Tower prep book report

tower prep book report

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Coach ( Dan payne ) - coach is a former student of Tower Prep and a test subject for Corvus H-40, a chemical substance used as a "performance enhancer although it is implied that the corvus H-40 has significant side effects. Both he and headmaster are rooks members, even though headmaster actively speaks out against them. Coach wears a watch with the rooks emblem. It is possible that coach no longer has an ability due to corvus H-40 abuse. It is also revealed in the episode "Snitch" that when coach was a student at Tower Prep, he was incarcerated in the west Campus; he describes it as "the greatest thing you fear." coach History ( Richard Steinmetz ) - he is the red buffer. He once told Ian that if he beat the gold team (regular coach's team) the coach would reveal all he knew of the school's history. In the process, it was discovered that the Gnomes are tower Prep students. Nurse ( Karin Konoval ) - she was a suspect in the Chemica desin epidemic.

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They are instead called by the subjects they teach. For example, if a teacher teaches math, they are simply called Math. The headmaster of the school is simply called headmaster. If a teacher teaches two subjects, they are called by both. For example, if a teacher teaches both history and physical education, they are called coach History. 'headmaster ( Ted Whittall ) - headmaster insists that Tower Prep's purpose is solely to refine the exceptional students' abilities for the better, but there are hints that suggest he frontier has other plans. He is possibly the actual leader of the rooks, as coach called him "Most Exalted One" in one of their talks. In the episode "Trust" it is revealed that he reports to a higher administrative board. In the episode "Snitch it is revealed that he is cj's father and that he is trying to make tower Prep like it was when Cornelius ran the school. He is secretly working against the head administration. Only 7 people know: suki, ian, cj, gabe, cornelius Tower, headmaster himself, and one more person.

Her father owns Sato systems (formally presentation known as SatoScientific a well known electronics company that is the main technology provider for the school. They make everything electronic, including the security cameras and communication devices, as well Whisper 120, Whisper 119 and Whisper 023, the school's supercomputer. She has an older brother, Shinji, whom she once believed was dead, who also went to tower Prep. She kisses Gabe in episode "Phone home" after he tells her that he's never kissed a girl, although in the episode "Dreams" in her dream she kisses Ian which shows that she might have feelings for him also. In the episode "Fathers suki's father tries to take her away from Tower Prep because she "isn't for Tower Prep and Tower Prep isn't for her". Her father almost succeeds, until Ian defeats him and his bodyguards. Tower Prep staff edit The teachers of the school do not use their actual names.

tower prep book report

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In the episode "Fathers her name is revealed to be candace. Even though she is exposed as the snitch, she still cares very deeply about her friends and dreads losing them. After Ian knocks out the headmaster she still asks to go escape with them. She hasn't talked to her mother in a long time, so she agrees to do whatever her father commands on the condition that she gets to talk to her mother again. Suki sato ( dyana liu ) - suki, from tokyo, has the ability to imitate anything as long as she has heard the voice/sound at least once. She can replicate handwriting with 100 accuracy and also be able to mimic animal noises as seen in the episode "Field Trip" where she impresses ray snider by mimicking a lion's roar. Her power is known as Mimicry. 14 She's a quiet, introspective girl whose bubbly personality shines through. She is "as quiet as a mouse" but also considered a "hottie" (by ray snider).

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tower prep book report

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He is the school class president. He also has a crush on suki. Candice "CJ" Ward ( Elise gatien ) - cj has the ability to read people's body language, called Perception. 13 cj claims to have no memory of her life before tower Prep. To everyone at Tower Prep, cj is a textbook example of someone who follows "The Program".

She is the perfect student, one of the more popular girls in school and well liked by everyone; that is exactly what she wants everyone to think as she secretly plots to escape from the school. Cj is a master at playing both sides and hiding her true intentions. In the episode "Whisper she finds out that her abilities have increased allowing her to understand people from their handwriting. It is revealed in the episode "The rooks" that she has a crush on Ian. In the episode "Phone home cj and Ian kiss. She tells him that she doesn't want him to die if he's never review kissed a girl. In the episode "Snitch it is revealed that she is headmaster's daughter and that he forced her to tell him everything she knew.

Dini expressed interest in writing season three where he had planned for Ian to be the leader of the gnomes. Characters edit The cast of Tower Prep (from left to right Drew Van Acker as Ian Archer, dyana liu as suki sato, ryan Pinkston as Gabe forrest, and Elise gatien as cj ward. Main characters edit ian Archer ( Drew Van Acker ) - ian has the ability of Preflex, seeing things before they happen and react. 11 he's a rebel who wants to discover the secrets of Tower Prep and is trying to escape from the strange school. His ability allows him to be exceptional in martial arts and physical fights. He uses his skills to defend the students who can't protect themselves from other students.

He may be related to the founder of Tower Prep. Conner calls Ian "his liege" in the episode "Dreams which implies that his family has something to do with Tower Prep and Cornelius Tower. In the episode "Phone home" Ian and cj have their first kiss. 'gabriel "Gabe" Lexington Forrest ( ryan Pinkston ) - gabe has the ability of Hypersuasion, allowing him to talk almost anyone into doing anything. His Hypersuasion skill seems to be less effective the longer he stays at Tower Prep. 12 he's the class clown, the guy that shoots sarcastic comments and the funny self-deprecating attitude when someone tries to pick on him.

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It's just that the elements are blown out of proportion and into caricature." 9 The promotion for the series began with a fictional storyline, in which Cartoon Network writings published vlogs from the four main characters. Prior to the series premiere, a sneak peek of the show was released for free download on the itunes Store featuring half of the first episode. To promote the premiere, the network announced a giveaway of 1,000 ipod touch devices that would take place during the show. The ipod touch strongly resembled the pda devices from the series. The song "Unstoppable" by foxy salon Shazam was used in network promos and in the episode "Trust". In October 2011, cartoon network removed all Tower Prep content from its website. In December 2011, paul Dini announced that the series would not return for a second season. 4 5 Cancellation edit In January 2013, paul Dini revealed that Cartoon Network never gave him an answer for the cancellation of the series, though he speculated on kevin Smith 's Fatman on Batman podcast that an increased young female viewership over the network's young. 10 he also added that he intended for the series to run for 'five seasons' and had plans for season two to air in February, 2011.

tower prep book report

Tower Prep, and Cartoon Network picked up the series as part of their initiative to develop live action programming for a family audience. 8, the pilot was shot in 2009, and full production of the first season began in 2010. 9 Former x-files writer Glen Morgan was hired as executive producer and showrunner, joined by a writing team including Dini, glen's brother Darin Morgan, riley stearns, aury wallington, essay jeff Eckerle and Marilyn Osborn. 9 Discussing his influences in creating the show, dini states, "I thought about incidents when I was a kid. I went to a prep school, and I leaned back on my feelings of what it was like at the time the strangeness and the alienation." 8 From the start, the writers' goals were to create a story that did not talk down to kids. Many of the characters shift between being perceived as heroes or villains, because, dini explains, "throughout high school, your allegiances are switched and relationships change. To a degree, tower Prep is a real high school.

playing a video game; the next, he found himself waking up at Tower Prep with no memory of how he got there. Panicking, he tries to escape, and in the course of his failed attempt he meets three other students: Gabe, suki and. Throughout the series, the four friends make it their mission to uncover the mysteries behind Tower Prep and find a way to return to their normal lives. It is determined that they are on Earth in a small peninsula inherited by the founder of Tower Prep. Tower Prep is a school that houses students that have unique powers. The peninsula is also home to many rare specimens of plants and animals from around the world, such as poison ivy and a venomous fly only found in mid-continental Africa. Production edit, paul Dini wrote the first episode.

Unnatural History, which premiered in June 2010. The last two episodes of the first season aired on December 28, 2010. On March 23, 2011, cartoon Network announced their new and returning programs for the remainder of 2011 and. Tower Prep was not mentioned as one of the returning series. 3, presentation in December 2011, over a year after the series premiered, dini announced on his. Twitter account that the series would not be returning for a second season, ending the series on a cliffhanger. 4 5, when asked if he will reveal the ending to the series, dini replied that he is "sworn to secrecy." 6, on may 2012, dini also revealed that there were talks of foreign financing for a second season, but the deal fell through because.

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Tower Prep is a canadian/American television series created. Paul Dini for, cartoon Network. It debuted on October 16, 2010, after the world premiere. Curse of the lake monster. Prior to, tower Prep, dini was a former producer and writer. Batman: The Animated Series, superman: The Animated Series and other, dC animated universe series. 1 2, it is Cartoon Network's second one-hour live-action series, after.

Tower prep book report
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  1. Book report online subtitrat. While reading the Odyssey, ian discovers notes about how to escape tower Prep, written by a former student named Norman. Type: Serie quality: hd episode length: 1 hour minutes Release date: 2010 Stars: Drew Van Acker imdb rating: 8 country: United States. Watch Tower Prep - season 1 Episode 06: book report online live for free.

  2. "What will guide you home? Use these notes to escape from Tower Prep. Tower Prep S01E06 book report. Identifier Tower _Prep _S01E06_book _Report. Scanner Internet Archive python library.0.5.

  3. Book report, the sixth episode of the paul Dini-created high school adventure series Tower Prep, is conceptually notable for one main reason: Darin Morgan wrote. For those who arent x-files connoisseurs. Tower Prep 1x06 book report Ian Ten whole years? It's not- i mean, when is graduation? where do they hold their ceremonies?

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