherent vowel either /a/ or /ə is understood, depending on the position of the consonant within the word. For example, the letter k on its own indicates ka, either /ka/ or /kə/. The various vowels are written kā, kä, k (after the consonant ki, kī (above the consonant ku, kū (below the consonant ke, kē (before the consonant ko, kō (surrounding the consonant). There are also a few diacritics for consonants, such. For simple /k/ without a vowel, a vowel-cancelling diacritic ( virama ) called hal kirīma is used:.

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uva housing assignment

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Diglossia edit In Sinhalese there is distinctive diglossia, as in many languages of south Asia. The literary language and the spoken language differ from each other in many aspects. The written language is used for all forms of literary texts but also orally at formal occasions (public speeches, tv and radio news broadcasts, etc. whereas the spoken language is used as the language of communication in everyday life (see also sinhala slang and colloquialism ). As a diet rule the literary language uses more sanskrit -based words. The most important difference between the two varieties is the lack of inflected verb forms in the spoken language.

The situation is analogous to one where middle or even Old English would be the written language in Great Britain. The children are taught the written language at school almost like a foreign language. Sinhalese also has diverse slang. Most slang words and terms were regarded as taboo and most were frowned upon as non-scholarly. However, nowadays Sinhalese slang words and terms, even the ones with sexual references, are commonly used among younger Sri lankans. Writing system edit ( āyubōvan ) means "welcome literally wishing one a long life main articles: Sinhalese alphabet and Sinhalese Braille The sinhalese alphabet, sinhala hodiya, is based on the ancient Brahmi script, as are most Indian scripts.

Some of the features that may be traced to Dravidian influence are the distinction between short e, o and long ē, ō the loss of aspiration left-branching syntax the use of the attributive verb of kiyana "to say" as a subordinating conjunction with the meanings. G.: ēka aḷut kiyalā mama dannavā it new having-said i know "I know that it is new." ēka aḷut-da kiyalā mama dannē nähä it new-? Having-said i know-emp not "I do not know whether it is new." Foreign influence edit As a result of centuries of colonial rule, modern Sinhalese contains some portuguese, dutch and English loanwords. Influences on other languages edit macanese patois or Macau creole (known as Patuá to its speakers) is a creole language derived mainly from Malay, sinhalese, cantonese, and Portuguese, which was originally spoken by the macanese people of the portuguese colony of Macau. It is now spoken by a few families in Macau and in the macanese diaspora.

The language developed first mainly among the descendants of Portuguese settlers who often married women from Malacca and Sri lanka rather than from neighbouring China, so the language had strong Malay and Sinhalese influence from the beginning. Numerals edit main article: Sinhala numerals Sinhalese shares many features common to other Indo-european languages. Shared vocabulary includes the numbers up to ten. Accents and dialects edit sinhalese spoken in the southern Province ( Galle, matara and Hambantota districts ) uses several words that are not found elsewhere in the country; this is also the case for the central and North-Central Provinces and south-eastern region ( uva province. For native speakers all dialects are mutually intelligible, and they might not even realise that the differences are significant. 20 The language of the vedda people resembles Sinhalese to a great extent, although it has a large number of words which cannot be traced to another language. The rodiya use another dialect of Sinhalese. Rodiya used to be a caste in Sri lanka. Sri lanka no longer recognizes castes.

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Other common words are rera for wild duck, and gala for stones (in toponyms used throughout the island). 16 There are also high frequency words denoting body parts in Sinhalese, such as olluva for head, kakula for leg, bella for neck and kalava for thighs, that are derived from pre-sinhalese languages of Sri lanka. 17 The author of the oldest Sinhalese presentation grammar, sidatsangarava, written in the 13th century ce, recognised a category of words that exclusively belonged to early sinhalese. The grammar lists naramba (to see) and kolamba (fort or harbour) as belonging to an indigenous source. Kolamba is the source of the name of the commercial capital Colombo. 18 19 Influences from neighbouring languages edit In addition to many tamil loanwords, several phonetic and grammatical features present in neighbouring Dravidian languages, setting today's spoken Sinhalese apart from its Northern Indo-Aryan siblings, bear reviews witness to the close interactions with Dravidian speakers. However, formal Sinhalese is more similar to pali and medieval Sinhalese.

uva housing assignment

An example of an Eastern feature is the ending -e for masculine nominative singular (instead of Western -o) in Sinhalese Prakrit. There are several cases of vocabulary doublets,. The words mässā fly and mäkkā flea which sports both correspond to sanskrit makṣikā but stem from two regionally different Prakrit words macchiā and makkhikā (as in Pali ). Pre-1815 Sinhalese literature edit during the career of Christopher reynolds as a sinhalese lecturer at the soas, university of London, he extensively researched the sinhalese language and its pre-1815 literature: the Sri lankan government awarded him the Sri lanka ranjana medal for this. He wrote the 377-page An anthology of Sinhalese literature up to 1815, selected by the unesco national Commission of ceylon 14 Ecology edit substratum influence in Sinhalese edit According to geiger, sinhalese has features that set it apart from other Indo-Aryan languages. Some of the differences can be explained by the substrate influence of the parent stock of the vedda language. 15 Sinhalese has many words that are only found in Sinhalese, or shared between Sinhalese and Vedda and not etymologically derivable from Middle or Old Indo-Aryan. Common examples are kola for leaf in Sinhalese and Vedda, dola for pig in Vedda and offering in Sinhalese.

divided into four periods: Sinhalese Prakrit (until 3rd century ce) Proto-sinhalese (3rd 7th century ce) Medieval Sinhalese (7th 12th century ce) Modern Sinhalese (12th century  present) Phonetic development edit The most. Kanavā "to eat" corresponds to sanskrit khādati, hindi khānā ) the loss of a vowel length distinction; long vowels in the modern language are due to loanwords (e.g. Vibāgaya "exam" sanskrit vibhāga ) and sandhi, either after elision of Intervocalic consonants (e.g. Dānavā "to put" damanavā ) or in originally compound words. The simplification of consonant clusters and geminate consonants into geminates and single consonants respectively (e.g. Sanskrit viṣṭā "time" sinhalese Prakrit viṭa modern Sinhalese viṭa ) development of /j/ to /d/ (e.g. Däla "web" corresponds to sanskrit jāla ) Western. Eastern Prakrit features edit An example for a western feature in Sinhalese is the retention of initial /v/ which developed into /b/ in the eastern languages (e.g. Sanskrit viṃśati "twenty sinhalese visi-, hindi bīs ).

Brahmi script closely related to the, kadamba alphabet. 8, sinhalese is one of the official and national languages of Sri lanka. Pali, played a major role in the development. 5 6, the oldest Sinhalese Prakrit inscriptions found are from the third to second century bce following the arrival of Buddhism in Sri lanka, 9 10 the oldest extant literary works date from the ninth century. The closest relative of Sinhalese is the maldivian language. 10 Contents Etymology edit main article: Names of Sri lanka Sinhala sinhala ( Siṃhāla ) is a sanskrit term; the corresponding Middle Indo-Aryan ( Eḷu ) word is Sīhala. The name is a derivation from siṃha, the sanskrit word for "lion" 11 Siṃhāla is attested as a sanskrit name of the island of in the Bhagavata purana. The name is sometimes glossed as "abode of lions and attributed to a supposed former abundance of lions on the island. 12 History edit According to the chronicle mahavamsa, written in Pali, prince vijaya and his entourage merged with two exotic tribes of ancient India present in Lanka, the yakkha and Naga golf peoples.

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Sinhalese ( /sɪn(h)əliz, sɪŋ(ɡ)ə-/ known natively as, sinhala sinhalese : ; sihala siŋɦələ 3 is the native language of resume the. Sinhalese people, who make up the largest ethnic group. Sri lanka, numbering about 16 million. 4 5 6, sinhalese is also spoken as a second language by other ethnic groups in Sri lanka, totalling about four million. 7, it belongs to the, indo-Aryan branch of the. 5, sinhalese is written using the, sinhalese script, which is one of the. Brahmic scripts, a descendant of the ancient Indian.

Uva housing assignment
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