Essay on mother teresa in simple english

essay on mother teresa in simple english

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30 Hence, prince Albert gave his daughter a particularly difficult role, especially facing a critical and conservative hohenzollern court. A domestic issues and marriage see also: Wedding dress of Victoria, princess royal to pay the dowry of the Princess royal, the British Parliament allotted the sum of 40,000 pounds and also gave her an allowance of 8,000 pounds per year. Meanwhile, in Berlin, king Frederick william iv provided an annual allowance of 9,000 thalers to his nephew Frederick. 31 The income of the second-in-line to the Prussian throne proved insufficient to cover a budget consistent with his position and that of his future wife. Throughout much of their marriage, victoria relied on her own resources. 32 The berlin court of the royal couple was chosen by queen Elizabeth and Princess Augusta, frederick's aunt and mother. They summoned people who had been in court service for a long time and were much older than Victoria and Frederick. Prince Albert therefore asked the hohenzollerns that his daughter could keep at least two ladies-in-waiting who were her age and of British origin.

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The times characterized the hohenzollern as a "miserable dynasty" that pursued an inconsistent and unreliable foreign policy, with the maintenance of the throne depending solely on Russia. The newspaper also criticised the failure of King Frederick william iv to respect the political guarantees given to the population during the revolution of 1848. 26 In the german Confederation, the reactions to the announcement of the engagement were mixed: biography several members of the hohenzollern family and conservatives opposed it, and liberal circles welcomed the proposed union with the British crown. 27 Preparation for the role of Prussian princess The Prince consort, hotel who was part of the vormärz, had long supported the "Coburg plan. The idea that a liberal Prussia could serve as an example for other German states and would be able to achieve the Unification of Germany. During the involuntary stay of Prince william of Prussia in London in 1848, the Prince consort tried to convince his Hohenzollern cousin of the need to transform Prussia into a constitutional monarchy following the British model. However, the future german emperor was not persuaded; he, instead, kept very conservative views. 28 29 Eager to make his daughter the instrument of the liberalisation of Germany, prince Albert took advantage of the two years of engagement between Victoria and Frederick to give the Princess royal the most comprehensive training possible. Thus, he taught himself history and modern European politics, and actually wrote to the princess many essays on events that occurred in Prussia. However, the Prince consort overestimated the ability of the liberal reform movement in Germany at a time when only a small middle class and some intellectual circles shared his views on the german Confederation.

A little taller than her mother, the princess was.50 m tall and far from the ideal of beauty of the time. Queen Victoria was concerned that the Prussian prince would not find her daughter sufficiently attractive. 24 nevertheless, from the first dinner with the prince, it was clear to queen Victoria and Prince Albert that the mutual sympathy father's of the two young people that began in 1851 was still vivid. In fact, after only three days with the royal family, frederick asked Victoria's parents permission to marry their daughter. They were thrilled by the news, but gave their approval on condition that the marriage should not take place before vicky's seventeenth birthday. 25 Once this condition was accepted, the engagement of Victoria and Frederick was publicly announced on The immediate reaction in Great Britain was disapproval. The English public complained about the kingdom of Prussia 's neutrality during the Crimean War.

essay on mother teresa in simple english

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In a letter to her uncle, the king of the belgians, the British sovereign conveyed the desire that the meeting between her daughter and the Prussian prince lead to a closer relationship between the two young people. 21 Engagement and wedding Engagement The Princess royal at her confirmation, Frederick had received a comprehensive education and in first particular was formed by personalities like the writer Ernst Moritz Arndt and historian Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann. 22 According to the tradition of the house of Hohenzollern, he also received rigorous military training. 23 In 1855, Prince Frederick made another trip to Great Britain presentation and visited Victoria and her family in Scotland at Balmoral Castle. The purpose of his trip was to see the Princess royal again, to ensure that she would be a suitable consort for him. In Berlin, the response to this journey to Britain was far from positive. In fact, many members of the Prussian court wanted to see the heir presumptive's son marry a russian grand duchess. King Frederick william iv, who had allowed his nephew to marry a british princess, even had to keep his approval a secret because his own wife showed strong Anglophobia. 23 At the time of Frederick's second visit, victoria was 15 years old.

To promote the contact between the two, queen Victoria and Prince Albert asked their daughter to guide Frederick through the exhibition, and during the visit the princess was able to converse in perfect German while the prince was able to say only a few words. The meeting was therefore a success, and years later, Prince Frederick recalled the positive impression that Victoria made on him during this visit, with her mixture of innocence, intellectual curiosity and simplicity. 18 It was not only his encounter with little victoria, however, that positively impressed Frederick during the four weeks of his English stay. The young Prussian prince shared his liberal ideas with the Prince consort. Frederick was fascinated by the relationships among the members of the British royal family. In London, court life was not as rigid and conservative as in Berlin, and queen Victoria and Prince Albert's relationship with their children was very different to william and Augusta's relationship with theirs. 19 20 After Frederick returned to germany, he began a close correspondence with Victoria. Behind this nascent friendship was the desire of queen Victoria and her husband to forge closer ties with Prussia.

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essay on mother teresa in simple english

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12 13 queen Victoria and her husband wanted to remove their children from court life as much as possible, so they acquired Osborne house on the Isle of Wight. 14 near the main building, Albert built for his children a swiss-inspired cottage with a small kitchen and a carpentry workshop. In this building, the royal children learned manual work and practical life. Prince Albert was very involved in the education of their offspring. He closely followed the progress of his children and gave some of their lessons himself, as well as spending irish time playing with them. 15 16 Victoria is described as having "idolised" her father and having inherited her liberal political views from him. 17 First meeting with Frederick victoria with her sisters Alice, louise and Helena.

Portrait by Franz xaver Winterhalter, 1849. In the german Confederation, prince william of Prussia and his wife Princess Augusta of Saxe-weimar-Eisenach were among the personalities with whom queen Victoria and Prince Albert were allies. The British sovereign also had regular epistolary contact with her cousin Augusta since 1846. The revolution that broke out in Berlin in 1848 further strengthened the links between the two royal couples by requiring the heir presumptive to the Prussian throne to find shelter for three months in the British court. 18 In 1851, william returned to london with his wife and two children ( Frederick and louise on the occasion of The Great Exhibition. For the first time, victoria met her future husband, and despite the age difference (she was 11 years old and he was 19 they got along very well.

Queen Victoria, for example, believed that the fact that her baby sucked bracelets was a sign of deficient education. According to hannah pakula, biographer of the future german empress, the first two governesses of the princess were therefore particularly well chosen. Experienced in dealing with children, lady lyttelton directed the nursery through which passed all royal children after Victoria's second year. The diplomatic young woman managed to soften the unrealistic demands of the royal couple. Sarah Anne hildyard, the children's second governess, was a competent teacher who quickly developed a close relationship with her students. 11 Precocious and intelligent, victoria quickly learned French at the age of 18 months, and she began to study german when aged four.

She also learned Greek and Latin. From the age of six, her curriculum included lessons of arithmetic, geography and history, and her father tutored her in politics and philosophy. She also studied science and literature. Her school days, interrupted by three hours of recreation, began at 8:20 and finished at 18:00. Unlike her brother, whose educational program was even more severe, victoria was an excellent student who was always hungry for knowledge. However, she showed an obstinate character.

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8 In addition, she was heir presumptive to the throne of the United parts Kingdom, before the birth of her younger brother Prince Albert Edward (later King Edward vii ) on 9 november 1841. 9 to her family, she was known simply as "Vicky". The royal couple decided to give their children as complete an education as possible. In fact, queen Victoria, who succeeded her uncle king William iv at the age of 18, believed that she herself had not been sufficiently prepared for the government affairs. For his part, Prince Albert, born in the small Duchy of Saxe-coburg-Gotha, had received a more careful education, thanks to his uncle king leopold i of Belgium. 10 Shortly after the birth of Victoria, prince Albert wrote a memoir detailing the tasks and duties of all those involved with the royal children. Another 48-page document, written a year and a half later by the baron Stockmar, intimate of the royal couple, details the educational principles which were to be used with the little princes. 10 The royal couple, however, had only a very vague idea of the proper father's educational development of a child.

essay on mother teresa in simple english

She was the assignment first child. Prince Albert of Saxe-coburg and Gotha and queen Victoria. When she was born, the doctor exclaimed sadly: "Oh Madame, it's a girl!" And the queen replied: "never mind, next time it will be a prince!". 5 She was baptised in the Throne room of Buckingham Palace on 10 February 1841 (on her parents' first wedding anniversary) by the Archbishop of Canterbury, william Howley. The lily font was commissioned especially for the occasion of her christening. 6 Her godparents were queen Adelaide (her great-aunt the king of the belgians (her great-uncle the duke of Saxe-coburg and Gotha (paternal grandfather, for whom the duke of Wellington stood proxy the duke of Sussex (her great-uncle the duchess of Gloucester (her great-aunt) and the. 7 As a daughter of the sovereign, victoria was born a british princess. On, she was made Princess royal, a title sometimes conferred on the eldest daughter of the sovereign.

cancer a few months after her mother in 1901. The correspondence between Victoria and her parents has been preserved almost completely: 3,777 letters from queen Victoria to her eldest daughter, and about 4,000 letters from the empress to her mother are preserved and catalogued. 4, these give a detailed insight into the life of the Prussian court between 18Contents, princess royal of the United Kingdom. Childhood and education, victoria with her father Prince Albert and his greyhound Eos. Portrait by john Lucas, 1841. Queen Victoria with the Princess royal,. Princess Victoria was born on 21 november 1840.

Criticised for this attitude and for her English origins, victoria suffered ostracism by the. Hohenzollerns and the berlin court. This isolation increased after the arrival. Otto von Bismarck (one of her most staunch political opponents) to paper power in 1862. Victoria was empress and queen of Prussia for only a few months, during which she had opportunity to influence the policy of the german Empire. Frederick iii died in 1888 just 99 days after his accession from laryngeal cancer and was succeeded by their son. William ii, who had much more conservative views than his parents. After her husband's death, she became widely known.

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For other princesses named "Victoria see. Victoria, princess royal (Victoria adelaide mary louisa; november 1840 ) was German empress and queen of Prussia by marriage to, german Emperor Frederick iii. She was the eldest child. Queen barbing Victoria of the United Kingdom and, prince Albert of Saxe-coburg and Gotha, and was created, princess royal in 1841. She was the mother. Wilhelm ii, german Emperor. Educated by her father in a politically liberal environment, she was betrothed at the age of sixteen to Prince Frederick of Prussia and supported him in his views that Prussia and the later German Empire should become a constitutional monarchy on the British model.

Essay on mother teresa in simple english
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