And then there was none summary

and then there was none summary

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The bsd mbox file.2MB (1.2 million lines) and the summary file.3MB (2 of the size of the folder.) This is on a p266 with a local ide disk (Linux.) Oh, if I have threading on, it takes about.5 seconds. (Note that unlike.x, there is no "pre-threading" in the summary files; this is all done in core, from the first principles of the message-id and References data stored in the summary file.) using MD5 hashes as IDs is a pretty good idea, although the. An MD5 hash is 128 bit quantity. In my code, i was only using 64 bits of that, since i wasn't really worried about it being cryptographically strong. The result is that I had to store 8 bytes per message id rather than the full message id string, which tended to average somewhere around 25 or 30 bytes (I don't remember the actual number, but I collected stats back when I was working. I haven't studied MD5, but i suppose the goal is extremely low probabiliy of collision? Is it much better than crcs?

And Then There were none summary gradesaver (play) i intend that a mork implementation of the mdb interface be like this. we dvd have added another main requirement that we not need to write the entire cache in order to commit a small change, though. Well really the requirement is "small changes should be fast right? In.x/3.x, we did this by writing out the summary file lazily (when switching folders, and other times when file io would be happening (never as a result of a fast action like toggling the "read" flag.) In Grendel, we did it from a background. This was even better, because the ui was still live during I/O. that might have a small effect on what kind of format is the best fit. we need a good showing for newsgroup summaries with 10,000 to 20,000 messages. Right now I'm looking at a folder.0. It has 15,466 messages. Selecting this folder takes less than a second (it's hard to eyeball it, but I'd say it takes about 1/2 to 3/4 second from when I click to when I see the message summary on the screen).

We don't really need to permit a way to declare charsets on an individual basis for cells inside rows, since we can do this indirectly through a dict that indicates explicit charset encoding. You are summarizing mail folders. Mail folders are composed of mail messages. Mail messages have headers which are composed of short-line 8-bit (7-bit, technically) quantities. Therefore, the summary files need only store data composed of printable ascii (or perhaps Latin1) characters. So how do you do i18n stuff? The same way you do it summary in mail headers: mime-2 encoding. I still smell overengineering.

and then there was none summary

And Then There were none Chapter 6 Summary

Java35 i am still of the opinion that a custom in-memory read-the-whole-file type of cache is the way to proposal go, and I think that the summary files that.0/3.0 used were brilliantly speedy and compact, if I do say so myself. (I have disk usage statistics on this format that has been known to make young girls squeal, but I don't hav guaranteed them handy right now.) When I was reimplementing this stuff for Grendel, and doing the only sane thing and ignoring the whole.x summary. Java39 I distrust the idea of using a general-purpose database for mail summary files. jamie zawinski zilla. Org/ (work) https www. (play) - charsets it must be possible to indicate what charset is being used in cell values. So file headers will typically indicate the default file charset, and individual dicts can indicate the charset for cell values tokenized in that particular dict.

You can find a descendant of that code on zilla. Here's the original source release: grendel. Tar.gz ; and a later version, ported to more modern java apis: grendel. The mailsum code is in storage/MailSummaryFile. Java and related classes. The mime/ parser and threading code may also be of interest. For the record, the summary file format used by netscape.0 and.0 is documented at mailSummaryFileCheddar.

And Then There were none Chapters 1-3 Summary and Analysis

and then there was none summary

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That second window is easy: to present that information, you can just re-parse that whole message at display time (there's only one, so it's fast.) But to display the other window, the message list window, you need a small bit of info from every message. So, we have these summary files one summary file for each folder, which provide the necessary info to generate that message list quickly. Each summary file is a true cache, in that if it is deleted (accidentally or on purpose) it will be regenerated when it is needed again (which might take a little while, but which only needs to be done once.) In Netscape.0, the new. My code had summary files that were on the order of 2 of the size of the folder they were summarizing, and words was blazingly fast in all respects. The.0 code had an overhead closer to 30 (last time i checked) and was insanely slow, not to mention extremely fragile: their summary files got corrupted all the time. But they were databases and C so they were better.

But I'm not bitter. Here are some messages i exchanged with a member of the.0 team, trying to explain to him how the.0/3.0 code worked, and why he shouldn't follow in the.0 team's footsteps. It was a hard sell, since he's a database person, and as far as i've seen, once those database worms eat into your brain, it's hard to ever get anything practical done again. To a database person, every nail looks like a thumb. Or something like that. The netscape.x /.x code discussed here was never released to the public, but my port of that code to java was released as part of the Grendel project.

And delete this line when you're done. Mail summary files mail summary files., jamie zawinski the awful thing about getting it right the first time is that nobody realizes how hard it was. In this modern world, the only sensible thing for someone implementing a mail reader to do is use. Bsd mbox' files to store mail messages, because that is the de-facto standard used by almost every popular mail reader, on Unix, windows, and Mac. All versions of Netscape have always used the mbox file format to store messages: converting to or from Netscape's folder format is simply a matter of copying the files to or from the place you keep your /bin/Mail or Eudora (etc) folders. (Just remember to do Empty Trash first, to flush out recent changes.).

However, to make use of the mbox format be fast, some tricks are necessary. The mbox file format is basically one big text file containing every message of the folder sequentially, with separator lines between them. This has obvious efficiency problems: you don't want to spend a lot of time doing linear searches through the file, and you don't want to ever pull the whole file into memory at once, and deletions are expensive. So, you have to summarize it, and be lazy about updates. My approach, when designing this for Netscape mail in the.0 and.0 timeframe, was to identify the pieces of information that needed to be gotten at quickly and repeatedly, and store those in a cache. Most other information was only needed on a per-message basis (not when operating on many messages at once) so that latter sort was simply parsed from the message on demand, as the message was being displayed. Think of it this way: when you are looking at a folder and a message in it, you're looking at two windows: one lists all the messages in the folder, including a brief (one line) summary of their sender, date, etc; and the other window.

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Some statues come to life, surprising nobody. Holga kills one of them with lightning. Ondrar is polymorphed into a gelatinous cube which the other snake lady passes through without batting an eye. Ondrar is polymorphed into a rust monster while the snake lady is still passing through and immediately explodes apart. In his dying moment he rusts her enough that she can be dispatched by magic sword. Everyone is tired and there are bits of gelatinous rust ogre cube monster all over everything so we call it a night. Total Losses/Loot, andrerio (drained by wights ondrar (obliterated in a polymorph mishap). Alamia (found a trap borax (breach of contract) 78gp in assorted reviews coins a wand of magic detection potion of extra healing, this line is important for posterity: All PCs received 186 xp and. Prev: plague-cult-debacle next: Daring Adventures of the delicious Dandy don't forget to tag the page with adventures, the dungeon tag and the campaign tag.

and then there was none summary

Until they have their life drained from them by a wight. Andrerio is killed and we have to dismantle his body before he can synthesis rise again as an ogre-wight. Village shenanigans, who doesn't think it would be a great idea to charm the mayor, polymorph him into an ogre and bring him into the dungeon with us? (Who thinks that the mayor of a village, even a shitty village, in a land where the wind itself causes madness would like, totally walk around all alone save for some strange "adventurers" as if they were trustworthy? Ssskkeelllllleetttooooons, there's a lot of skeletons in some rooms. They're all coming down a narrow hallway two at a time to be smashed to bits one after another. It is neither quick nor easy. There are fond memories and reminiscences about clerics and turning undead. Iron maiden(s with snake tails instead of legs).

which they keep vigil. The vandalized vault, there were lewd borderline pornographic mosaics of cavorting demons which had been vandalized and then further obscured with crude borderline pornographic graffiti. There was a dumb arrow trap which might have been used to stop the mentally infirm from entering the mausoleum. And ogres are human coloured.

It was pithy and clever. It included everything important or interesting that happened but left out all the boring details and stupid conversations about essay Russian acronyms and dumb movies from the 70s and 80s. It took me half an hour to write up and when I went to click preview to make sure my links and formatting weren't broken I hit cancel instead. So you have to make do with a shitty summary instead. Protip: save your work in small increments. One or two paragraphs at a time, for example. What about the plague cult? The one from last time?

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EPub Bud has decided to wind down. If you have isbns with epub Bud, you may still manage them here. If you're looking to buy isbns at great prices, we heartily recommend. Played t the grind. Featuring: The heroes: Ranndy! Their faithful ogre companions: Andrerio, ondrar, some nervous villagers: Bjorn, lommison, lamiax. Borax, a domed mausoleum in the ruins of an ancient city is reviews a shitty place. Some Stuff Happened, i wrote out a great summary.

And then there was none summary
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  4. The process of experimentation produces data that proves or disproves the hypothesis, which is then verified through the analysis of the data. Study Asbestos Company summary. So, we have these summary files, one summary file for each folder, which provide the necessary info to generate that message list quickly. So you have to make do with a shitty summary instead. There was a dumb arrow trap which might have been used to stop the mentally infirm from entering the mausoleum.

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  6. So the design question is will you keep the summary data in the same model or in a separate model. And, then, there, was, one 1994. I read a few paragraphs, then flung them down again. Only some of Remis theories and analyses have been translated into English, but a summary of Remis reasoning. Anyway, a lot of this has to do with the fact that there was a lot of growing I had to do as a writer.

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