Memorable day essay

memorable day essay

Essay on a, memorable day, in my life complete, essay for

These boys then jumped into the stream one after another and started shouting, hey! Don't worry, it's not very deep, and your feet will touch the base. We tried your 'parathas and now you must try swimming in our natural pool. You're welcome my kings. Now with so much bombardment of encouragement from these young village kids, i couldn't stop myself from, not jumping into that cold stream water. I'm a grown up city man, and my prestige was at stake. I was extremely motivated and showing some courage i finally jumped into that cold stream water. My jump was not very good (Sorry!

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(a paratha is an Indian Roti stuffed with potatoes) Please have some and tell me your names. While eating paratha child pointed his finger at his two friends and said, These are my best friends Nilesh and Bunty, and my name is Abhijeet. We study at the lokmanya vidyalaya high School. We come here often for an evening swim. Will you join us? We all will have a great fun. Kids invited us to swim with them in an open cold the stream. Sameer stared at me for a minute in dilemma and with a big question mark on his face. We were both very confused, and each one of us was thinking, man, this is not what i've planned to do, never even dreamed of doing this. I don't even know how to swim?

I am enjoying your nature blessed area with my friend. Another child said, so you're hanging out in the woods and enjoying a picnic. I'm also spending time with my friends. Where are you from? With a smile, sameer replied, i'm from Ulhasnagar and my friend gaurav is from Kalyan city. We reached this spot because we've never been paper here before. Your area is beautiful and free from pollution. Why don't you all try these tasty spicy parathas?

memorable day essay

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The most memorable day i've ever enjoyed with Nilesh and Abhijeet, just before our stream bath. The memorable day with Nilesh, Abhijeet, and Bunty inspecting the stream. Looking quite worried a child said, hey! Hello sir, it seems you're new to this place. Please don't worry, just take a u-turn to reach the national highway. It will take you only 20 minutes. I politely responded, my dear friend, thank you for your concern and help. I'm glad you are worried about my safety and goodness. Don't worry anymore, i'm not lost.

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memorable day essay

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Now the evening tour plan was ready to implement and without wasting more time i quickly contacted my buddy sameer Akrani. To my luck, sameer too was free, and he willingly accepted my proposal to join me for an adventurous evening journey. Later Sameer picked me at my residence and we soon hit the national highway to enjoy our road Trip. I was excited and even little curious figuring out how I can make this evening the most memorable day of my life. While speedily driving his Bajaj Pulsar bike, sameer was simultaneously trying to communicate his special plans by shouting loudly, as the fast rushing wind was cutting his voice. After driving for almost an hour, we finally freed ourselves (at least temporarily) from the cacophony and congestion of Kalyan city. Soon we were in the woods and Sameer was thrilled to drive his 150 cc motorcycle on long empty.

Kacchha (raw) road in a countryside India. While enjoying my ride, i was deeply mesmerized by the scenic natural beauty of wide open lush green farms. I was extremely satisfied by inhaling the fresh aroma of divine atmosphere and was emotionally elevated by seeing a flock of birds flying high up in the fluorescent orange sky. We traveled a little further and soon felt hungry. We took a short halt beside a stream to rest and enjoy the snacks. While i was busy unpacking our food boxes, i heard someone whistling and trying to communicate with his friendly gestures. It was then homework I saw three village kids approaching.

Our parents also warned him to pay extra safety measures. This event has got high impact on my mind. From that day i remained alert and cautious while going to school and also in the school. Any addition to this essay is most wlcome. You can add to this essay by commenting on this page. "Most Memorable day in my life" for lower classes will be tried to write soon.

Most Memorable day of my life. Yesterday evening, i was too bored and annoyed to follow my daily monotonous chores. I felt my body was demanding some spiritual recreation that i kept it deprived for many long days. It urgently needed a serene calmness to get fully energized and feel fresh once again. After thinking about the options I had, i finally decided to plan and enjoy an evening ride by visiting some previously unexplored locations outside kalyan city. I usually don't wander alone and always prefer keeping a good friendly company of adventurous people.

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We went to the home of the friend and told everything to his mother. The thesis mother started golf crying like a child. That is very much obvious. The mother feels much beyond the feeling for her child. My friend told to his mother that mom he was. It was very pathetic scene. We all children complained to our van owner to change all the old tyres of the van.

memorable day essay

The driver immediately stopped the van. One good practice about our driver was that he always used to drive slowl. It was because of that reason my friend was safe and had only outer injury. We immediately get out of our van and picked the friend. Many people came quickly to help. We immediately brought him to the nearest hospital and did the necessary treatment. The doctor examined the injury and pushed a few injections and gave tinkers a few pain-killer tablets. The biggest mistake of this event was that the van lock was not set properly at locked condition.

only 4 km from my house. The road ; on which we usually travewl was very busy. Suddenly the rear wheel of the school van got puncture. A sudden left side jerk threw out one of my friend out of the van. He was rolling on the road. The leg of the friend was badly injured. And blood was gushing from the wound.

The next day kyla came over and was talking to my mom about working for her. Then about 2 weeks statement went by and Kyla started we talked just a little bit and I helped her know where everything was at and all the kids names and how to do everything. The more she worked there the more we talked and noticed how alike we were. My parents liked Kyla so much and trusted her they let me spend the night at her house. On Mondays we went running, tuesdays and Wednesdays we went to go play volleyball, Thursdays we went and played basketball with her brothers, and on Fridays- sundays we went to parties, movies, and mall, went out of town, or spent the night over each other. I love my best friend we are always talking on the phone and skyping each other and texting. If I would have not got into any trouble i would not have meet my match. Thats my memorable day, the day i meet my best friend Kyla hawkins. We will write a custom essay sample on my most Memorable day specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on my most Memorable day specifically for you.

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The most memorable day in my life is when I meet my best friend Kyla. I was dating this boy named quinlynn for about 2 years and we first started dating we went dates about it all the wrong way. We snuck around and lied to our parents and made really horrible mistakes. Then one day we made the biggest mistake and my parents found out. When my parents found out they told his mother and we all meet at my house and had a discussion about our mistake. His sister came with them with her boyfriend and her mother and her brother. I had gone to school with Kyla and i always wanted to be friends with her. Before they left Kyla asked my mom about her daycare and if she had any part-time jobs.

Memorable day essay
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  2. Drip, drop, drip, drop; its the sound of light rain on the window of my small, cramped hotel room in New York city.

  3. It was a memorable day for. We students were asked to dress in fine clothes and come for the Annual day of our school, mother Teresa School of Excellence. I want to mention the day of my sister's marriage as 'a memorable day' in my life. Related Articles: Short essay on Indian Federalism. The memorable day with Nilesh, Abhijeet, and Bunty inspecting the stream. I appreciate you (dear reader) for sparing your valuable time to read this short essay.

  4. Its a good essay but i think you can do much better. I will always remember that day because i had a chance to meet new friends. A memorable Occasion in my life- personal Narrative essay. 568 Words 3 Pages. Free sample essay on a memorable day.

  5. A memorable day in my life. There are some memorable days and they remain evergreen in my heart. My first day at school is such a day. Essay on a memorable day. Essay about Memorable day.This incident dates back to my School days. Memorable day is the funniest and happiest day of your life.

  6. Fully built bibliographies and works cited. Prior to this memorable day, i had put things in place to make this possible. This essay is about one of the most memorable day in my life. It can be used for class 6 by modifying a little bit. However it is best suited for class.

  7. Memorable day is the funniest and happiest day of our life. Narrative essay my most Memorable Trip In Hong Kong,.25 million chickens were killed due to the outbreak of the. Home free essays my most Memorable day. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay hire Writer. Access to over 100,000 complete essays and term papers.

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