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Yay, writing in xml! Well, not really, but its what we use. Docbook is nice because it has a strong separation between content and presentation. It also (along with our tools) has good support for indexing. Because the content is highly structured, you can use your documents in clever ways. Back in the mists of time we created a website with forums based on the chapter and section structure of the original. Core mac osx and Unix Programming book.

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Should I talk about 1 and -c before or after the objc provider? Its just a click and drag to move it from place to another and see how the narrative flow works. In my workflow, Scrivener is where the writing and editing happens. Once its as done as I can make it, for it moves into other tools. The workflow getting stuff back into Scrivener (or any other word-processory kind of thing) is not great. I use marsEdit for blog postings. Copy from Scrivener, paste. MarsEdit, and then mark up and edit the content again. Its amazing how something simple like looking at the prose in a second program can point out new things that need tweaking. We use, essay docbook for the books and course materials around here.

All other word processors feel sluggish when chugging along at a hundred words a minute, but Scrivener is always responsive. I also like how I can organize and outline material with each chunk of text as its own nsoutlineview entity and easily move them around. Heres a screen shot from a session for some custom materials I created for a customer last year: Each of the pages in the binder are independent documents. You can edit them individually or have the program show them all together. That way i roles can focus on a particular topic (Associative arrays here, all of 665 words or view the section on variables (2250 words) to see how associative arrays works in that context, or the entire document (which ended up being just shy of 10,000. While writing this stuff i ended reorganizing stuff pretty often. Should the profile provider come before the pid provider or not?

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TypeRacer, where you can work on your typing speed by competing against others across the internet. Like everything else, this is something else youll need to practice so you get better. The tool you use to write can affect the way you write. I know I write differently whether Im in Word, pages, or a plain text editor. If you dont guaranteed like the tool youre currently using, dont be afraid to experiment with other ones. These days I do the majority of my writing. Ive written in the past about Scrivener and. Its easily one of my favorite pieces of Mac software. I love the way it feels when typing.

Ive had students in classes before that were hunt-n-peck, and were definitely limited by the speed of their interface to the computer. How do you learn to type well? There are software packages you can get thatll drill you. I know I need concrete goals to strive for, and those goals include things like wanting to get information from paper into the computer as fast as possible. Back in the old days we typed in program listings from magazines, and these days you end up typing in exercises from Big Nerd Ranch guides. I also had motivation from the social media of the days (multi-user bbs systems trying to keep up with and contribute to multiple conversations going. Theres also games, like.

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A year or two ago ghostwriter i was on a kick reading writing books (er, reading books about writing). My two favorite ones are Elizabeth era georges. Write Away and Stephen Kings, on Writing. A common thread through those two books, as well as similar meta-writing books is Write now. Just get the words on the paper or into your computer. It doesnt matter if it works or not.

It doesnt matter if the sentences actually make a lot of sense. Once you have a first draft done, go back and edit. Once youve published your work, whether its been put on blog or sent on to a reviewer in whatever workflow youre using, its time to write the next thing. And the next thing. The more you write, and the more you edit, the faster and better youll get. A typing aside, learn to type. If you cant get your thoughts into your word slinger of choice as fast as theyre entering your brain, theyll pile up and youll just be frustrated.

This isnt your best work. Youre only going to embarrass yourself and bring shame upon your family for seven generations if you publish this. We hateses this voice, precious. Now is the time to stick that inner editor into a box somewhere and just write. Write that beautiful turn of phrase that your subconscious just threw into your inner monologue. Itll be pretty bad.

The first version of this posting is pretty bad. Once youre done with the writing, you edit. If you try to edit as you go, you prevent yourself from entering that state where words just flow out. Creation and editing are different mental disciplines, and I have a large context-switching cost. I like to stay in one more or the other. Let that inner editor out of the box and let it be brutal. Theres nothing sacred in the words you just wrote. You just dumped them in the word processor, right? If they dont work.

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Id stare at a blank screen wondering how to start. Then maybe write a sentence. Then write another one. Then go back and edit the first one because the second one changed the world. Now for the third sentence. It was slow, time margaret consuming, and psychically draining. Write, then edit, one of the best things I learned when doing this writing thing is to silence my inner editor. Thats the voice that keeps saying This sucks. This isnt good enough.

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Decry (verb) abuse; belittle; cry down; decry; derogate; detract from; diminish; discount; disparage; dispraise; downcry; minimize; opprobriate; run down; take away; take from. Depreciate (verb) cheapen; depreciate; devalorize; devaluate; devalue; downgrade; lower; mark down; soften; underprize; underrate; undervalue; write down. If anyone would have told me 30 years ago that Id actually enjoy writing, that Id look forward to writing something new, that Id earn part of my living from the act of writing, i would have sent them straight to a psychiatrist. Since february of 2012, ive written one and a half. Nanowrimo s spread across 60 or so different postings, just for this blog. That doesnt count course materials, the running prose behind presentations, provable and the like. I didnt always like writing, in fact, i hated it for the longest time. I dreaded the process.

Press will help people get work published, starting with the basic package offered which is providing an editorial assessment. There is no doubt that some works are probably best left unpublished! Marguerite has a team of people working for Tribes Press and she stresses that she doesnt do any editorial assessments, saying shes not qualified to do so for a start. She enthuses about the professionalism and abilities of her team, most of them working from home. You couldnt possibly translate work or assess it editorially in a busy office environment. Its the type of work that lends itself to working from home. Tribes Press has the know-how to assess, edit, design, publish and even market works of fiction. Many do self-publish, but many people make basic mistakes like forgetting about ensuring theres a barcode on the book and that it gets an isbn number, which identifies each individual book and establishes copyright. For more, read this weeks Connacht Tribune.

Marguerite, a galway woman who is an established childrens writer, just went ahead and presentation published her own work online and following the success and the demand on her books, she got them printed. No doubt it was her own personal experience that led to her setting up Tribes Press, which is a godsend for anyone who is facing into the complex world of publishing their own work. Tribes Press is a self-publishing company that publishes, translates and promotes fictional work. At the moment, it is sticking to fiction as it is Marguerites own genre, its what she knows, and this makes sense as she is very methodical in her approach to everything she does. This approach may well come to her pre-publishing life when she worked as a bio-chemist before becoming a psychologist. Though equally it might have come from her upbringing in a home where both parents were self-employed. I grew up in a home where the business model was discussed around the kitchen table. My parents valued hard work. I have a creative mind and a business head, she explains.

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Lifestyle there is a saying that everyone has at least one book in them, but very few people know how to go about getting that book published. Award-winning author, marguerite tonery, tells Bernie ní fhlatharta about the publishing company she has set up database to address this issue. Have you a manuscript written thats gathering dust in a drawer because you dont know what to do with it or where to send it? If you do, you are not alone. It is often the case that writing is the easiest part while getting published is the challenging part of the process of getting your book out to the masses. Many well-known writers have their own rejection stories. Its hard to believe now that the first Harry potter book by jk rowling was rejected by no less than 12 publishers! The series went on to sell almost 500 million copies worldwide, and has been translated into numerous languages. The biggest problem people have according to marguerite toney of Tribes Press, is that they just dont know what to do with their manuscript — be it hard copy or a document on their laptop.

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  4. While writing this stuff i ended reorganizing stuff pretty often. Should the profile provider come before the pid provider or not? Macromedia fontographer.1 jlr write Stuff.

  5. This is another example of how our organization is helping local students with the help of generous donors! Calamity-writes : Which kind of bender would your oc be? Originally posted by solkorra. Read making the cut Chapter one, no download required! Not Another course website. Lifestyle there is a saying that everyone has at least one book in them, but very few people know how to go about getting that book published.

  6. I especially love the writing at the very top. (Click to embiggen.) coolest thing i've ever seen. (Except for a bunch of other cool stuff i've actually seen like a giant redwood, the hope diamond, etc. Private stuff soo tired i am gonna try to write something during the weekend started meow Cafe though and I plan to get back to my prompt list. The new addition to the school was purchased by The Write Stuff for Kids Inc.

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