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Thank you ardently nurtures the redefinition of ones self, step by step and with emotional intelligence. One would probably expect, thank you to be a desolate journey, a blight in motion, but this isnt true. As much as heartrending it was, it was equally heartfelt, but there were tremendous amounts of laughter when you least expected it simply because. Thank you flows naturally through shades of reality without feeling tedious or forced. Becoming pretentious would be one of the dramas most severe pitfalls, but it never happened as it masterfully weaved its web in order to collect and exhibit emotions and not entrap them. Director lee jae dong ( i miss you, the Spring day of my life ) honored his lenses by maintaining a natural ambiance through angles and perspectives throughout the drama when it comes to the surrounding environment and indoors shooting.

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Thank you presents everything which derives from it in a masterful and multifaceted way. The real problem statement virat surfaces the moment the childs condition gets revealed and a modern form of ostracism traumatizes an already wounded family to a wider and immoral extent. Thank you also presents peoples cruelty through the eyes of an innocent child who was forced to conceive what isolation, ignorance and discrimination mean and the way they affected her life when it comes to socializing, schooling and even existing. It vividly presents how the world of adults can poison childhoods dreamlike essence, but it also reflects how knowledge and information can awaken through a sincere and moving approach under difficult circumstances. Plato said that ignorance is the root and stem of all evil and. Thank you preserves it to the fullest. However, under circumstances ignorance may be bliss and it was presented through the eyes of the grandfather who was yet another child embracing reality through his own prism. It was proven to be a great defense mechanism keeping him safe from emotional harm, but it was sporadically surrendering to the heavy rain of dreadful events. Thank you shows how affection and humane experiences can change ones life, but it also depicts how the harsh face of reality can forge a sacrificial state of mind and heart where one takes everyone else into consideration except for herself. It also presents the sense of loss through ones mourning while being unable to bid farewell the deceased, but theres also the ongoing healing process as the circumstances and human relations soothe the heart and make it pound anew with meaning and emotion.

Thank you depicts the struggles of a single salon mother in a soulful splendor of ever-expanding emotion. Even nowadays, many societies havent fully accepted the fact that a woman can raise a child on her own and its still being considered a societal taboo. Thank you takes it to a wider extent and multiplies the impact it leaves upon societys ignorance and hypocrisy through the dramas fragile characteristics. Its a world where a kindhearted and hardworking mother will never be enough and every time she turns her back some mouths are always ready to start talking. People are people and they prefer to talk about others instead of taking the time to stare in their own mirror and find out where it gets blurry and the reasons why. Instead of sincerely approaching ones problems in order to offer a devoid of pity helping hand, people will always prefer to create outcasts in order to preserve the deceptive peace of mind of a stagnant, ignorant and eventually pathetic and ludicrous normality. Being a single mother in charge of a family consisting of a demented grandfather and a child infected by hiv while living in the countryside takes courage, tons of courage, heart and soul and.

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Jang hyuk ) who is ji mins boyfriend and his peculiar temperament travel to Blue island in order to work on his mothers project with Choi seok hyeon (. Shin plan Sung rok ). However, the main reason for gi seos presence there is to apologize on ji mins behalf and the journey begins. Thank you embraces the essential nature of familial love, but also the way families affect ones life as a peripheral aspect of the dramas main core and the way its being reflected through our main figures. It emphasizes on unconditional love and caring, but also on the never-ceasing acceptance of hardships no matter how grandiose the obstacles may appear. Setting insuperable love aside, the art of motherhood is being presented through maintaining an absent fathers amiable image for the childs sake, but also by creating a partial and innocent unawareness of the childs condition through a protective and articulate approach for the child and. Its responsibilitys heartwarming approach which turns the dramas fragile nature into an emotionally eloquent world.

Gong hyo jin ). She takes care of her grandfather,. Shin goo who suffers from senile dementia while at the same time she tries to hide the fact that her daughter, lee bom (. Seo shin ae got infected by hiv. Lee bom has to learn how to live with it whereas doctor Cha ji min (. Choi gang hee ) tries to find her and her mother in order to apologize for lee boms unfortunate health condition. Under circumstances, doctor Min gi seo (.

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Currently i write reviews just for myself to look back on, and i keep them all in a word Doc. Perhaps at some point I will start a blog. Edit: Check out my new blog here: Film reviews with Ethan Jackson. I am a mother, Thats why i am so strong and so healthy and so lively. No matter how hard life is, i wont complain. No matter how sad life is, i wont cry.

Maybe you wont believe this, but its true. Isnt it all too beautiful that its a little sickening? The time has arrived to break my silence and unveil my thoughts on old the benefits heartfelt miracle named. I have to admit that the cast was the reason why i started the drama in the first place, but the storyline itself was tempting enough if you want to set sail on an emotionally fortified journey without fear, but with passion. Thank you (2007) belongs in the post-2005 dramas and the changes in the cinematography factor are omnipresent since the dramas visual world had already started progressing at that point while still keeping the nostalgic and beauteous aura old school dramas used to possess. Thank you unveils its wings in Blue island where it depicts the struggles of a hardworking single mother, lee young Shin (.

The plot of the film is fast-moving with some amusing episodes. For those who are indifferent to the computer graphics, there is another storyline that is love of «the dream worker» to a beautiful female alien, who, being hostile and suspicious at first, falls in love with him. Such love is forbidden and as a result the pair is chased by the aliens. Happily, they managed to escape in the end. To my mind, the brillant acting of, sam Worthingdon, who is starring in the film, is above all expectations. To sum up, i can say that the film «Avatar» is that kind of film that takes us to a special world beyond imagination.

More than that,  it is the film that you want to watch over and over again. Definitely, the new film by cameron couldnt be missed. I used to post reviews on imdb, but for all it tries to do, the site really isnt very review-friendly. Most reviewers either give the movies 1/10 stars or 10/10 stars; basically they are all haters or worshipers of the movie. There end up being so many of these reviews on a films page that finding any useful ones is difficult. That and the site limits your review to a 1,000-word count, and i often feel the need to write a lot more than that.

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The action of the legs film is set on the planet Pandora in the year of 3000. The plot is rather simple: the super hero avatar is to save the alien planet and guaranteed to fulfill this mission he struggles with a lot of difficulties. The main character, jack sally, is a disabled navy who has just come back from the war. The film starts with the scene when he is invited to take part in a secret expedition to the planet, inhabited by weird creatures. Thus, he becomes the part of the programme called avatar. Being turned into a a three-metre giant with blue skin, he is sent to the planet with the help of special «drivers» that link his mind to the mind of avatar. What impressed me most is the spectacular world of aliens that we, the audience, see through the eyes of the main character. The special effects and 3D technologies enhance the impression of the bright and colourful world in contrast to the human one, which is grey and dying.

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Again, its a bit confusing at first, but the game gives you some training wheels in the way of auto-control over Shiki if you really cant handle. The william more you fight - which is incredibly often - the more youll be ready to chain together battles. We noticed that you're using an outdated browser. The TripAdvisor website may not display properly. Upgrading your browser will ensure the best possible experience on our website: Windows: Internet Explorer, mozilla firefox, google Chrome. The main film of the year 2009 is «Avatar» by james Cameron, the producer of such films as «Terminator «Titanic «The Strangers». This film ranks with above-mentioned world-famous films and probably belongs to the science-fiction genre.

Ends is strategizing which pins to use for battle. All at once, its immensely enjoyable to level grind in a game that isnt wow. Conversely, shiki and the other misfits you eventually control, behave much differently on the top screen. Initially, youll enter combos on the d-pad to bust some heads, but your primary goal is to earn Fusion stars. Each combo is linked to a symbol that youre trying to match. Youll need to match each combo with the corresponding symbol that appears on the top of Shikis screen. Doing so enables you to unleash a powerful screen clearing attack.

Neku may be an ass, but you actually start to feel for the guy. The real meat of World Ends is the bizarre form of combat you see in those screenshots. Using both ds screens, you control neku with the stylus on the bottom screen and his partner on the top screen with d-pad combos. Your primary enemies are the noise - mutated animals like giant bears, hellish bats and even bulbous frogs among other beasties. Fighting is not the least bit intuitive and is pretty overwhelming when you begin, but World Ends does an exceptional job easing you into each aspect of gameplay. See, nekus combat is beyond basic stylus swipes. Over the course of World Ends, youll collect pins - granting a different psychic ability. Think of ffviis materia: each pin is upgradeable and unleashes a different magic or physical attack. Also, each one controls differently.

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We cant remember the last time a game was cooler than. Sure, wed shift our hat facing backwards when scrubbing our Corgis in Nintendogs, and hell, even smoke when catching them all in pokemon. But Square owl Enixs latest title not ending in hearts or Fantasy literally drips style. The world Ends With you mixes graffiti-infused J-pop with Japanese youth culture in an alternate reality Shibuya, tokyo, while introducing dual-screen combat to the. The experience is unlike anything weve played on the handheld and is as deep as rpgs come. Surly 15-year-old neku loses consciousness and wakes up an unwilling participant in The game, a running Man-esque mission-based death scenario. After pairing with tragically hip cutie, shika, neku will confront his deep-rooted feelings of betrayal while destroying monsters and evading The games deadly puppet masters, the reapers. Yes, pissy/happy-go-lucky teens, end of the world dynamics and adolescent wangst - this must be a modern rpg. But to Square Enixs credit, most of these clichés are waded through and the story is actually relatable.

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The review on the film «Avatar» by james Cameron. More than that, it is the film that you want to watch over and over again.

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