Write about a book you ve read

write about a book you ve read

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Finally published in 1957, On the road — written in a style at once breathless and disjointed—spoke to the deep restlessness of young people chafing at mainstream Cold War culture. Also give these best autobiographies ever written a read. Tell me a riddle by tillie olsen via m, you might not have heard of Olsen, but her 1961 story collection. Tell me a riddle was one of the first to intimately chronicle the lives of working-class women. One entry is plainly titled i stand Here Ironing, and chronicles a mothers regrets with wisdom, bravery, and not an ounce of self-pity. Olsen opened a window onto a world not often seen before in American literature and influenced a generation of women writers, including Margaret Atwood, sandra cisneros, and Alice walker. Here are some great books for mothers and daughters to read together. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens via m, you mightve been assigned the tale of Pip the ambitious orphan in school.

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Today, 500,000 copies. Gatsby are sold each year. Youll never guess what, the Great Gatsby was originally supposed to be called. To kill a mockingbird by harper lee via m, lees famous novel, published in 1960, has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. For all that it exposes the racial injustice of a particular time and shredder place, it is timeless and universal, which makes it a good ella book to read. As Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Rick Bragg wrote. Readers Digest, many people see, to kill a mockingbird as a civil rights novel, but it transcends that issue. It is a novel about right and wrong, about kindness and meanness. Here are some more high school English books worth a re-read. On the road by jack kerouac via m, kerouacs agent spent more than four years trying to find a publisher for this turbo-charged, road-trip novel about the postwar beat generation.

View as slideshow, dawn Raffelmay 25, meghan Jonesmay. Seeing the movie doesnt count! If you skimmed these in school, take a closer, grownup look with our books editor Dawn Raffel. The Great Gatsby. Scott Fitzgerald via m, yes, there is resumes a film with leonardo dicaprio, but that doesnt get you off the hook from reading this perceptive, pitch-perfect novel. Set in the jazzy roaring Twenties, fitzgeralds tale of obsession, ambition, love, money, and a world that would vanish with the depression was to be his Big Hit—and he was surprised and disappointed when it sold poorly. When Fitzgerald died in 1940, he was an all but forgotten writer. Soon after, there was a revival of his work, and he is now viewed as one of the great American novelists.

write about a book you ve read

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What makes someone want to buy this? What words do they use in the ad? Could I sell something like this? How much profit do they make?" you gotta think about the process, not think about how nice this product would be writings when you have it because this is thinking like a consumer! When you start to gain this producer mindset and start to exposeyourselfinto thinking like a producer, new ideas will come toward you and you will start to be full of ideas of things you can do and naturally, you will start to see the world. To be different is part of the process of becoming rich. To be in the 1, you gotta be not like the 99! merlin, thanks for reading.

You have to think more 3d, instead, you could start a website online where you go through the same exercises you would as a personal trainer. There's nothing wrong with following your passion, but there has to be a marketable audience because without an audience (someone to sell to) you're not getting anywhere because they are what you're depending on to buy your product. This is a good example. #3 How to get into the right mindset to become rich. If all you're doing is consuming, you will never be rich. You have to switch your focus from thinking like a consumer to thinking like a producer. Instead of when you're watching tv and you see a product, don't think "I want this, i'm buying it". Think, "hmm, the packaging on this product?

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write about a book you ve read

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"Wealth is methodology a process, not an event.". The first" is why i love this book, mj demarco goes on a rant about why someone who goes to college and can't find a job has no one else to blame but himself. It's his fault for going to college and buying into this scam. He's honest and doesn't give a shit about what people will say about his book, and that's what I love. Anyway, what did this book teach me? #1 Money freedom, money allows you to have freedom, from the 9-5 job and to stop being a slave to society and trading your time for money. You can't have money depend on your time, you have to start building a machine that will give you money at some point to take over your job so you don't have to work.

Also, there are no shortcuts, creating wealth isn't some simple task, you have to take action and execute properly, many people think their business idea is worth millions of dollars but in reality, no one gives a shit about your business idea, the only turquoise thing. For example, there were taxi's before Uber, Uber is using the same idea as Taxi's but just executing differently, and making anyone be able to be a driver instead of following the conventional style where there's just a taxi driver etc. #2 How doing what you love, (finding your passion) could lead you to destruction. Let me explain, you are a young man who loves fitness and wants to be rich like mjDemarco but you don't want to do something you hate, so you become a personal trainer. 1 problem, personal trainers don't get paid shit, so you'll never be rich like this.

These were the pages where 24-year-old Lawrence durrell found his true voice its worth reading them just to see what that means. To see what can happen when it all comes together: Tender Is the night by f scott Fitzgerald. Of all the books I could recommend to show writing in full flight, i pick tender because it also comes with the unlikely extra shine of an underdog. The Great Gatsby is accepted to be fitzgeralds greatest work, but this is secretly his best, a connoisseurs choice. Which, according to bourdieu, makes us snobs.

Fastlane millionaire review "I saw a picture the other day of a student publicly protesting one of the government financial bailouts. She hoisted a large placard that read: 'i've got.0 gpa, 90,000 in debt and no job—where's my bailout?' Where's your bailout? Let me tell ya, walk into the bathroom, flip on the light-switch and look in the freaking mirror. I'm tired of sob stories from well-intended students who graduate from college with mountains of debt and can't get a job. You bought into the myth that college ensures a job. The fact is when you allow market forces to drive your vehicle you're likely to end on the street with a homemade poster proclaiming the value of your.0 gpa and the crushing burden of your six-figure debt.". This has to be my favourite" from this book oh, and this one.

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The scary thing about The Prince, no doubt responsible for its longevity 500 years and counting is how snugly it fits any level of human powerplay from an average Thursday night for a courting teen to that lonely, bitter man on the wheelie-bin committee. To get over the feeling that modernity is new: Satyricon by petronius Arbiter, few things can change ones perspective on human history like seeing how familiar and modern this work from Neros time. Better yet, its from a decadence just like ours, brimming with risky sex, pretentious food and self-concern. In case Brexit didnt show why pure democracy should be sparingly used: Extraordinary popular Delusions and the madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay. No margaret matter the strength of hero or the scale of glory we plan to write about, it never hurts to see how bizarre we can be en masse. Written in beautiful 19th-century prose, this book is a forensic jaunt through historys strangest crazes. For a smell of literary gasoline igniting: The Black bo ok plan by lawrence durrell, its one thing to hear of passion and midnight oil, another to see it spilt through a book.

write about a book you ve read

To skip the degree in psychology: Instant Analysis by david j lieberman. A characters struggles in a book will always train have their psychology. We dont need a phD in order to write them, we just see the symptoms around us and describe them as they appear. But theres an edge to be gained from looking deeper, if only to prevailing simplifications. Liebermans book tackles 100 common complexes (. Why do i do favours for people i dont even like? ) in a couple of pages each. Obviously well also see ourselves in there, but theres nothing like naked horror to get the day started. To discover what villains are born knowing: The Prince by niccolò machiavelli, originally an instruction manual for princes, this realpolitik masterwork teaches who should be trusted and how to destroy them if they cant.

and another: Distinction by pierre bourdieu, this is strictly speaking a sociology text, but dont be put off by its density, its diagrams or its tables: its a gold mine. Apparently, no judgment of taste is innocent, meaning that everyone is some kind of snob. Here, bourdieu literally maps the kinds of snob we are, from the food we serve our friends and the knick-knacks on our dressers to the way we value pregnant women and sunsets. Although its modelled on the French bourgeoisie, we can still see all our colleagues and neighbours if not ourselves inside. To worship at a shrine: The Chambers Dictionary, sure, all the words are online, but the.37kg of this physical dictionary are a stunning daily reminder of what were doing and what our toolbox looks like. Thinking isnt writing, ideas arent writing; only writing is writing and we should make it exist in reality, which means ultimately not on a screen. Words behave differently when they sit in fresh air, and the Chambers rounds them up on silky paper. If youre serious about this, carry the thing around, browse it at random. Its a living zoo for writers, and the battery life is second to none.

For balance, i throw in a couple on writing as well. To generate early inspiration and feel part of a club: daily rituals by mason Currey, writing can make you feel like a weirdo if you dont already but feeling like a weirdo is useless psychology for the job, hence this little book. Mason Currey has carefully compiled the daily habits and personal foibles of 161 great writers, artists, scientists and thinkers, including one who stood on his head to cure creative block. By the end of this book, our carpet-glue habit looks normal. To know how many rules were about to break: The Elements of Style by william Strunk Jr and eb white. The rules of modern writing have been around for a century, and this tiny volume is where they spent all that time. William Strunk Jr, professor of English at Cornell University, first printed the book privately for his students at the end of the first world war.

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Writing a novel from scratch, which is to say without training, was such an unexpected odyssey that I was prompted to recall the discoveries in my new book, release the bats as much to remind myself where the power lay as to pass the keys. I didnt read a lot before writing a novel, but I realise now that certain books helped set. Writing fiction means writing vibrant human characters, and luck is with us in terms of research, as we havent essentially changed since we came down from the trees. So the best grounding for a fiction writer must be one that explores human nature with gloves off. Theres nothing like literature from ancient Rome bemoaning consumer culture to show that nothing is new, or literature from Habsburg Italy telling how to hire nuns for sex from the mothers superior of convents to put Fifty Shades in perspective. Which salon is to say that if we havent figured ourselves out by now, theres still time: were not going anywhere. So my choice of books for writers is slanted towards those that expose our colours.

Write about a book you ve read
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Or even another book? We were so curious that we rounded up ten of our authors who have shared the true life inspiration for their book. Read on to find out.

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  1. Night my wife and i were talking about the book, the book only she and I have read. 20 books you really Should have read by now. As Pulitzer Prize- winnin g journalist Rick Bragg wrote in reader s Digest, many people see to kill. I didn t read a lot before writing a novel, but I realise now that certain. The rules of modern writing have been around for a century, and this tiny.

  2. So this book was something different for me in lot. These are the 12 best books on writing i ve ever read. And as a 21-time bestse lling author, i ve read plenty. Don t let them slip off your radar. A manifesto: write the book you want to read.

  3. I ve read dozens of books about the writing process. Some were great, some wer e not. But yesterday, i finished the best writing book i ve ever read. I read a hindi book after quite some time. I have read only Premchand s novels when it came to hindi literature.

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