Strong presentation

strong presentation

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Second Use my medical questionnaire. If you ask all the basics on this list, youll pretty much cover everything. Add that to the medication they have taken over the past 2 years, and you will get a nice picture of what they have. This will guide you to choose the right carrier based on their health. Have your smart phone handy as you can always use google. Third lead with a point of sale carrier. When you use a point Of Sale carrier, in most cases youll know if your client is approved before you leave their house.

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In most cases, we can give them first day coverage, even though they have multiple health issues. During this part of my visit presentation, i explain how I couldnt do this back when I was a hartford life insurance agent. By incorporating this into your final expense sales presentation, you will be able to separate yourself from the crowd. Field Underwriting The field underwriting aspect of a final expense sales presentation is always the most difficult to learn. It takes diligence and patience. Unfortunately, this never was one of my strong points either. Thankfully, if you use the steps that I have outlined below, you will likely deluxe be just fine first Always have the medication guides and knockout lists for each product, with you. When the client pulls out their medication list, make sure you know how the carrier views each medication. See cheat sheet below. Some changes may have occurred with underwriting for some carriers as this cheat sheet is from mid 2017.

This can be done by making a strong presentation added to an explanation of how you work as a broker. The trick is to not use the word broker and to let them see that you have access to a lot of competitive carriers. Instead of saying Im a broker say im part of a group of senior advocates. This alone, can makes you appear more attractive. Statements like this are outside the norm and our prospects are not used to hearing from business life insurance agents. Consider explaining to your prospect, how all the insurance companies are different and that none of them have the same rates or health underwriting criteria. During part of my presentation, i like to address how the insurance companies all have their little niches and ways that they beat other insurance companies. By finding out the prospects health issues, we can find the best carrier, based on their health.

strong presentation

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By bringing their name up during key points of the final expense sales presentation, youll find it easier to close more sales. In my experience the more times you bring up the beneficiary business during your presentation, the better. Hitting on that name 4 or 5 times can only help you when it comes time to closing the sale. The idea is to keep reminding the prospect of the need for the insurance during the entire presentation and when you are closing the sale. Separating yourself from the other insurance agents. Everyone makes their own unique presentation, therefore no two final expense presentations are the same. The trick is to make your presentation special by separating what youre doing from what all the other life insurance agents are saying and doing.

Also, make sure to keep that energy level up, right down to when youre closing the sale. Addressing the need, its important to address the need for the insurance, every time you make your final expense sales presentation. Most of our agents address the need by going over the 3 reasons that people speak with. This is the foundation of many final expense presentations, including the one that I make. An effective 3 reasons presentation will have your prospect telling you why they are interested in final expense life insurance. See the image below for exactly what I say during my 3 reasons introduction. During this part of the presentation, you will also find out who the person is that will end up taking care of your prospects burial or cremation and be stuck flipping for the bill. This persons name is extremely important to have. Once you have the name and relationship of the beneficiary, you will be able to use their name throughout your presentation.

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strong presentation

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Or you start bee to nod off! Then you start to take a closer look at him in order to find more imperfections. Yes, this is what naturally happens when you are belly to belly with a boring salesman. You are making a very solid and professional presentation. During your presentation you appear to enjoy what youre going as youre emitting lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

You have strong/positive body language and are using your hands to emphasize key points during the final expense sales presentation. Youre keeping your energy level up and making it easy for the prospect to follow you. When you speak and are nodding your head yes, the prospect is following you and nodding their head yes too. Everyone is in agreement because your energy is contagious. This is why its extremely important to use energy, excitement, and enthusiasm during every one of your presentations.

At this point, you can always talk a little bit about yourself or pull out your flip book and show them photos of your family. This is a great time to add in your personal commercial too. A personal commercial is simply a short introduction about yourself as to how and why you help seniors with final expense life insurance. Heres a great video on designing a personal intro/commercial that you can use to build rapport and break the ice. Excitement, energy, and enthusiasm during your final expense sales presentation.

I want you to consider something. If you are sitting on the couch with a salesman. He is attempting to sell you something that you are interested in but not sure if you really need. While he makes his sales presentation he is monotone. He is not using much energy and is difficult to follow. You are getting bored and starting to wonder how much longer this will take. Youre thinking to yourself, wow, this dude is really unprofessional.

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Until then, here is what I suggest. When you enter the prospects home, business simply look for things to talk about. The most obvious thing is photographs. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Most of our senior prospects, love to talk about their family. Especially if its someone they really love! Getting them to brag on their grandchildren is usually easy.

strong presentation

When I was first licensed, one of the things that concerned me was all this talk about doing a warm. Unfortunately, i was not the best at small talk. Building rapport though a warm up was not going to adventure be easy for. Thankfully, i was taught that with the right presentation, the warm up would happen naturally. This worked for me for years. Keep this in mind. When you make a strong and clear presentation, you will have less objections to overcome during your close. The prospects will sense that you are knowledgeable and this alone, will make it easy for you to build some natural rapport. As time goes by, it will be easier for you to build rapport just by being yourself.

during the final expense sales presentation. How to close the sale, overcoming objections during a final expense sales presentation. Doing a pos interview verses no interview. Making sure you dont forget something before you leave the prospects home. How to do a warm.

The hard part is for you to figure out how to put together a presentation that fits you and is easy to make. Hopefully, this blog article will give you the direction that you need. When it comes to making a final expense sales presentation, the last thing you want is to miss the target and end up looking week or ill informed. Follow these tips and youll do just fine. Heres what were real going over today. The importance of using energy and enthusiasm. When and how to address the need for the insurance.

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Upload your product content with all associated product links. Cliplister editors review and process your content and decide which channels are best suited to carry your product content. Optimally edited product content is displayed item-by-item, automatically. How to design and make a final Expense sales Presentation. There are a variety of ways that you can deliver an effective final expense sales presentation. Ive noticed that every. Imo teaches a different presentation style based on what they have seen work in the field. Theyre all pretty barbing effective, depending on the presenter or course.

Strong presentation
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