My short biography

my short biography

A, short biography - padre pio devotionsPadre pio devotions

Personal exhibition in ct gallery, bratislava, 2017. Personal exhibition in Museum of Malahovka, moscow region, 2016. Personal exhibition in Literature Association Chosen by muses, moscow, 2013. Prize-winner of Student Festival of Arts Festos, moscow, 2013. Personal exhibition in Plekhanov russian University of Economics, moscow, 2012. Participation in several collective exhibitions in Moscow and Bratislava. Achievements, five poem books, my poems are published in several books. Prize-winner of many poetic competitions, nomination for poet of year 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 and my rus 2017, 2018.

This is my biography of billy - about Billy the kid

Since that Vladimir nikolaevich became a mentor for me, allowing to create in my own way and develop my individual style. In poetry i find support in literary association. Chosen by muses, whose leader is bard Boris Katkovsky. He believed in me and taught basic rules of poetry. I graduated mathematical school with a gold medal in 2012, then Plekhanov russian University of Economics with honour in 2016. I made my diploma thesis on the austria topic «Project of Art School Gallery in Bratislava». I came to Bratislava in 2015 as an exchange student and found tremendous inspiration here, so i decided to continue my studies at the masters program General Management in The University of Economics. Now I finished my master of Science degree and work as freelance artist in Bratislava. Bratislava became a place where my hundreds roads came together. Exhibitions, personal exhibition in Michalsky dvor Gallery, bratislava, 2018. Personal exhibition in Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Bratislava, 2018.

I travel a lot and i always search something beautiful, lively and transcendent. For me the meaning of life is life itself, in its uniqueness and unpredictability. I started to write poems and to paint as a child. And throughout whole my life i cannot separate these two talents and choose something one. When inspiration comes, pictures professional are created and poems are written. I studied painting in Art Studio in Russia for 8 years till I have come to Bratislava. . Vladimir Potapov had particular influence on my work. I was studying at school, when I came to the art studio under his guidance.

my short biography

Matta El-Meskeen Arabic Video (2 hours and half

My name is Kate Grishakova. I am a russian painter and poet. I create vivid, bright pictures in impressionistic manner. Also i compose poems, which are contrast and emotional too, reflecting my boundless love for people and life. I am a positive, yardage communicative and open-minded person. I like to talk about various topics, especially about art, creativity and philosophy. Im curious to know the opinion of different people about my work, so lets become friends! This is my short biography: I was born 21 november 1994 in town Zhukovsky near Moscow.

He started his career in Motown with the band Jackson. In the end of the 60s and at the beginning of the next decade he was a member of Jacksons 5, in 1971 he started his first solo career with the record «Off the wall». From then on he was one of the most successful artists in the history of the black music and one of the most successful solo artists in the history of music. His record Thriller in 1982 stayed at the top of Billboard album chart for 37 weeks, he won 7 award Grammies and 7 off his songs climbed to the top-10. After many successful songs Michael Jackson died on The king of Pop was buried on 7/7/2009 at 8:00. By dora madouthy, chris Christopoulos, sylvia moschera, photini davanelou, anastasis Aesopos. Advertisements, explore posts in the same categories: Projects Ετικέτες: Michael Jackson, you can comment below, or link to this permanent url from your own site. Hello my dear friend!

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my short biography

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Queen Elizabeth's coat of Arms, short biography of queen Elizabeth. Alexander Fleming, alexander Fleming was the man who discovered penicillin. Alexander Fleming was born in Loch field, ayrshire, scotland on the 16th of August 1881. Alexander Fleming went to kilmarnock Academy, however, Alexander Fleming moved to london where Alexander Fleming worked as a shipping clerk for a time until a relative left Alexander Fleming some money, so Alexander Fleming went to study medicine at St Mary's Medical School at the. On his release in 1918, Alexander Fleming returned to St Mary's Alexander Fleming became a lecturer in Bacteriology. During the 1920s, Alexander Fleming carried out numerous experiments.

In 1928, while doing research into influenza alexander Fleming was growing a culture of staphylococcus germs on a plate, and by accident mold started growing on the plate, alexander Fleming noticed that the germs around the mold were killed. Alexander Fleming made a liquid mold culture Alexander Fleming called penicillin and in 1929, Alexander Fleming published his findings in the journal of Experimental Pathology. In 1943, Alexander Fleming was made a fellow of the royal Society, however, a way had to be found resume to turn the mold into a pure drug. In 1940, Ernst Chain and Howard Florey succeeded in doing this. Mass production began in 1943, and in 1944, Alexander Fleming was knighted. In 1945, Alexander Fleming was given the nobel Prize for medicine along with Howard Walter Florey and Ernst Boris Chain, and then ten years later, Alexander Fleming died in London in 1955. Michael Jackson was born in Gary, indiana, on August 29 1958.

Queen Elizabeth I died on (of blood poisoning) - she was nearly 70 years old. The Accomplishments of queen Elizabeth. Interesting facts about queen Elizabeth. Timeline of queen Elizabeth i, the family of queen Elizabeth. The Childhood of Princess Elizabeth.

The Education of queen Elizabeth. Death of queen Elizabeth i, teenage Scandal of Princess Elizabeth, elizabeth and Robert Dudley. Details, facts and information about the life of queen Elizabeth I can be accessed via the Elizabethan Era sitemap. People, events and Short biography of queen Elizabeth. Her Early years as queen of England. The later years of the virgin queen. Timeline of queen Elizabeth i of England.

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She survived various Catholic plots and conspiracies such as the babbington plot involving Mary queen of Scots. She never met her cousin and rival, mary queen of Scots, although she was imprisoned in England for many years. Elizabeth was distraught when Mary queen of Scots was eventually beheaded. Her reign witnessed the emergence of great poets and playwrights emerged during her era such as William Shakespeare, edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh. She also encouraged explorers such as Sir Francis Drake, sir Walter Raleigh, sir John Hawkins, sir Humphrey gilbert and Sir Richard Greenville. A major accomplishment during her reign was the defeat of the Spanish Armada of 132 Spanish warships by the English fleet of 34 ships and 163 armed merchant vessels under write Lord Howard of Effingham, sir Francis Drake, and Sir John Hawkins. The reign of queen Elizabeth saw several rebellions - from the Irish, The rising of the north and the Essex rebellion - all of which she defeated. Queen Elizabeth reigned for 45 years from.


my short biography

locations such as Hunsdon, Enfield Palace, westminster Palace, whitehall, richmond Place, hampton court and Windsor Castle. Queen Mary i died on november 17, 1558 and Elizabeth was proclaimed queen of England. She established Protestantism as the country's religion. She appointed clever men, notably william Cecil, and her court favorites to the Privy council. She 'adored being adored' and was linked to several of her favourites including Robert Dudley. Her relationship with Dudley cooled when his wife, amy robsart died in mysterious circumstances. Despite great pressure from her councillors she refused to marry and became known as the 'virgin queen'. In 1562 queen Elizabeth almost died of Smallpox and was left with scars on her face - these were covered with the heavy white make-up which was fashionable at the time.

Princess Elizabeth lived with her stepmother Katharine parr and her husband Thomas seymour - but she was sent away in disgrace when she was 14 years old, amid rumours that she was having an affair with seymour. Her governess was Kat Ashley who played an important role in the life of paper Elizabeth as a friend and confidante. Elizabeth was highly intelligent and extremely well educated. Her most famous tutor was Roger Ascham. . by the age of 11 Elizabeth was able to speak fluently in several languages including French, Greek, latin, Spanish and Welsh. Her half sister disliked Elizabeth intensely and accused her of treason. Elizabeth was imprisoned in the tower of London on March 18, 1554 accused of being involved in the wyatt rebellion.

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Interesting Facts and Information about queen Elizabeth i and Short biography of queen Elizabeth. Some interesting facts and information about Short biography of queen Elizabeth. Short biography of queen Elizabeth. Interesting Facts and information about Short biography of queen Elizabeth. Picture of queen Elizabeth i, elizabeth I was born 7 September 1533 at Greenwich Palace. She was the daughter of King Henry viii and Anne boleyn. Her mother, Anne boleyn, was accused of adultery and incest (with her brother george boleyn) and was beheaded at the tower of London when Elizabeth was only three years real old. Her brother became king Edward vi, who died when he was fifteen years old and her sister was the staunch Catholic queen Mary i, otherwise known as Bloody mary.

My short biography
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  3. Slide 1 Ellen. White a short biography of the human person Slide 2 The harmon family father: Robert. Pauley perrette: Short, biography, net Worth career Highlights. Wayne rogers: Short, biography, net Worth career Highlights. Short biography : Michael Jackson.

  4. Audrey hepburn: short biography. Interesting Facts and Information about queen Elizabeth i and. Short, biography of queen Elizabeth. Not in every short biography, there will be everything highlighted in Bach's life and finally all tastes, beyond objectivity, are eventually different. Short, biography of Karl may. Karl may was born in a small Saxonian town, in Germany, in 1842, a poor weavers' son.

  5. This is my short biography. I was born 21 november 1994 in town Zhukovsky near Moscow. I travel a lot and always search something beautiful, lively and. Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. Read more about his life,"s, beginning of Microsoft and more. Audrey hepburn: short, biography.

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