Trolley problem essay

trolley problem essay

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If Tesco realised that they staff were turning up late they would have to explain the importance of punctuality and if that did not work then the management team would have to take disciplinary action towards their staff. Kaizen Analysis kaizen is a japanese word which means "a change for the better". Businesses often use the kaizen analysis to improve their business. The way that kaizen analysis works is by stepping back and looking how the business works and then identifying ways of improving the areas that are not performing very well. Asda is the market leader today because they always improving the way that they run the business, the way that Tesco use the kaizen analysis is by asking their customers what could Asda do to improve their shopping experience with them. Another technique that Asda uses is by asking their employees how they could improve the business; the kaizen analysis is about the employee finding new ways of improving the business instead of the business dictating it to them. The advantage of this is that the employees feel more involved in the business and this will motivate them to work to their full potential. External Influences External influences are influences from outside the business, external influences are very important to any businesses this is because if your competitors start offering discounts to their customers then you should either offer similar discounts or offer better customer service.

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Clearly variance can be calculated for minutes those tasks that have been completed, but for tasks that are partially completed the calculations are more complicated. A positive variance indicates that a project is under-spending whereas a negative variance indicates that a project is suffering from over-spend. Variance can be used to quantify the difference between the planned costs and the current planned costs, at whatever level is required - for example, for the project as a whole, for a sub-project, a group of related tasks or for individual tasks. Variance is usually expressed as a percentage, enabling the divergence to be quantified in proportional terms. A negative variance indicates that the project is suffering from overspend. An example is a business has costs of 3000 and has a revenue of 8000 this business will have a positive variance. One important objective of Asda is to stay within the budget that is set. Asda would like to make more profits as possible, in order to do this Asda would have to increase their revenue and lower their costs. Exception Analysis Exception analysis is where a business only concentrates at the problems arising; it is the responsibility of the management team to identify the problem. Once the problem is identified then it has to be sorted, an example is the punctuality of the workers.

The marketing team discovers that the customer wants more value for money then the marketing. Example of a critical Analysis: Carrying out the example critical path analysis above shows online us: That if all goes well the project can be completed in 10 weeks That if we want to complete the task as rapidly as possible, we need: 1 analyst for. Grant charts are very important to Asda the reason being grant chart shows when projects are to be carried out. It also allows business to get the resources that may be required in the project. It will also help businesses to work out the critical path analysis for projects where you must complete it by a particular deadline. Variance Analysis Variance analysis is all about budgeting and measuring against budgeted figures. Higher cost or lower revenue negative variance lower cost and higher revenue Positive variance In order to calculate variance, up to date and accurate information is essential - providing a clear picture of the extent to which tasks are complete and the expense incurred to date.

trolley problem essay

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It helps you to calculate the minimum length of time in which the project can be completed, and which activities should be prioritised to complete by that date. Where a job has to be completed on time, critical path analysis helps you to focus on the essential activities to which attention and resources should be devoted. It gives an effective basis for the scheduling and monitoring of progress. Critical Path analysis also shows how different activities can take place at the same time and which activities should follow others. The information is usually turned into diagrams. (This makes it easier to see which activities are running at the same time) Asda marketing research summary forms a part of the critical path analysis is always using the critical path analysis; the reason for this is that the marketing team always has different projects. The advantage of Asda using the critical path analysis is that it clearly sates where the objectives are at any particular time. Knowing where the organisation is in relation to the objectives will save asda time and money.

Planning and monitoring would help to avoid this. For any businesses to succeed effectively planning and monitoring of aims and objectives are essential. If the monitoring and planning are infective then any organisation will pay the ultimate price failure. The failure can be seen in the form of bankruptcy. To avoid this organisation adopt various planning and monitoring techniques. Monitoring Techniques There are all different Techniques of monitoring. All these different techniques below help to achieve business Aims. Critical path Analysis Variance Analysis Exception Analysis kaizen Analysis Benchmarking Critical Path Analysis: Critical Path Analysis is an extremely effective method of analysing a complex project.

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trolley problem essay

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Strategic planning: There are abroad four stages that strategic planning, these four are: Where are we now? Asda are one of the biggest supermarkets in Great Britain. It also wants to become the market leader by attracting its competitor's customers. Where we want to be? As stated in the mission statement of Asda "we want to become Britain's best value retailer. Asda would also like to become the market leader and become well know all around the world. How are we going to get there?

Asda believe they will become the market leader by exceeding the needs of their customers (Customer satisfaction) another way that Asda could become the market leader is to attract the customer of its competitors (Tesco) there way asda could do this. Offering services that competitors don't. Offer the same or cheaper prices. Review writing of Performance: Asda will also have to review the performance of itself and the performance of other businesses. If Asda want to become the market they will have to set out clear objectives such as Tactical Planning Tactical planning is similar to strategic planning in that the targets are set. Tactical planning is more detailed, for example tactical planning is more of a day-to-day basis and they have to often respond to events outside the business for example competitors. Equipped to achieve the set aims/goals Once a business has set out its aims and objectives, then the management team have to make sure that the right resources are in place to achieve all the objectives, the resources include: Staff Facilities Equipment Technology The affects.

This is why Asda motto is more for you for less. On important aim that Asda have to follow is "to meet the needs of the customers" in order for Asda to achieve this aim they will have to set out a clear objective such as constantly get in touch with the customers to find out. One way asda could achieve this aim is by asking their customers on weekly basis what they think of Asda service, prices etc. Asda values show that the business believes in respect for the individual, excellence and customer service. Asda strategy, asda is always coming up other ways to achieve its aims.

One technique that Asda frequently use is constantly asking its employees and customers, in ways they can improve their service. Asda looks closely on their performance. They will review how they are doing monthly. Asda makes sure that they are on track with their aims and objectives, if they are not getting what they aimed for, Asda will fix the problem by looking where they have gone wrong and resetting their aims and objectives. I feel that Asda is meeting its business objectives and goals very well. For their objectives to be effective they must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time constrained. Action Planning, action planning is a technique supports the objectives of an organisation and it also is a part of focusing on the aims of the business in the long term effects. There are two parts of action planning.

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To meet the needs and of plan the customers. When a business is considering its resources it will set smart objectives. Smart, s - specific, significant, stretching, m - measurable, meaningful, motivational, a - agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented. R - realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented. T - time-based, timely, tangible, traceable, objectives of Asda: One major objective of Asda is to make that all its customers receive value for money the way that they can achieve this objective is to import their products from aboard. By doing this Asda would be achieving the aim, of offering goods and products at affordable prices. Another objective asda could use to achieve this aim is to buy in bulk (bulk buying) the advantage of bulk buying is that the more you buy the cheaper.

trolley problem essay

Asda was founded in 1965. It was by statement a group of farmers from Yorkshire. Asda is well known supermarket for offering permanently low prices. Asda was an independent business until 1999 when Asda became part of the wal-Mart family. Asda currently operates 258 stores in the uk with a total sales area.3million square feet. Asda wants to meet the needs and demands of their customers. In order to achieve this mission Asda will have to set out Aims and Objectives. Aims and Objectives: Aims of Asda: Asda is to make sure that all of its customers receive "value for money".

padded with some jokes about Michaels total lack of humanity (by way of a solution, he proposes an elaborate method to kill everyone on the tracks). In fact, The Trolley problem gets plenty of comedic mileage out of Michaels obtuseness. In an assigned essay about the ethics. Les Misérables, michael rambles about how everyone in the novel is terrible, and that he knows Victor Hugo ends up in The bad Place, like most French people. With Michael playing the role of a more depraved Eleanor from season 1, Chidi doubles down on his beleaguered, nerdy professor persona, forcing Michael to repeatedly scrawl peoplegood, bart Simpson-style, on the chalkboard. Early on, Eleanor mocks Chidi for writing. Hamilton -esque rap musical about the danish philosopher Søren kierkegaard to teach in class (My name is kierkegaard, and my writing is impeccable / check out my teleological suspension of the ethical). Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, management is a dynamic process which can lead to advancement of a company below I will explain the process of how this advancement can be show and fragmented into certain areas.

Michael insists the aim of these simulations is to help him relate to humans ethical decision-making, but Eleanor realizes hes just manipulating Chidi, finding new ways to torture him. The Trolley problem allows the experiment to surface in multiple forms, helpfully reinforcing the notion that there is, in fact, no single correct answer, and many ways of thinking through the question. The episode starts with the classroom scene, complete with a model trolley, before literalizing the experiment and making Chidi steer london an actual trolley to hilariously bloody effect. But the episode references the problem in more subtle ways, too. Good Place fashion, a split-second visual gag during a real-trolley scene involves a movie marquee that reads Strangers Under a train and. Bend It like bentham. Eventually, chidi is faced with another conflict: After learning Michael might not really care about ethics, Chidi realizes hell be tortured whatever decision he makes. He can continue to teach Michael and keep participating in distressing scenarios, or refuse and be sent to the real Bad Place. Chidi ultimately chooses to suffer at Michaels hand rather than select that outcome himself—essentially deciding not to take action and pull the metaphorical trolley lever.

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Where other shows direct discussion of ethics might begin and end with the trolley problem, The good Place notably refrained from using this pedagogical crutch for the entire first season. After the finale aired, maureen ryan at, variety suggested that the shows first 13 episodes comprise an extended exploration of the thought experiment. This may be an oversimplification of the series, but ryans observation demonstrates how the dilemma has become virtually synonymous with ethics as a whole. In Thursdays episode, the Trolley problem, The good Place finally did tackle the famous scenario. As usual, Chidi is at a blackboard explaining revelation the experiment to his students, citing the work of the philosopher Philippa foot, along with a few variations. Less predictably, michael later transports Eleanor and Chidi onto an actual trolley careening toward humans on the tracks to see how Chidi would react in real time. At another point, michael takes the duo on a trip to an operating theater, where Chidi lives out the so-called transplant thought experiment (in which a doctor has to determine whether to kill one person—in this case, eleanor—in order to use her organs to save.

Trolley problem essay
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