Karen handel resume

karen handel resume

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It is a set of standards for what children from kindergarten through 12th grade should know in English and math. Although Obama has endorsed the standards, they were developed by states — led prominently by perdues cousin Sonny when he was governor — and they have been adopted voluntarily by 44 of them. As for david Perdue, he has fudged his position considerably in the face of a grassroots revolt by republican activists objecting to the standards. Perdue told the marietta daily journal that he agrees with the original intent of the standards, but has a problem with how they are being implemented. Its where it gets into the details, into the weeds of how its going to be administered, thats where i have a problem with that, he said. And in a video that the kingston ad cites as its source, perdue goes even further to distance himself, praising local control of schools and adding, when they start trying to legislate and dictate curriculum and that sort of thing — and that includes. In a later radio interview, he said: I want to clear the air, i think common Core is overreaching right now and should be abandoned in its current form.

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More deceptions, obamas grand Stimulus. After saying Perdue took a million-dollar bonus, the ad says in the same breath, and also millions more from Obamas stimulus. Perdue didnt receive any stimulus money personally, and neither did any company he managed. The ad refers.4 million received since 2009 by Alliant Energy corp., mostly to help upgrade an electric grid in Wisconsin. Perdue is one of 10 members of Alliants board of directors, but he holds no management position there. The.4 million amounts to just a bit over one-tenth of 1 percent of Alliants.2 billion in operating revenues for 2013. Obamas Common Core Standards. The ad says Perdue has no problem with Obamas Common Core standards, a claim that is accurate as far as it goes, but misleading. For one thing, the. Common Core State Standards Initiative is not Obamas doing, nor is it even a federal mandate.

Observer story says Perdue found the company was worse off than he had been told when he agreed to take the job. Among other things, he discovered an estimated 41 million in unfunded pension liabilities that the company didnt have the money to pay. The ad says Perdue took a million-dollar bonus. Thats true — but the ad fails to mention that it was a signing bonus, to entice him away from the number-three spot at reebok. He got no bonus for his performance as ceo. Theres no question that Perdue failed to save pillowtex during his eight months as ceo. But it was a deeply troubled company when he walked in the door, and the worst that the. Observers reporting database says of him is that he should have looked more critically at the rosy projections he was given before he agreed to take the job. The ads portrayal of him as profiting at the expense of the companys workforce is simply a deception.

karen handel resume

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And he went on to be ceo of Dollar General from 2003. paper to 2007, during which time the company grew and flourished. The ad claims that 8,000 jobs were lost. Its true that almost general that many were lost when Pillowtex finally announced on July 31, 2003, that it would cease operations and liquidate. According to a 2003. Charlotte Observer investigative story, the number was actually 7,650. That was the biggest mass layoff in North Carolinas history, to be sure. But it happened months after Perdue had moved on to head Dollar General.

Kingstons Ad: What Stinks? Kingston launched his own baby-themed ad may 9, depicting davey perdue as a food-smeared infant with a loaded diaper. That word also could describe the ads attack on Perdues business record. It makes multiple misleading claims about Perdues eight-month tenure as ceo of the struggling textiles giant Pillowtex from. July 1, 2002, to, march 27, 2003. The episode was Perdues biggest failure in business, and he understandably leaves it off his political resume. But Kingstons ad attempts to twist that embarrassment into something even worse: Perdue chewed up businesses, the ad says, using the plural. Actually, the ad refers to the single instance of Pillowtex. Perdue had been a star in his previous career at reebok international, rising to executive vice president of the company and ceo of the brand.

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karen handel resume

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Help me change the childish behavior up there in Congress, he said in that one. His latest, titled simply 4th tv ad, repeats the same theme and images. The decision in this election is very simple, perdue says straight to the camera. If you like the results coming out of Washington right now, then pick one of these four professional politicians. And again, the crying babies appear on screen.

Perdues geometry ads are mainly expressions of opinion. He describes himself as the outsider in the race, for example. Indeed, the closest he comes to being an insider is that hes a cousin of Sonny perdue, a former two-term governor of the state. David himself has never held public office. And its also true, as he claims, that Dollar General flourished during his time as ceo. Kingstons counter-attack, however, is another matter.

Dea seeks Ebonics experts to help with cases. Ap impact: Laws on sports agents rarely enforced more images,. Graves wins gop nod in bid for full term more images more images, aspiring police officers train, compete at event more images, deal, handel to face off in gop runoff for. Handel wins gop runoff berth for. Nomination in comeback bid.

Tv ads in georgias gop senate primary have taken a childish turn. Ads depicting his opponents as helpless, crying babies have helped multimillionaire businessman david Perdue take a lead in the polls over a crowd of rivals that includes three house members and a former secretary of state. Now the best-funded of those rivals, rep. Jack kingston, is lashing back with a spot likening Perdue to an infant with a stinking diaper — while making some deceitful claims about Perdues business record. And Karen Handel, another strong rival, is running an ad that claims Perdue criticized georgians who dont have college degrees, when in fact he criticized only handel. Perdues Crybaby Ads, perdue has surged to the lead in the race since launching his first ad back in February, in which he depicted Kingston and other opponents as infantile politicians who dont understand the economic system and cant accomplish anything. .

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Ncaa clears uncs Sturdivant, carter to play. Ap source: Investigators subpoena uncs Austin. Judge rules against breakaway sclc faction. ApnewsBreak: plan Judge rules in split of sclc group. Deja vu: 5 ex-governors in comeback bids. Atlanta — in an election year of the fuller angry electorate, former governors in five states are hoping that a deja vu appeal sells better than the anti-establishment pitch. Carters diplomacy helps free american prisoner. Korea releases Boston man held since jan.

karen handel resume

He was reminded Wednesday he has done plenty with the announcement that he has been elected into the world Golf Hall of Fame. Ncaa suspends uncs Burney 6 games, williams. Woods caddie, 2 others bumped from charter. Pane named ap regional editor for the south. Carter sees tea party parallels to his 1976 run. Smoking bans help curb kids severe asthma attacks. Carter hopes prisoner about release helps peace talks. Carter: us prisoner treated humanely in nkorea.

on plane, rests at Ohio hospital. Carter sickened on plane, resting at Ohio hospital. Carter taken to Ohio hospital with upset stomach. Els gets in on the first ballot. Atlanta — like most golfers, Ernie els always wonders if he could have achieved more in his career.

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Karen handel resume
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  4. Beethoven, mozart, dvorak, handel. Karen, hill publisher/Advertising Manager barry gerding managing Editor alan monk real Estate weekly manager tessa ringness production Manager glenn beaudry flyer Delivery manager rachel dekker.steady himself as he slowly takes a seat in the cof- fee house where we meet he is undergoing physiotherapy several. Decked out in uniforms of navyblue pants and button-down shirts or turtlenecks, the boys sang Bach, handel, mahler, copland, bernstein, and American spirituals. I ve lost my bank card discovered union abilify 10 mg cost level we sent a letter October 16 to the (company s) president to inform him that his company could resume.

  5. I servizi del Club. I lupi della valle dell Anapo. Addestra il tuo migliore amico.marked her avery fisher Hall debut, an event that was recorded by rca victor Red seal and shown nationally on pbs, and she made her Carnegie hall debut singing. Gop gov candidate, karen, handel concedes runoff, says she will not seek a recount. Carter plans to resume book tour after upset stomach causes overnight stay at Ohio hospital.

  6. On the gop side of the. Senate race, karen, handel s challenge to disclose tax returns has landed two takers, while the rest won t go further than. Another strong rival in the primary — former Secretary of State. Karen, handel — is attacking Perdue as a rich elitist who insults the intelligence of georgia voters. What komen forgot in failing its brand. Vai al contenuto principale.

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