Auto body business plan

auto body business plan

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People want to obtain financial and auto sales and leasing services from someone they trust; and that can be someone they knew from past membership in a group. Groups may also offer the opportunity for the business person to give a talk to the membership—an excellent public relations opportunity. Market Research Summary a hypothetical behavior sequence model for a showroom (not private) car buying individual using an auto sales and leasing service for the first time might look something like the following: (based on discussions and interviews with potential clients Individual decides to obtain. This may happen as a result of a change in the individual's life situation (marry, divorce, lose a spouse, move, win the lottery) or investment/tax situation (sell house, large wage increase, receive inheritance). The need can arise anytime, but spring and summer months are when most people are thinking about upgrading their transportation. Individual investigates the pre-driven auto sales and leasing services. In most cases, this means the individual will consider walking through the car dealerships where they have shopped in the past (favorable) and/or a place that has been highly recommended.

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Ohio t t sales, 141 south Taft Dudley's Ford, highway 46 and Milktoast There are some new car dealerships that we are sure sell used cars from trade-in, etc. However, they are not in the "business" of doing. We have not listed the local used car lots in this business plan from customers who may come from the adjacent counties like rock, racine, or waukesha. Generally, an auto sales and leasing company would like to target those customers of upscale demographics and who can afford the luxury car market—even though some of the cars offered will be pre-driven. This customer appreciates the reliability and stature associated with the following nameplates: Audi jaguar Porsche bmw lexus saab Cadillac Lincoln Volvo infiniti mercedes A review of competitors' marketing strategies reveals no one launching an attack on the upscale pre-driven car market in greater Greater Pebbles. Only one company is advertising through the yellow Pages regarding leasing services. The general approach to get new business is through networking, referrals, and personal selling. Auto sales and leasing is a referral-driven business. Other strategies to build customer sales include telemarketing and encouraging and rewarding present clients to refer future clients. Networking within business groups, civic groups, church groups, etc. Is important, even if the business results are not immediately felt.

Technology Environment — computer programs will greatly simplify the financial recordkeeping and tax preparation for controlling the output of the mountain view business. Frank has developed the expertise necessary to run the financial end of the business, including learning and updating auto sales and leasing software. Outsourcing of business functions to an outside accounting expert will ensure the financial data will be done. Competitive environment Summary Eleven used-car lots are listed in the Greater Pebbles phone book. None specialize in the upscale executive market segment. These firms range from private individuals with just a few cars in their tow truck area to a chevrolet-Olds-Cadillac distributorship. None of the four market a leasing ability. The businesses offering used auto sales or leasing services in Greater Pebbles (source through Ameritech and Midwest Directories) are listed as follows: Duncan country Chevy, 224 West Bark road Duncan Auto, 463 Rapstitch Mark Chevrolet-Olds-Cadillac, 313 West Cliff b y auto sales, 165 Highway. 3 444 Whipper Street lake bonners Kitt's Auto rv, 4 mouse road koomer's general Motors, highway 46 jenner Schmidt's Auto, inc., route 4 loomtoom Auto sales Inc., 234.

auto body business plan

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These include economic, competitive, legal/political, technology, and database customer issues. Economic Environment — positive forces include the generally prosperous economy that is currently in place, full employment, rising wages, and low inflation, leading more people and businesses to be willing and able to treat themselves to a highline vehicle. The strong stock market means people are summary making more money, primarily in the form of capital gains. Even though corporate downsizing is generally observed as a negative trend, it has positive implications for mountain view lease, llc. A growing number of companies have eliminated the company car and favor the tax benefits of leasing. Legal/Political Environment — as stated above, the new tax laws, for automobile deductions, are becoming very complicated for the average sales person/small business to stay current with and understand. Car leasing is a way to save money and taxes.

None of them specialize in the higher end, exclusive pre-drive automobile market. Our potential exists due to the reliable and professional, business and management niche consumer that we are targeting—a market opportunity presently under-served. Competitive advantage Strengths of mountain view lease, llc include Frank simons's broad base of sales and management experience in successful automobile dealerships from 1969 to 1997. This experience means Frank understands the needs of corporate business clients and the individual vehicle buyer when it comes to offering quality automobiles — hence, his tag line "Down to earth, dedicated Service." mountain view's emphasis is on consulting with the customer, bringing their attention. This "full service" niche appears to be vacant in the market, with most auto sales and leasing companies focused on volume and throughput, leaving little time available to get to know the customers needs well enough to become a sales "partner." In addition, Frank's willingness. This approach will ensure repeat customers. Industry keys to success a vital Service designed for the discriminating Pre-Driven Car buyer Customer Sales Program — "Down to earth Dedicated Service for your quality vehicle needs" Controlled overhead and Operational Costs Regular and On-going Customer feed Back sufficient Forms. And Technology/Software capacity consultation Services — ongoing Dedicated Management and Support Staff market analysis mountain view lease, llc, like all businesses, is affected by forces and trends in the market environment.

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auto body business plan

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Incorporating a total quality management approach, mountain view lease, llc will develop key "base" businesses which require automobiles for amway its employees on a recurring basis and call upon management's 30-year, established customer base. Through word-of-mouth and advertising, handwriting pre-driven quality car buyers will be secured. Phase i build-out, start-up, and development credit line needs are documented in this business plan. Phase ii — continue implementation of sales, advertising, and marketing strategies developed in Phase. Identify and pursue other business support markets. Mountain view lease will target other communities for expansion. Mountain view lease anticipates the need for sales and support staff to be added during this phase.

Initially, mountain view lease management will focus its efforts in Phase i activities. Phase ii efforts depend upon the timely development of Phase i and the analysis of its customer service base. The availability of mountain view's growth funding capital will directly impact the growth rate of this company. Auto sales leasing overview establishing an auto sales and leasing business clientele will take some time but once the word is out to our former customers, as the research revealed, word-of-mouth /recommendations /referrals are the primary way in which auto sales and leasing services are. People who are completely new to the area, or who have few established connections, may look to the yellow Pages or other advertising to establish available service vendors, they may stop in or call for information, product availability, or pricing. In eastern and western Pebbles, a few companies are established in the used-car business.

Focus Ideas and Establish goals, identify and quantify long-Term Objectives, track and Direct Growth Create benchmarks for measuring Success Company Ownership mountain view lease, llc was founded. Frank simons in October 1998. Mountain view was created to address the need for niche sales of new and pre-owned executive automobiles and their leasing. Mountain view lease, llc will expand its client base throughout the Greater Pebbles Area. Simons has been in the sales and leasing field since 1969. Having completed nearly 30 years at various local dealerships he has a complete knowledge and experience in this industry.

Key advisors to the company mountain view lease, llc has additional key advisors to assist. Frank o'brien has been retained by mountain view lease, llc to assist in the development, planning, and marketing phases. Edward Thompson, Attorney is the legal advisor and mike smith, of Black and Smith, is an accountant advisor. Management organizational Summary Frank simons will manage all aspects of the business and lease departments to ensure effective customer responsiveness. Additional support services will be provided by qualified sales consultants. Support staff will be added as client workload factors mandate. Corporate development Plan For purposes of this Business Plan document, mountain view lease, llc — phase i and Phase ii for developmental growth are defined below: Phase i — this phase involves planning, renovation, and development of mountain view lease, llc's property at 900 Minchon. Mountain view lease, llc will establish its own identity, management directives, and capital.

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Focus ideas and establish goals, identify and quantify objectives, track and direct growth. Create benchmarks for measuring success, mountain view lease, llc was formed to market and lease executive "high end" new and pre-driven vehicles to individual and business customers. The integration of these disciplines results in roles a comprehensive service for the discriminating vehicle buyer. Mission Statement, mountain view lease, llc's mission is to provide quality sales and leasing services to all customers seeking highline pre-driven and new vehicles. We shall endeavor to provide our products and services in a comprehensive and cost-competitive biography manner. This Business Plan serves to detail the direction, vision, and planning to achieve our goal for providing superior and comprehensive pre-driven auto sales and leasing services. Our plan objectives are: Attract 275,000 for Facility construction, secure 225,000 for Start-up and Credit Line capital.

auto body business plan

Guidance from Outside Professionals,. Frank simons has sought out assistance and advisors to mountain view lease, llc in developing its business plan. However, he will maintain an active management involvement in every aspect of the formation of this business plan, and the plan reflects his experience of the industry and his concept of the business. The experienced professionals. Simons has obtained have assisted the company in: Helping develop a realistic business plan. Reviewing financial projections incorporating all of the assumptions and quantitative data presented in the business plan. Assisting in structuring funding options and lending offerings. Conducting market research, researching growth potential for the industry. Identifying competitive forces and products, offering creative marketing approaches, five objectives of mountain view lease, llc: Attract construction and start-up investment capital.

an in-depth analysis of its opportunities and weaknesses and it has concluded that the company has an excellent chance to succeed. Methodology for Business Planning, sophisticated business planning helps management answer questions such as: What will be our record of achievement? How have we fared compared to our competitors? Are we setting realistic and attainable goals and objectives? Constructive and useful business planning requires a broad-based understanding of changes taking place in the marketplace in which the company competes, or plans to compete, and the ever-changing financial markets. In-depth technical skills in a variety of disciplines such as tax, financial analysis, sales, marketing, and managing growth are critical components in assessing a company's opportunities and risks. Developing the business Plan. The management of mountain view lease, llc has developed this disciplined planning methodology to help the company anticipate its start-up economic requirements and other critical information, and arrive at this realistic plan.

Discussions and interviews were held with a variety of individuals and businesses to understand why and how they might consider using a pre-driven auto roles sales and leasing service. Census data, county business patterns, and other directories were consulted to develop the market potential and competitive situation. As a start-up business, mountain view lease, llc shall specialize in individual and business clientele needs for sales and leasing of executive-driven and new highline vehicles. Management has determined that presently this market niche, in the Greater Pebbles area, is underserved. As growth warrants, additional staffing and/or additional service locations can be realized (Phase ii). Business Plan Purpose, introduction, in today's highly competitive environment, formal business planning is an essential element in achieving business success. A well-written business plan is primarily a communication tool to be used in obtaining financing. In certain instances, particularly with an early stage company, this business plan also serves as a strategic plan.

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Business plan mountain view lease, llc 900 Minchon Drive, pebbles, colorado 80211, this plan helped mountain view lease, llc obtain a 275,000 Small Business loan for facility build-out construction and a 225,000 line of credit for company start-up and vehicle acquisition-related costs. Company summary, auto sales leasing overview, market analysis. Strategy implementation, promotion strategy, financial plan, executive summary. High-end pre-owned auto sales (Cadillac, lexus, bmw, audi, saab, mercedes, Infiniti, and Lincoln) and related leasing assistance are the basis of mountain view lease, llc and the makings of a profitable venture. Management of mountain view lease is presently seeking funds to develop and grow the business in a phased approach, as highlighted within this planning tool. Mountain view lease, llc is a new, "highline" auto sales and leasing service being made available to vehicle buyers throughout the Greater Pebbles area. The owner, Frank simons, has extensive business experience — over 30 years' experience in the sales and leasing field. Desiring to start his own business, Frank established plan mountain view lease, llc in 1998. The foundation for the plan is a combination of primary and secondary research upon which the marketing strategies are built.

Auto body business plan
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But finally i m reminded that an essay is, by definition, an exploration of a subject, not the author s final thoughts. difficult written business documents so simple business plan sample pdf templates can be very handy when developing your business plan.

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  2. pat Kurtenbach, sedc president, states, jakes. Auto, body has proven to be a successful startup company. Schoons expect to be open for business in February 2015. Auto, pilot, business, method. Feds raid Chicago operation linked to detroit body parts business.

  3. M review: purchased a voucher for car detail at Muscat. Auto, body located in San Bruno, california. They sold too many vouchers and. visit to learn more. Indeed, neighborhood auto body shops are fading away and so are their signs. If your business involves getting fired, going off half cocked or triggering bankruptcy, you just might.

  4. Please contact us at or if you have any questions on business plan consulting. When david d amore had the opportunity to buy his employer s auto body business, the banker who wanted to help him sent him to score for help with his business plan and financial planning. Clean Fleet, auto, body - clean Fleet fixed my vehicle. Private messaging is available to business accounts only. You can claim this company as yours and apply for our Free or Plus.

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