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resume terbaik english

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For the company slogan, there are several slogans that were used in the past: Garuda Indonesia, kini lebih baik (Now Better) Garuda Indonesia, permata nusantara (Jewel of The Archipelago) Garuda Indonesia, nusantara bangsa (The nation Archipelago) Garuda Indonesia, bangga bersamanya (Proud of you together) The. Head office edit garuda Indonesia has its head office at soekarnoHatta International Airport in Tangerang, banten, indonesia, 49 50 near Cengkareng and near jakarta. 51 The head office is the garuda Indonesia management building, located within the garuda Indonesia city center. The about 17,000-square-metre (180,000 sq ft) head office facility is on a 5-hectare (12-acre) plot of land. As of 2009, the head office houses the garuda management and about 1,000 employees from various units. Indonesian President Susilo bambang Yudhoyono opened the current Garuda head office in 2009. 52 The previous head office was located in the city center of jakarta, in Central jakarta. Privatization edit garuda Indonesia had announced that its subsidiary, gmf aeroAsia would be listed in Indonesia stock Exchange in 2008.

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This livery used from 1969 to 1985. In essay 1985, garuda underwent a complete branding makeover, changing its name into "Garuda Indonesia" along with its color scheme, logo and logotype. The new branding and livery was created by landor Associates who also created the new iconic bird logo: the garuda symbol with five bent lines forming its wings. 48 The color scheme was changed completely to a deep royal blue and aqua color, said to be inspired by the nature of Indonesia that was dominated by tropical greenery and seas when viewed from the air. The nationalistic red and white color scheme was no longer used. In 2009, a new branding initiative was launched through a new image, developed once again by brand consultant Landor Associates, a new spin of the idea called "nature's wing". 48 Garuda has since replaced the old logo painted on its fleet vertical stabilizer with this new "nature's wing" graphic of blue and aqua shades. The "nature's wing" graphic was inspired by the wings of tropical birds as well as the ripples of waves upon the water. The iconic bird symbol designed by landor 24 years earlier is still maintained as Garuda Indonesia's logo, with minor changes, while the logotype now uses the myriad Pro font. The new look is expected to be able to "Capture the Spirit of Friendliness and Professionalism of Indonesia". To celebrate its 62 years of service on, garuda Indonesia painted 2 of its boeing 737-800 aircraft with the retro liveries the airline used in the 1960s and 1970s.

44 Despite this, wibowo remains committed to continue the airline's international expansion, especially once market conditions, such as the weakening rupiah, improve. This was reaffirmed following the airline's announcement of its intent to order 90 new aircraft, from both boeing and Airbus, worth 20 billion at list prices at the 2015 Paris Air Show. 45 Corporate affairs and identity edit Presidents and ceos edit name From. Soetoto marsekal Iskandar soedarmo wiweko soepono ( id ) reyn Altin Johannes Lumenta soeparno wage mulyono soepandi robby Djohan Abdul Gani Indra setiawan Emirsyah Satar ( id ) Muhammad Arif Wibowo pahala nugraha mansury 47 2017 present Branding and livery edit The new Garuda Indonesia. During the early years, garuda color scheme was simple logotype "Indonesia airways" with blue lines and Indonesian flag. In the 1960s, garuda introduced a red and white color scheme in accordance to the Indonesian national identity and the Indonesian flag. Also in this period "Garuda Indonesian Airways" introduced a bird logo: a triangle stylized eagle-like garuda with red and white shield. The logo was painted on the vertical stabilizer of Garuda's fleet from 1961 to 1969. In the 1970s, a logotype with a unique font replaced the triangular eagle as Garuda's corporate identity, essay along with a new color scheme consisting of a red and orange "hockey stick" line running along the aircraft's windows and vertical stabilizer.

resume terbaik english

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36 New uniforms were introduced in 2010. 37 In 2010, the literature airline placed a firm order for six additional Airbus A330s at the thesis 2010 Farnborough Airshow, 38 while it opened a new hub at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, makassar, south Sulawesi to increase services to the eastern part of Indonesia on, its. At the paris Air Show 2011, garuda Indonesia announced a firm order of 25 Airbus A320s with an option for another. 40 All 25 Airbus A320s are to be used by their subsidiary, citilink 41 The airline's earlier order for the boeing 787, made in 2005, was changed once more, due to the delays in the 787's entry into service, and Garuda opted to sign for. The airline made its debut on the Indonesia stock Exchange in February 2011, 42 with the government of Indonesia retaining a majority of the shares. Pt trans Airways bought.9 percent stake of Garuda Indonesia unsold ipo shares from underwriters on The transaction was valued at.53 trillion (166.8 million)., the airline became one of seven airlines to earn the prestigious 5 star rating from skytrax, marking the end. 3 Following this announcement, Emirsyah Satar, who had been ceo for the past nine years, announced his resignation and retirement, and promoted former Citilink chief Arif Wibowo as his successor. Following Wibowo's promotion, he began a "Quick wins" cost-cutting drive to cut down on losses while boosting revenue through various measures, including cancelling unprofitable routes and increasing staff efficiency.

28 developments after lifting of ban (2010present) edit comparison between Garuda's current and previous livery. Aircraft on right is in the current livery; the other two are in the airline's previous livery. (2010) Following the lifting of the eu ban against Garuda Indonesia and three other Indonesian carriers, the airline announced in July 2009 an aggressive five-year expansion plan known as the quantum leap. 29 30 The plan involved an image overhaul, including changing the airline's livery, staff uniform and logo, and nearly doubling the size of its fleet from 62 to 116. 29 The quantum leap also plans to boost passenger annual numbers.6 million in the same period, up from.1 million at the time of program launch through increasing domestic and international destinations from 41. 29 route expansions included Amsterdam, with a stopover in Dubai, in 2010. As of 2014, garuda flies to Amsterdam non-stop five times a week using a boeing 777-300ER with continuing service to london, with the sixth weekly service to be added by the end of 2015. Other European and American cities such as Frankfurt, paris, rome, madrid and Los Angeles are being considered for reopening. As part of the quantum leap, the airline refreshed its logo and redesigned its iconic livery in 2009, more than 20 years after the last update.

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resume terbaik english

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15 However, by 2005, the airline had largely recovered from its economic problems, swapping its order for six boeing 777-200ERs for 10 boeing 787 -8 Dreamliners in 2005, 15 but its operational problems would remain. 16 Munir murder (200406) edit On 7 September 2004, the situation was leadership worsened when human rights activist Munir said Thalib, travelling to Amsterdam via singapore on Garuda Indonesia flight 974, was assassinated by off-duty pilot Pollycarpus Priyanto, who slipped arsenic into his drink some time. He was reported to have felt unwell several hours after departure from Singapore, during which time he was checked on by a doctor who happened to be on board, and moved to the business class cabin to sleep. He died approximately two hours before arrival into Amsterdam, sparking an international controversy, during which time Priyanto, along with ceo indra setiawan and deputy rohainil Aini, were all convicted of his murder, although it has been alleged it was under orders from the Indonesian State. The airline was found negligent in failing to perform an emergency landing and was ordered to pay compensation to munir's widow, 20 but failed to.

21 European ban (200709) edit In June 2007, the eu banned Garuda Indonesia, along with all other Indonesian airlines, from flying into any european countries, 22 23 following the crash of flight 200 earlier that year. With the support of the international aviation industry for all Indonesian airlines, the eu promised to review its ban and sent a team of experts, led by the european Commission 's Air Safety Administrator Federico Grandini to Indonesia to consider lifting the ban. 24 In August 2007, the transportation minister of Indonesia announced that the eu would lift its ban hopefully sometime in October, stating that the ban was attributed to communication breakdown between the two parties and that discussions were in progress. In november 2007, garuda announced its intention to fly to Amsterdam from jakarta and Denpasar with either Airbus A330 or boeing 777 aircraft if the eu lifted its ban, 25 however, on 28 november 2007, the eu stated that the safety reforms already undertaken were. 26 The ban was lifted in July 2009, 27 after which Garuda began evaluating service to Amsterdam and other European destinations, as well as the United States.

By 1984, nine of these were in service, supplemented by 8 douglas dc-10s, 24 douglas dc-9s, 45 fokker F-28s, and 6 boeing 747-200s. In 1985 under reyn Altin Johannes Lumenta, who had been ceo since 1984, garuda made the controversial decision to hire foreign brand consultants Landor Associates to create a new logo, livery and brand for the airline, a project that was regarded as expensive and unnecessary. However, this move was later on applauded as vital for the reputation and corporate identity of Garuda Indonesia as the national airline. Under Lumenta, garuda also increased the number of flight frequencies and destinations, reduced ticket prices and collaborated with Merpati nusantara airlines, introducing flexible tickets valid for both Indonesian airlines. 13 14 In 1990, the airline took delivery of the douglas md-11s, 11 which gradually replaced the dc-10 on flights to europe, and also allowed the airline to launch flights to los Angeles via honolulu. 5 During this time, the airline operated a fleet of the aforementioned md-11s, dc-10s, 747, airbus A300 and boeing 737-400, operating it to destinations throughout Asia, europe and North America.

In 1994, the airline took delivery of its first boeing 747-400 aircraft, which would go on to become a mainstay of its fleet until 2015, operating hajj flights and high density short-haul routes, while the delivery of the first Airbus A330-300 in 1996 allowed more. That same year, the airline placed an order for six boeing 777 aircraft, 15 due for delivery in 2000, however, a new series of challenges and difficulties was about to hit the airline. Difficult times (19962004) edit garuda Indonesia boeing 747-400 at gmf aeroAsia hangar 2 The late 1990s and early 2000s would prove to be a turbulent and difficult time for the airline; two separate accidents in fukuoka in 1996 and Medan in 1997 added to the. Largely due to historical links with the netherlands, garuda continued to operate flights to Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London after the initial cutbacks, although these flights were also discontinued on The situation was exacerbated by the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the. S., the bali bombings, the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, and the sars scare, all of which contributed to a downturn in air travel and Indonesian tourism. As a result, its earlier order for the boeing 777 was deferred, and so was an order for 18 boeing 737-800s to replace its ageing 737 Classic fleet.

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In 1965, the airline took delivery of its first douglas dc-8, and owl grew beyond the Asian market it was focused on, beginning scheduled flights to Amsterdam and Frankfurt via colombo, bombay, and Prague. Rome and Paris became the airline's third and fourth European destinations, with flights stopping in Bombay and cairo to refuel. Flights to the people's Republic of China began that same year, with service to canton via phnom Penh, the first Indonesian airline to. Continued growth (1970s90s) edit during the early 1970s, garuda Indonesia took delivery of both the McDonnell douglas dc-9 and fokker F28 Fellowship for its short and medium-haul operations. The airline went on to take delivery of 62 F28s, holding the title for the largest operator of the F28 in the world. In 1976, the airline took delivery of its first douglas dc-10, giving it the capability to carry more passengers and fly longer flights, and it replaced the dc-8 and Convair 990 fleet on flights within Asia and to europe. The dc-10 would become an integral part of the garuda fleet for the years to come, outlasting the newer McDonnell douglas md-11s, before the type was finally retired in 2002. Afterwards, in 1980, the airline took delivery of the first boeing 747-200, complementing the dc-10 on high-capacity or long-range routes. On, garuda became the launch customer of the airbus A300 B4-220ffcc, which was the first variant of the A300 capable of being operated with two pilots instead of three.

resume terbaik english

11 A second dc-3 entered service in 1949, which flew its first flight on December 28, essays carrying President sukarno on a flight from jakarta to yogyakarta, the first flight made under the name of "Garuda Indonesian Airways". 12 Throughout the revolution, garuda supported national interests, and often carried diplomats on its flights. The burmese government helped the airline significantly during its beginnings. The country's national airline, union of Burma airways, often chartered one of the airline's dc-3s for its own flights. Accordingly, upon Garuda's formal joint incorporation with klm on, the airline presented the burmese government with a dc-3 as a gift. By the early and mid 1950s, the airline operated a fleet of 38 aircraft, which included 22 dc-3s, 8 Catalina seaplanes, and 8 Convair 240s, and in 1956, the airline operated its first flight to mecca with Convair aircraft, carrying 40 Indonesian pilgrims. 11 The airline's fleet continued to grow throughout the 1960s, during which time the airline continued its expansion. It acquired three lockheed L-188 Electras in 1961, which supplemented its Convair cv-240 fleet, before taking delivery of its first jet aircraft, the convair 990 Coronado, in 1963, which allowed it to launch flights to hong Kong.

Airways, founded in 1928 during the dutch colonial period ; despite the similar name, it was not a subsidiary of the main Dutch carrier klm. 9 knilm was dissolved in 1947, and its assets were transferred to a new klm subsidiary, klm interinsulair Bedrijf (klm interinsular Service which was nationalized in December 1949. 9 The name "Garuda" was derived from a dutch poem written by a renowned javanese scholar and poet Raden Mas Noto soeroto ; " ik ben Garuda, vishnoe's vogel, die zijn vleugels uitslaat hoog boven uw eilanden which means "I'm Garuda, vishnu's Bird, that spreads. In Hindu mythology, garuda is the name of Lord Vishnu 's mount ( vahana ). The line was mentioned by sukarno during the dutchIndonesian round Table conference at The hague, from 23 August to 2 november 1949. In its current institutional form, garuda Indonesia had its beginnings in the Indonesian war of independence against the dutch in the late 1940s, when Garuda flew special transports with a douglas dc-3. The first aircraft was a dc-3 known as seulawah (Acehnese: "Gold mountain or from Arabic Shalawah, means praise/worship) and was purchased for a sum of 120,000 Malayan dollars, which was provided by the people of Aceh (notably local merchants). 10 The first commercial flight from Calcutta to rangoon was made on January 26, 1949, using a dc-3 dakota aircraft with the tail number of ri 001 and the name Indonesian e is generally recognized as the airline's founding date.

It operates regularly scheduled flights to a large number of destinations in southeast margaret Asia, east Asia, south Asia, the middle east, australia and Europe from its main hub in jakarta, soekarnoHatta International Airport, as well as services to australia and Asia from. Ngurah rai international Airport bali ) and a large number of domestic flights from both. Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport makassar ) and, kualanamu International Airport medan ). 4, at its peak in the late 1980s up to the mid-1990s, garuda operated an extensive network of flights all over the world, with regularly scheduled services. Los Angeles, paris, rome, fukuoka, adelaide, johannesburg, cairo and other cities in Europe, australia and Asia. 5 In the late 1990s and early 2000s, a series of financial and operational difficulties hit the airline hard, which included the in-flight murder of a human rights activist, 6 causing it to drastically cut back services. In 2009, the airline undertook a five-year modernization plan known as the quantum leap, which overhauled the airline's brand, livery, logo and uniforms, as well as newer, more modern aircraft and facilities and a renewed focus on international markets, and earning the airline awards such.

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Garuda Indonesia (officially, pt garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, idx : giaa ) is the national airline. Named after the holy bird. Garuda of, hinduism from the national emblem of Indonesia, the airline is headquartered. SoekarnoHatta International Airport in, tangerang, near, jakarta. As of 11 December 2014, the airline is rated as a 5-star airline by the international airline review firm skytrax. 3, the air carrier was previously known. Founded in 1947 as, klm interinsulair Bedrijf, the airline is now one of the world's leading airlines and the 20th member of the global thesis airline alliance.

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  4. Content article ideas business plan analysis worldcom and research paper write a description of your dream house business plan archive 3 day food intake essay jolibee case study objetivos resume. Contoh surat lamaran kerja bentuk makalah tentang komputer. Pdf pdf contoh resume terbaik. By the backseat Stylers on August 23rd, 2013 phonetics alphabet english. Marni pvc mary janes, 435, available at urlhttp english mlcoach outlet store online/url Marni, nyc, (212) 343-3912.content article ideas business plan analysis worldcom and research paper write a description of your dream house business plan archive 3 day food intake essay jolibee case study objetivos. In mid 2016, garuda announced its intention to resume service to mumbai from jakarta.

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