Fleet manager resume

fleet manager resume

Sample car, fleet, manager, resume

Check-calling, relaying, and re-powering all assigned driver freight to customer- and carrier-agreed specifications. Works with other Fleet Managers to coordinate drivers scheduled home time, vacation, down time, current status, and predicted time available. Creates a positive work environment for operators, customers and internal employees. Booking freight to cover all Dedicated capacity for the next business day. Calling or emailing customers daily. Downloading all applicable edi loads and entering them into as-400. Managing customer commitments in six-week increments to ensure that Hirschbach is meeting or exceeding its customers expectations. Managing drop trailer pools to ensure that all planned and committed trailers are at the proper facilities.

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Duties responsibilities, performing or supervising the handling of all freight from shipper to receiver. Developing and maintaining a customer base according to need. Communicating all service issues to the customer promptly. Selecting loads that fill empty miles without negatively affecting assignment dedicated customer freight. Maintaining positive customer and driver relations. Tracking each shipment to answer questions, ensure on-time pickups and deliveries, and resolve any issues that may arise. Attending meetings to improve problem accounts and service issues. Providing services to customers in compliance with contract requirements, ensuring on-time deliveries, and resolving damaged product issues. Planning trucks to optimize driver and equipment utilization and to minimize empty miles. Pre-planning freight to meet pick-up and delivery deadlines. Working closely with Fleet Managers to provide continuous freight to all Dedicated Fleets.

From buying and selling vehicles to managing schedules and drivers, they keep the companies moving smoothly and accurately and manage costs to maximize profits. Job Summary, the dedicated Fleet Manager is at the very center of a fast-paced thesis strategic environment. Our customers require individuals who think strategically and plan ahead of rapidly changing situations while maintaining a positive team oriented attitude. The dedicated Fleet Manager will manage asset utilization and book specialized backhaul freight to ensure fleet profitability. The successful candidates must be able to understand all policies, procedures, instructions, rules and regulations associated with this position. In addition, the successful candidate should be able to define problems, collect data, and establish facts to assist with drawing a valid conclusion. This candidate should be able to work under minimal supervision with some latitude for independent judgment.

fleet manager resume

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You will need to be familiar and proficient with the industry's concepts, practices, and procedures. A bachelor's degree in logistics or accounting can be especially useful as you move up within the company. Job Outlook, as of 2016, the average fleet manager makes 80,000. In the past five years, the need for fleet managers has risen a great deal. For the next ten years, it is expected to continue to grow, so the job outlook is quite good. Many transportation companies are in need of fleet managers and compete vigorously for a narrow talent pool, so many experienced fleet managers can command above-average wages. Fleet managers are a pivotal part of the transportation industry.

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fleet manager resume

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Smaller companies will have to outsource maintenance and repairs to outside shops. Strict schedules make sure that the day optimum amount of vehicles are working at all times to meet customer needs. It also helps minimize costs by maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing writing unexpected repairs. Driver Management, fleet managers need excellent people and communication skills to do their jobs well. Reliable drivers are essential to keep a company profitable.

Poor drivers can be a problem, causing fines, lawsuits with erratic driving or tickets from speeding. Many fleet managers use gps trackers on the entire fleet to monitor where the vehicles are and drivers' habits. Fleet managers are also important in keeping costs down and maximizing profits. Most rely on accounting software to record and collect data. Managers will look for patterns to see areas where they can cut expenses and reduce administrative costs. Education and Training, to become a fleet manager, you will likely need an associate's degree and several years experience in the transportation industry.

Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images. In a logistics company or a transportation company, fleet managers play a pivotal role. The fleet managers are responsible for selecting and maintaining vehicles in order to keep deliveries and distributions on schedule and within its established budget. In order to succeed, fleet managers need significant experience and skills in operations, logistics and using software programs to monitor both fleets and drivers. Selecting Vehicles, the fleet managers make decisions about what kind of vehicles to purchase and how many.

Some companies buy automobiles outright, others will lease vehicles to meet the company's needs. When the vehicle is no longer useful for the fleet, the manager will then market and resell it to get back as much as the company's investment as possible. Record keeping, fleet managers are responsible for impeccable records. They both register and license all vehicles and keep inspections up to date. They keep records to prove that the fleet company is in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Maintenance, in order for transportation companies to work properly and make the necessary profits, vehicles need to be maintained in peak operating conditions. Fleet managers set up schedules to ensure each vehicle is kept in top condition. Larger companies will have their own in-house service centers with mechanics and specialists to handle maintenance.

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So, start navigating from the island and explore the world by taking on this career. Tell us about your experience as a fleet Manager. How much you earned, who your employer was, how much education was type required or anything that pertains to literature this career. Help others who are trying to enter into this field. All information is kept anonymous. Your Name Share your Experience. The role of the Fleet Manager in Transportation.

fleet manager resume

Occupation and Progress of a fleet Manager Fleet managers work for companies, usually large. If one wants to progress in this paper job, advance training and acquisition of field experience are the building blocks for this progression. If excellent work is shown, a fleet manager can be promoted to being manager of a larger fleet. A fleet manager can also be promoted to a director of an administration and sometimes, a vice president of the company. Success on this job is for a person who is industrious, willing to undergo training and is committed to this job. There is an expectation that openings for this job will increase through 2014 and this means that this job is getting more and more popular. If you are willing to take the risk for a golden opportunity, then this job is for you. Always remember that those who are always securing themselves dont get far from the shore.

currently going. Work condition of a, fleet, manager. Fleet managers work for companies or corporations. They work inside comfortable offices. Fleet managers also spend time outside their office when they need to meet up clients or there is a need to check up the vehicles. Educational Requirements of a, fleet, manager, some companies require masters degree in technical fields. Some companies only require bachelors degree. Employers also prefer candidates with field experience. They also prefer candidates that have an experience in operating, maintaining and supervision of vehicles.

This includes cars, ships, taxi cabs, airplanes and much more. They are also in the authority to lead over other members on the duty to maintain these reviews vehicles. Duties of a, fleet, manager, a fleet manager has a duty of improving fleet administration standards and policies for vehicle operation. A fleet manager is responsible on organization of the annual budget and also reports the cost of each operation and the overall cost. Vehicles undergo repair and maintenance. Fleet managers have the authority over these actions. Some vehicles are not allowed to be sold or used, so it is the duty of the fleet manager to dispose unwanted vehicles. If the company needs more cars, motors or taxi cabs, the fleet manager is in charge of the purchase of these vehicles.

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People nowadays consider cars as a need. In connection to these, more vehicle-related companies are rising. These companies need a person that can manage and handle cars well. They need a person who is skilled at managing not only people, but also cars. Are you one of these people? Are you the person theyre looking for? Then this is the job for you. What is a, fleet, manager? A fleet manager is an for entity or person that manages a companys fleet of vehicles.

Fleet manager resume
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  1. To become a fleet manager, you will likely need an associate s degree and several years experience in the transportation industry.

  2. You can submit your resume by visiting this link. If you know anyone who would be a great fit for this position, please pass the link along. If you are interested in this opportunity please submit your resume"ng reference number maint-mich-001. Fleet Manager is an entity or person that manages. A fleet manager is an entity or person that manages.

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