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That undertaking can showcase the soft-touch people skills you need for sales or corporate training—stick it under Experience. Interests, examples: A non-profit cause, athletic activities, open-source projects. What it Shows: Culture fit, personality, most companies arent looking for another person to punch the clock—they want an employee that fits in well with the organizational culture, as well as the fresh perspective provided by a well-rounded person. And those hobbies, sports, and activities youve been spending time on during your off hours is a great way to show dedication, passion, and how well youll fit in—especially at smaller companies or ones with a strong culture. So do a little stalking on its values and people—does it support a non-profit youve volunteered with, have a weekly running club, or get excited about open-source projects? Its an obvious connection for organizations with a specific product or mission, like runners World, susan. Komen, or a startup tech firm, but you can learn a lot about the organizational culture from the website, employee profiles, and general press coverage. Dont go crazy (and do be honest)—just include a few activities that relate directly to the organization and show that youll be a good fit.

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Or, if the activity adds to your knowledge or biography talents in a more abstract way, list it under the Interests section of your resume. While starring in a play doesnt translate directly from unpaid to paid work, it does show confidence, creativity, and lack of stage fright—all important skills if youre applying for positions like marketing, sales, corporate training, or teaching. Non-Professional Experiences, examples: Study abroad, side jobs (even if theyre manual labor! What it Shows: Initiative, good use of your time off (especially if you have a gap in employment plus any language skills or technical skills you acquired in the process. If youve been unemployed at any point, your activities outside the office may act as a great substitute for professional experience. Some non-paid outlets are directly applicable to the job you want—like pro-bono lawyer work, working with patients in a free clinic, or building a following for your blog. But meaningful non-professional experiences can be broader than that, too. That summer federalist abroad in Mexico? It might provide language skills you can use in a new position—so stick it under skills. Your years of tutoring high school students?

What it Shows: leadership, project management, volunteer work, particularly if its long-term or if it gives you the chance to lead a project from beginning to end, can revelation be a great substitute for full-time work in the Experience section of your resume. Some organizations give titles or recognition to regular volunteers, so find out if there are any formal credentials that you can use (if not, just use volunteer). Just like you would for a paid job, list bullets that show your major accomplishments and what you learned during your involvement. In addition, if youve learned to use specific technology or acquired hard skills that would boost your application—like using accounting software during your time as the committee treasurer or managing multiple vendors for the event you planned for your church—stick them under skills. Professionally relevant Hobbies, examples: Writing, photography, or computer programming. What it Shows: your accomplishments, creativity, and portfolio—plus the initiative youve taken in creating them. Golf or bowling might not show a future employer what youve got, but other hobbies just might. If youre looking for a position doing graphic design, photography is a great skill to have. Or if youre looking for a finance job, managing your own stock portfolio is definitely a relevant item to include under skills.

everest resume

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Attended all staff meetings and continually learned new techniques. Education 2003 California school of Therapeutic Massage new Cityland, ca massage Therapy and Reflexology massage techniques: Swedish, deep Tissue, hot Stone, sport, and Prenatal coursework in Business and Marketing, human Anatomy, physiology, year kinesiology, and Assessments Certifications and Licenses Licensed Massage Therapist, State of California (Current). You sit down to craft your resume, write that first draft—and it still feels empty. When youve had only one job or just a handful of college internships, how are you supposed to show off your personality and set yourself apart? Heres a hint: Start by looking beyond the positions youve held and the degrees youve earned. Truth is, theres more to life than work and school, and if you have a lot going on outside of the office, that can be your ticket to a resume thats compelling, well-rounded, and interesting, too. Take a look at these four things you might not realize you can include on your resume. Volunteer reviews Work, examples: Junior league, helping out at your church, or giving time to a local non-profit youre passionate about.

Assist in hotel and spa marketing through one-on-one referrals and networking at events. Perform wide range of massage and therapy techniques. Consistently increase client satisfaction through skillful service and friendly manner. December 20 Jackson Massage and Spa new Cityland, ca massage Therapist Interacted with clients in a friendly and professional manner. Ensured equipment was fully functional and well maintained. Skillfully completed all treatments, including scrubs, wraps, and massages. Took continuing education workshops to reinforce and update skillset. August 2003 to October 2006 Midtown Massage new Cityland, ca massage Therapist maintained massage area in neat, clean, and organized manner. Kept supplies stocked and notified management of needs.

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everest resume

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How do you highlight soft skills on a massage therapist resume? It is easy to come off as insincere and flat when listing soft skills on a resume. Soft skills are those that have more to do with your personality than learned skills. To best showcase your character, discuss your soft skills in the form of accomplishments, list soft skills mentioned in the ad, and use examples. Refer to the massage therapist resume sample for the best way to do this. Use the resume builder for step-by-step for help in creating the perfect resume.

Ready to pair your professional resume with a top-notch cover letter? Get started now with the help of our Massage Therapist examples and samples. Related Links Show Resume text Resume text pierce cohen 1 main Street New Cityland, ca 91010 Cell: (555) e-mail: summary high-energy massage Therapist with knowledge of wide range of massage methods and techniques. Able to relate well with staff and clients alike and work well in high-end, challenging environments. Background in resort and hotel positions. Highlights Physically strong Whole body massage herbal wraps Aromatherapy reflexology service-minded Friendly and outgoing Enthusiastic Stress management techniques Empathetic and patient Experience june 2009 to current Hotel Canton New Cityland, ca massage Therapist Consult with clients to determine massage needs and special requests. Recommend additional techniques such as stretches that clients can perform at home.

If applicable, include your website domain and professional social media profiles. Despite the title of header, the header of your resume should be in the body of your document. Do not use the header function in Word. Refer to the massage therapist resume sample for an idea of how to format an effective resume header. If your resume extends to two pages, include a brief mini heading on the second page that includes just your name, phone number, and email address. How should you structure your massage therapist resume?

Keep your resume structure simple and easy to read. Include a header at the top, followed by a brief professional summary and a list of no more than six relevant skills. Next, provide a chronological detail of your professional experience using the advice in point number two. Put your educational background and certifications at the bottom of the page. Finish off with your references section. If you have fewer than 10 years of experience, keep your resume to one page. If you have more than 10 years of massage therapy experience, two pages if fine, but no more than that.

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When listing your work experience, list your positions in chronological order, such as in this massage therapist resume sample. After you list the company name and employment dates, provide four to eight bullet points that detail your duties and accomplishments. Your most recent and second-most recent positions are the most important and should get eight bullet points. Your next two jobs should get four bullet points each. All other positions get a real total of 10 bullet points. Try to turn your duties into accomplishments when listing work experience, and use action verbs such as delivered, achieved, contributed, and generated. Avoid static verbs such as my responsibilities were, and my position required me toãâãâ you want to show potential employers what you are capable of, not simply state facts. How do you write the header of a massage therapist resume? The header of your resume should be simple and include your most basic information, such as your name, street address, phone number, and email address.

everest resume

Take a look at our massage therapist resume resume templates and use them to assist you in creating your own resume. Massage Therapist, resume, questions, should you include references on a massage therapist resume? When listing references on any type of resume, there is specific etiquette you should follow. For instance, you should always call your former boss before you give out his or her contact information to make sure its okay to. When you do send out your resume, let your references know that they may receive a phone call. However, because most massage clients are private, you may want to put References Upon RequestÃâ where you would typically put references names and contact information. How do you write the experience section of your massage therapist resume?

by category. Create a free resume and you will be well on your way to finding your perfect match in the professional world! A good massage therapist is trustworthy, personable, and skilled. Because they are in very close proximity to customers, massage therapists have to be friendly and high energy. Knowledge of the traditional and trendy types of massage therapy is a must and should be foregrounded in your massage therapist resume. . A massage therapist is only as good as their reputation, so make sure you are marketing yourself effectively with a well-written resume. When hiring a massage therapist, employers are looking for someone with experience in the field, who has a broad knowledge of massage techniques, and who is able to interact well with clients and fellow staff. You should highlight these qualifications in your massage therapist resume so that any potential employer can easily see that you would be an ideal candidate.

The good news is youve come to the right place! Create a free supermarket resume using our builder platform, manage and edit your resume, publish multiple resume versions, create, post, and share your resume in minutes. If you have all of the right qualifications but arent sure how to put them together in a professional document, our resume builder will guide you through it in just 3 easy steps. We even have sample resumes to help you get the ideas flowing. When youre ready to share it, well guide you through sharing and promoting your resume online using social and professional networks. If you dont want to post the resume you created right away, you can simply download a plain text version for free and save it for later. In addition to helping you build the perfect resume, resume. Com also offers free job posting for employers. So when you post your resume online with us, employers will be able to review your resume immediately.

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Com is the best place to build and post your resume online at no cost to you. Not only is it free, database but its easy to sign. Once you have posted a resume to our site, you can access it from anywhere! Use our free resume builder to create the perfect resume online in just minutes. If you are looking for a job, odds are you know you need a great resume. But did you know that a professional-looking resume can set you apart from the rest of the field in a matter of seconds? The first impression is everything to an employer when going through application after application, which is why your resume must be top notch.

Everest resume
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  1. Custom, everest, watches commemorating famous test. Create a custom watch. Com s Free online, resume. Maker: our professional resume templates make it easy to build share your résumé. Fast, easy, and fun - just click to begin! Look for your next job online with.

  2. What often gets lost in the annual. Everest media frenzy is the fact that the mountain has. (The pair were also named National geographic Adventurers of the year. Before you apply for the job, look at a professional Massage Therapist resume sample to make sure you ve included all the best information in your application. Relume your watch with lume your imb.

  3. OptimalResume helps organizations deliver career experiences that inspire, engage, and transform with diverse career technology solutions for resumes and cover letters, video interviewing and coaching, portfolios and professional websites, job postings and candidate screening, video resumes, introductions, and pitches, and more. Welcome to OptimalResume, a career management platform brought to you in partnership with rasmussen college. To see a list of sample resume. What do you do if your resume feels a little empty? Heres a hint: look beyond the positions youve held and the degrees youve earned, and get a little creative.

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