Anna karenina summary and analysis

anna karenina summary and analysis

M: Anna karenina ( leo tolstoy

Levin is a character that knows he cant be happy while so many people around him are unhappy, while the noblemen live like parasites and the peasants are starving. He rose upon the physical and realized that happiness cant be found if we keep looking out for ourselves and dont live for others as well. Vronsky is a young, handsome official that lives a carefree life without falling in love but it all changed once he met Anna. With time he changed from an irresponsible man to a man in love capable to do anything for his loved one and even take responsibility for a child. Nothing lasts forever so the two of them stumble upon issues and even though he loves Anna he gets worried about the career he was neglecting. The inner torments start influencing their relationship because Anna misses the son she had with her husband. In the end Anna throws herself under a train and Vronsy goes back to his old life and joins the serbian-Turkish war. Even though theres no direct link between Annas suicide it is impossible to say that Vronsky had nothing to do with her tragic end despite the fact that he has shown his love for her on numerous occasions.

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Tolstoy created her as a strong character that will be hard to judge because of her principles that make her stand out of the bunch of hypocrites. If Anna was described negatively in the beginning it would be easier not to feel sad about her ending but she wasnt. She is described in a way she can win over any reader because the decision to leave alexei for Vronsky seemed natural and human. Because of that Anna comes off as a heroine and not a moral criminal. With time the situation starts changing and true feelings are replaced by jealousy and doubts that lead to agony. Anna became nervous and selfish and she starts thinking how she doesnt deserve her life because of everything she had disorder done. In the end her suicide wasnt a result of society judging her but of her own conscious. Levin is a landowner, described as a man of a strong character like anna that in the beginning believes that the meaning of humans existence is his own happiness and he holds on to that thought until he meets Kitty. After the weeding he starts to realize that happiness isnt always enough to make life complete. His pure soul and a bit conservative opinion will bring book safety to kitty but it wont bring her the passion and romantic feelings she had with Vronsky.

Character Analysis, anna Arkadyevna karenina is the main character of the novel. She is a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman who lets her heart win over her mind. Because of the weakness she had shown Tolstoy imposes a question to himself: Is Anna really responsible for her actions? Can you blame someone for their feelings? The moment she realized she was in love with Vronsky, anna was well aware about her excommunication from the society and a complete judgment of her actions that will in no way take into consideration whether she was happy in her marriage or not. She was ready to pay the price of her feelings because for her nothing could measure up to true love. Even though its a love rejected from society she didnt want to be a secret lover, hide her love or pretend write shes loyal to her husband. That is the proof that she had a higher level of moral that other woman, in spite her actions, because she took responsibility for her actions without faking rectitude in order to save her social status.

anna karenina summary and analysis

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In the end he applied to volunteer in the serbian-Turkish war. In the novel we have two types of love. The happy love between Kitty and levin build on love and trust and the turbulent and profound love between Anna and Vronsky based on selfishness and possessiveness. Also Anna was marked for life because of her adultery and even though adultery wasnt word considered something serious back in those days it had to be discrete. Anna was no hypocrite and she couldnt act that shes something shes not so Anna didnt hide her relationship with Vronsky. The pressure of the society makes her commit suicide. Characters : Anna karenina, vronsky, levin, kitty.

Vronsky accompanied her and as soon as she got to her old house she went to the childs room where she was informed that her son was told she is dead. Anna isnt the favorite one in the russian society because of her current situation. Even though Vronsky was an influential man because of her they went to his estate in the village where they keep on leading an extravagant, luxurious lifestyle. Their life together gets tested when Vronsky minds that the little girl is carrying the last name karenin so he asks Anna to divorce her husband. He also thinks more and more about the career and life he sacrificed for Anna. Anna become more possessive, jealous and craves her old life, son and social status back. . She gets hysterical and starts taking morphine late at night. Her severe depression makes her thrown herself under a train. Vronsky cant get over her death and lives an empty life.

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anna karenina summary and analysis

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He begged Anna to keep their relationship on the down low to avoid a scandal but she didnt listen to him at all. Anna got pregnant with Vronsky time and told him the news a bit before his participation in the horse race. The happy news almost killed him and Annas shocked facial expression gave away her feelings for him. On the way home myself Anna admits her relationship to her husband but he refuses to divorce her. He forbids Vronsky from seeing Anna in their home. Months in suffering go by as Vronsky tries to convince Anna to leave her husband. She gave birth to a baby girl and in the post birth delirium Anna begs for husbands forgiveness.

He accepts her and her newborn and the news shocked Vronsky so much he tries to shot himself. Since both of them are recovering Anna decides to run away with Vronsky. She takes the girl but her husband wont let her take their son who she loved deeply. They moved to Italy and Anna is happily in love. After a while her sufferings for her son become bigger and it makes her go back to russia.

In Germany kitty recovered, forgot about Vronsky and found new friends. Levin looked for her again and proposed. She accepted and they got married. Despite levins jealousy and insecurity the marriage was happy and permanent. Kitty showed to be extremely compassionate and filled with strength while she was taking care of levins ill brother nikolai. Kitty had a son which made her even happier.

Levin is shown as a character thats still looking for himself even after the marriage. He found faith in God but deep inside he knew that only she can solve his problems but in the end he found the meaning of life. The relationship between Anna and Vronsky is completely different. Anna is married to a government administration official Alexei alexandrovich Karenin. Their relationship was cold and loveless. Anna was repulsed by her husbands character, his rationality and irony. After count Vronskys love statement Anna tries to run away from him by going to moscow but Vronsky followed her and they saw each other on daily bases. Annas husband found out about them because of the rumors that were spreading.

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She is charming, social and everyone loved her. She loves her nephews and her son and was very efficient in solving confrontations. Levin was a poor landowner that enjoyed working. He was immensely in love with Kitty, the rich nobles daughter that had her hopes up for an engagement with count Vronsky. Levin was disappointed and went to moscow to dedicate himself to his paper job and property. Vronsky met Kitty but to her disappointment he wasnt interested in a marriage. On a ball he fell in love with Anna and the situation throws Kitty to desperation. The doctors suggest to her parents to take her out of Russia for a while so they all go on a trip together.

anna karenina summary and analysis

marriage exists even if it is just on a piece of paper and the spouses drifted away for each. Genre : novel, time : the 70s of the 19th century. Place: Russia, book summary the novel begins with Annas arrival to her brother Stiva oblonskys home. Stivas wife is Kittys sister Dolly. Dolly found out about her husbands betrayal and the family is torn apart. Stiva cant wait for Annas arrival because she was his salvation. She convinced Dolly to forgive her husband. Anna is a highly appreciated woman in the society.

The mentioned couples concentrate on two characters the most that become the carriers of two opposite courses. On one hand Anna is the symbol of wealthy society and fortune while levin is humble and seeks a peaceful family life. This novel is characterized with its parallel plots but it also has a ring structure in tying the chapters. The rings rely on differences and the never ending confrontations presentation such as levins love for Kitty who is in love with Vronsky who likes Anna. The novel ends in the same way it began with the question about adultery. Even though it has a plot the question remains open. As the novel reaches its end the differences between levin and Anna become smaller and the love between Kitty and levin, even though described as unselfish and pure unlike anna and Vronskys love, stumbles upon difficulties.

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Anna karenina is a novel with a contemporary thematic in summary which the main theme is Annas adultery because of which she get rejected from society and experiences a tragic end. Parallel to her story we follow up on the destructive love between Anna and Vronsky and the love story between levin and Kitty based on an unselfish love. Tolstoy placed the plot in the 70s of the 19th century in Russia and despite the characters living in the same place their stories dont depend on each other. They are just a comment on each other. The main part of the novel is based on questions about the accepted and unaccepted male and female behavior in the society for which this novel is often compared to Flauberts Madame bovary. Both novels have some touching points and, except for the main theme, the unhappy woman character that gets punished after finding happiness is one of them. Tolstoy, such as Flaubert, uses a narrator in the third person that knows all, comments on the events and works as a middleman between the characters and the readers. The novel consists of a few event courses so every family is one backbone for the whole plot. Tolstoy introduces a few new themes that can be divided into couples like happiness-sadness, fortune-poverty.

Anna karenina summary and analysis
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  1. Characters: Anna karenina, vronsky, levin, kitty. Plot summary of Anna karenina by leo tolstoy. Part of a free study guide. The free anna karenina notes include comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. Anna karenina : Theme Analysis, free study guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten"s on classic literature. Detailed analysis of in leo tolstoy's Anna karenina.

  2. Konstantin levin, Stiva's friend, arrives in Moscow to propose to the eighteen year old Kitty Shtcherbatsky. All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, the novel begins. "Anna karenina part 1, Chapter." LitCharts. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics. The novel begins with Annas arrival to her brother Stiva oblonskys home. Stivas wife is Kittys sister Dolly.

  3. Shmoop premium summary shmoop premium shmoop premium. Complete summary of Anna karenina. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Anna karenina. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. Stiva's sister, Anna karenina, arrives to reconcile the couple and dissuades Dolly from getting a divorce.

  4. Anna karenina study guide contains a biography of leo tolstoy, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Stiva is somewhat remorseful but mostly dazed and uncomprehending. Stivas sister, Anna karenina, wife of the. Petersburg government official Karenin, arrives at the Oblonskys to mediate. Free summary and analysis of the events in leo tolstoy's Anna karenina that won't make you snore.

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