Essay on unrest among students

essay on unrest among students

Essay on Student in Discipline complete, essay for Class

Such stratagems and cheatcodes are not alternative to the old-fashioned reading, revision and hardwork At maximum, they may aid in a very limited extend to a student who already has enough knowledge to eliminate 1-2 wrong options in a given mcq. Survey vol1: Preface and Abbreviation so far weve learned, what is economic survey, who prepares it, what is its structure and color of the book? In the preface of any book, author will thank the people who helped him, including his wife and parents, but Arvind. There is only one exam-worthy information in the preface (why pink color chosen) and weve learned. Now, scrolling down in the vol1-pdf, you reach at Page9 abbreviations will start. In competitive exams, they sometimes ask full forms of niti ayog, nabard, irda, sebi etc. So prepare them as your home work.

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No theme given, but pink color cover is meant to essay signify something (Mock mcq) In Economic Survey 2017-18, the writing title cover has Pink to to highlight: Women Empowerment need for Special attention to girl child Gender Justice End violence against women to know the motive. Its specifically mentions that:.The color of this years survey cover was chosen as a symbol of support for the growing movement to end violence against women, which spans continents. Arvind Subramanian (Chief Economic Adviser). When i asked this mcq in the live lectures: Less than 10 of the students could give correct answer, and less 10 of the students said theyll not attempt this mcq because they dont know the correct answer (which is also a good strategy,. Here, correct option is not even in their zone of consideration. Educated-guess: Newspapers had highlighted Economic surveys Son-meta-preference concept neglected daughters so it should be 2 girl-child. Again correct option is not even in their zone of consideration. If you could confidently eliminate 2 out of 4 options in an mcq, and then applied such guessmaster-giri then, (1/3rd negative marking vs 1/2 chances of getting right answer which is in the zone of consideration and repeated this process for another 10-15 mcqs then. But for that to happen, the pre-condition is atleast one or two wrong options have to be eliminated first. And the right option has to be among the 2-3 options that youre putting under the zone of consideration which was not happening in above pink mcq. So, dont have blind faith in certainrs that no need to study anything, just attempt 90 mcqs in guessmastergiri, you will pass the prelims by the law of averages!

Book had blue cover with an outline of Indias map. We know that survey has to write about 1) future in first volume and 2) past in second volume. But because of Demonetization (8/11/16 cea said, Im yet to finish the analyse of economic indicators before and after demonetization. Hence first volume in January and Second volume in August. Uniqueness: First time big data analytics trivial research findings to fill up pages. First volume covered in detail in my lecture series bes17 second volume, i did not do lecture series because prelim was over. And there were hardly a few mains-exam worthy topics, which I pdf covered as individual articles:, january, 29th. Book had pink cover with an outline of Indias map. Both Vol1 and Vol2 Simultenously released.

essay on unrest among students

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He has assistance of the ies officers in dea to draft. The Draft economic survey is then approved by finance secretary - finance ministry. Finally, its tabled in the parliament ahead of Budget and then uploaded as pdf in English and Hindi at /. Oxford publication has the rights to publish hardcopy, but their supply is limited, price is high, so many xeroxwalla pirate it, and even sell on amazon. Cea noted this piracy in Economic Survey 16-17 (published in Jan-2017) but appreciated it as a proof of his documents popularity piracy salmankhan. But, he forgot to mention that its not his popularity but rather compulsion of the competitive exam aspirants which forces them to refer. (?) year When was it tabled in Parliament? Till, feb Single volume book with 13 chapters and 1 statistical appendix., feb Adopted Two volume system like imfs World Economic Outlook.-  Vol1: future prediction vol2: Past data description. Theme of the survey was: Creating opportunity and reducing vulnerability., feb Two volumes but no theme., january: first volume 2017, august: Second volume.

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essay on unrest among students

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Finance secretary: In Finance ministry, each departments top-most official is called Secretary (usually an ias). Among them, senior most is designated as Finance secy. Hasmukh Adhiya is the present revenue secretary, and designated Finance secretary from 2017, October. Dont waste time philippine memorizing above months. I only wrote them to provide a ability chronological perspective. (?) First, cea gathers: Data, analysis inputs from Economic Advisors (ies officers) posted in individual ministries and departments.

Data from Central statistical Organisation (CSO) about iip, cpi and gdp. Data from Reserve bank of India (RBI) about money supply, foreign exchange rates, balance of payment. Same for other regulators and organizations. Data / analysis from experts, academicians, imf-world Bank etc. In es 2016-17, jaitley became first Finance minister to author a section in a chapter of economic survey. But this time (2017-18 he only gave input, didnot write any chapter. Ofcourse, cea himself will not type all 700 pages by himself.

Small savings schemes interest rates. (rbi nahi, these people decide.). Formulating Budget for Union, Union Territories with legislature and States under Presidents rule. Budget was tabled on 1 February 2018. Chief economic advisor sits under this department and prepares economic survey.

Latest economic survey was tabled on 29th January 2018. Ies, cea and Finance secretary ies : pm nehru created a new central service- indian economic service (IES) in 1961. Upsc annually recruits them among the post-graduates of Economics. Theyre put in various ministries and departments for better synchronization of budget, planning and policy. They also 1) maintain a webportal on Indian Economy- and 2) help cea in writing the Economic survey chief Economic Advisor to the government (CEA) is neither a constitutional nor a statutory post. His usual term is for three years. Arvind Subramanians term expired on 2017, september. But was given extension for one more year. Rumor market says 1) Arvind is one of the brain behind gst so govt wants his help for a few more months, hence this extension 2) hell later join as Chief Economist at imf once his extended term expires.

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4) Department of revenue ( ). Direct taxes (cbdt indirect taxes: Earlier there was Central board of Excise and essays Custom (cbec but Budget-2018 proposed to rename it to central board of Indirect Taxes customs (cbic). Legislative matters related to narcotic type Drugs psychotropic substances (ndps foreign Exchange management (fema prevention of Money laundering (pmla benami Properties act. 5) Department of Economic Affairs, international aid given to India. Administrative control over govt. Mints, currency and security Presses. Dept of Financial services associated with irdai pfrda. But sebi sat related administrative / legislative matters fall under dea.

essay on unrest among students

Government selling away its shares / ownership of public sector companies to private entities for 1) raising money 2) improving managerial efficiency. 2) Department of Expenditure, controller General of Accounts sits here. Implementing the recommendations of Finance commission and pay commission. National Institute of financial management, faridabad. 3) Department of Financial Services-, finance services means banking, insurance, pension etc. So accordingly, this department looks after the Administrative and legislative matters related to: government schemes: pm jan Dhan Yojana, pm jivan jyoti yojana, suraksha bima yojana (Accident cum death insurance public sector Banks, regional Rural Banks (RRB). Yes, there is hospital rbi to supervise them, but who appoints the chairman, md and executive directors in these sarkaari banks? Bank board Bureau (bbb wherein Dept of Financial Services Secretary (IAS) is the ex-officio secretary. Nabard, irdai, pfrda nps related Administrative and legislative matters.

necessary. Well compute msp.5 times the input cost, so farmer gets 50 profit on his effort. Yes, apmc reform also necessary, because all small and marginal farmers cant bring their produce to apmc mandis (as they cant afford to rent a tempo / tractor) so, well create Gramin Agricultural Markets (GrAMs) in their villages, link it with e-nam online selling portal. Then, farmers can directly sale to consumers without any apmc middlemans nuisance commission. Since economic survey deals with Economic issues, it is prepared in the finance ministry. But, Which department exactly? Following list gives FinMins departments and mcq-worthy tasks / people associated with them: 1) dipam (Investment public Asset Mgmt).

Economic Survey: (1) describes the events of past, and (2) provides predictions and prescription for the future. For example, latest economic survey 2018-19 has following to say on Agriculture: 1) Description of the past, statistical Description: Agricultural contributes to 16 of gdp and 49 of employment in India. Analytical Description: Both Sir Arthur Lewis (Economist) and. Ambedkar said that for economic and social development, people should shift from the agriculture to mfg/services and from villages to cities. This happened in south Korea and Japan, so they have plan better standard of living than India. 2) Prediction and Prescriptions for Future. Prediction: Climate change will reduce farm income by 20-25 in medium term for un-irrigated land.

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What is economic survey? Who prepares the Economic Survey? How is the survey prepared? What is the structure of Economic Survey? Survey vol1: Preface and Abbreviation, survey vol1: listicles or Interesting Facts. Ch1- with State of Economy: overview outlook. Mock questions for Prelims, what is economic survey? Its an annual document, prepared by the Only Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) and tabled in the parliament ahead of budget presentation. Although this is not mentioned or required under the constitution.

Essay on unrest among students
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  3. To learn, children and adolescents need to feel safe and supported. Without these conditions, the mind reverts to a focus on survival. Educators in high-performing, high-poverty schools have long recognized the critical importance of providing a healthy, safe, and supportive classroom and school environment. Economic Survey of India is an annual document, prepared by the Only Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) and tabled in the parliament ahead of budget presentation. It describes the events of past, and (2) provides predictions for future financial year.

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