Grooming business plan

grooming business plan

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Convenience : Offering clients a wide range of services in one setting, and extended business hours. Reputation : Reputation of the owner and staff as providing superior personal service. Effective advertising : Advertising in the corporate environment. The objectives for Jonpaul's are outlined below: to create a service-base company whose goal is to exceed customer's expectations. Sales increase substantially by end of year 2 and nearly double year one revenue by the end of Year. To increase the number of clients services by at least 20 per year through superior performance and word-of mouth referrals. Have a clientele return list rate of 90 by end of year. Become an established community destination by end of year.

grooming business plan

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Jonpaul's is an upscale old-world gentleman's barber shop that offers today's progressive gentlemen a haven book where he can sit back, relax and experience the "World Class" art of grooming and services in a gentleman's club atmosphere, which is masculine and therapeutic. Jonpaul's is aimed at an exclusive market and a discerning customer base, and will add tremendous value to our community while offering a combination of "World Class Services" not currently being offered by any competitor in the greater Gigaburb area. We intend to be profitable by increasing our client base through becoming a highly sought after destination. Our goal, beyond becoming a profitable business, is becoming a trusted destination whereby the clients in our community can come to refresh their minds and bodies, replenish their energies, and network with their colleagues and friends! 1.1 Mission, jonpaul's will provide a comforting, yet stimulating, old world gentleman's club atmosphere in which customers will be able to relax both their body and mind, through a wide range of services. Jonpaul's will establish itself as a world class service provider reviews to which clients can always come to escape the stresses of life, and rejuvenate their energies, enjoy the camaraderie of their colleagues and friends. 1.2 keys to success, the keys to success in our business are: Location : Providing an easily accessible location for clients. Environment : Providing an environment conducive to giving relaxing and professional service.

Business Plans, if you've realized that you need experienced professional assistance in raising business finance, then we can help you make your dreams a reality. With our outstanding track record in the initial finance of small startups, we know exactly what you need to attract the investment required. A vital part of this process is outlining and writing a business plan, after consulting widely with all players involved and firming up your vision. Your start-up company is too important to leave to chance. Let hj ventures offer you their expertise in small business financing and related writing: business plan writing, mission statement, and financial projections. Contact us to develop your business plan today! Please contact us at or if you have any questions on business plan consulting and raising capital.

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grooming business plan

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(you can either have pet owners drop off their animals or you can pick them up yourself.) A third possibility is to set up a mobile business that brings the salon right to your customer's home. This type of business operates out of a specially outfitted van that has the same equipment and offers the same services as a site-based shop. There are essay several companies that offer mobile turnkey franchises that can make it even easier to establish your business. They provide everything from specially equipped mobile vans to sales and marketing support. Demand for pet groomers is expected to rise 12 percent by 2010, according to the.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. M, the industry's largest internet resource, reports that career opportunities are nearly endless because there are more than 4,000 dogs essay and cats for every. Grooming business-making this a great time to be considering the field. For more information on starting your own pet grooming service, plus four other pet businesses, check out our guide. Hj ventures International, Inc. Specializes in: business plan consulting for startup companies, strategic business development, and introduction to capital. The company has raised millions of dollars in capital on behalf of its early stage clients.

The loving touch of a groomer can calm a skittish pet, reassure a frightened pet, and make a well-adjusted pet wriggle with pleasure. In addition, groomers are often the first to notice that a pet has a skin condition, ear mites, or other medical issues that should be brought to the attention of a veterinarian. In addition to having a true love of animals and enough physical strength to lift big boys and girls onto grooming tables and into tubs, groomers must be behaviorists who know how to handle biters and scratchers. They also need the same kind of patience and good humor when relating to pet owners, so a general love of humankind is a necessary trait for a groomer. Grooming is undoubtedly one of the oldest pet businesses around. While records of dog-grooming parlors date only to 19th century England, it's pretty apparent from paintings by the masters and others that dogs have been groomed for many centuries (the evidence can be found in 14th century paintings that depict what might be assumed.

But it wasn't until the 1893 publication of the book. Ashmont's Kennel Secrets that recommendations for washing and grooming were spelled out in detail. Kennels started the modern trend toward grooming by washing and fluffing pets in their care so they could be returned fresh and sweet-smelling to their owners. When grooming tools like electric clippers and other modern supplies debuted in the late 1940s, the practice began to gain a foothold in mainstream America. But it wasn't until the explosion in pet ownership in the mid-1950s that grooming services became less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Since the '80s, there has been another boom in pet grooming, largely for the same reasons that pet sitting and dog walking have become so popular. While many groomers choose to establish their businesses in a building, it's possible to do the work out of a salon set up in your home.

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I own 3 dog, a lhasa Apso (koukla) a boxer/Labrador mix (Stella) and a cocker Spaniel (Joe). I recently researched dog grooming schools with business management in my area mini because i thinking of changing careers. Pamper pets by starting your own pet grooming business. December 28, 2006 3 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. This article was excerpted from, pet Businesses, a startup guide available from. From bathing and clipping to tying bows and cleaning ears, the nation's approximately 50,000 to 70,000 pet groomers do more than just change pets' appearance-they also make them feel better both physically and psychologically.

grooming business plan

There are also web sites, such as m that are there to help people start their animal grooming business, obtain training, with a calendar of events. Since you will be self employed, you will have to rely on your ability to keep customers happy and coming back. This means never canceling your appointments, maintaining a clean work area, and being a professional at all times. Even though you work from home, or out of a van, professionalism keeps your customers coming back and not looking for another pet grooming business. You can easily break into this industry by presentation purchasing a franchise, which give you the credibility of an established name or you can purchase a local pet grooming business that is currently for sale and of course, you can start your own grooming business. Be sure to check with your local government for zoning, licenser, and insurance requirements for your type of business. This is very important and could be the difference of your grooming business succeeding or failing. Dog grooming schools, mobile pet grooming or dog groomers who work from home are still businesses no matter how much fun you have doing them.

question you should ask yourself is; will your business be just a dog grooming or if you will groom other pets too? Your business is client oriented, so you will need to build a clientele list. One way to do this is to get your name into your community by placing flyers at pet stores, veterinarian offices, spca and other various animal shelters. You can create a press release for your local newspapers and radio stations. You can even offer your services to the local animal shelter. If they like your work, they will refer people to you. Animal grooming is constantly changing so make it a priority to attend local dog and cat shows, and the pet grooming industry expos, and conventions. Consider subscribing to industry magazines as well, and check the internet frequently. It is a ton of knowledge.

Try to find one that offers pet grooming business management classes with the actual dog grooming classes. During your training or soon database after your done, you should start to create a pet grooming school plan. Since you will incur some start up costs for your licenses, training, insurance, and equipment, having a business plan can help you obtain something like a small business loan to get started. The pet grooming industry is estimated to grow over 10 in the next 5 years. This means that something like dog grooming schools businesses will likely grow and succeed quickly. This will mean that you will have to complete some office work daily as well. Owning a dog grooming school business is not just dog grooming.

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If you love animals and you like to work from home then a pet grooming roles career might be for you! Dog grooming schools businesses are more than just teaching you how to wash dogs. They can include cleaning ears, brushing teeth, trimming nails, and shaving the animals coat in stylish ways. The animal can be a dog, cat, or any other type of animal. The possibilities are limitless. Like having customers drop their dogs at your house or you can start a mobile dog grooming business. Dog grooming schools do require that you become a certified dog groomer. You should research different grooming schools in your area, and choose one that fits your needs.

Grooming business plan
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  4. Ten covered cinder block grooming runs house pets waiting for their owners before and after grooming and bathing. Pamper pets by starting your own pet grooming business. 3 min read make more happen. The hidden Costs of Undervaluing Human Resources.

  5. Dollar store, business, plan. Have you ever thought about running your own pet grooming business? We are a country that loves and cares for our our pets - to the tune.7 bill. If you love animals and you like to work from home then a pet grooming career might be for you! Dog grooming schools businesses are more than just. Highlights include detailed explanations of services, cost/benefit analysis, and the equipment and financing needed for a boarding and grooming business with a special niche in breeding and handling.

  6. Jonpaul s is an upscale old-world gentleman s barber shop that offers today s progressive gentlemen a haven where he can sit back, relax and experience the world Class art of grooming. Whether your exit plan involves family members, business partners or even employees, a great deal of work must be done to ready the company s leadership for continued success. The most popular pet dog groomer career resource on the Internet with grooming schools and home study training. Business, planning Online - learn how to develop your business plan today! Dog, grooming, business, plan.

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