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Puts value and support to the participation of all in the decision-making process. Since sd is everyones concern, institutional structures should promote joint responsibility, unity and partnership among all. viable, sound and Broad-based Economic development. Requires working for development that is based on stable economy, where everyone equally shares the benefits of progress. Needs to maintain a number of people that can be supported by the limited capacity of our natural resources. Requires that we recognize the earth as a common heritage that belongs to all of us, and everyone should care for its capacity to support us and the future generations.

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This implies the strengthening of roles, relationships, and interactions between and among stakeholders in government, civil society, labor and business. Basic sectors have an important role to play in achieving equity and managing the ecosystems that sustain life. Primacy of developing Full Human Potential This putsman at the center of all development efforts. Holistic Science and Appropriate technology. Impliesdevelopment of appropriate technology to solve developmentproblems with due consideration to its impact to society ltural, moral and Spiritual Sensitivity. Considers theinherent strengths of local and indigenousknowledge, practices and beliefs, while respecting culturaldiversity, moral standards and the spiritual nature of theFilipino society. Self-determination at the nationallevel to pursue social and ecological concerns in itsgovernance to achieve human, environmental and nder Sensitivity. Recognize the importance ofcomplementary roles and empowerment of both women andmen in ace, order and National Unity. Makes sure that theright of everyone to a peaceful and secure existence isrespected. socialJustice, inter-and Intra-generational Equity and Spatial Equity. Equal distribution of resources to everyone (including future generations) and the provision of equal access to development opportunities and benefits to all.

It is basicallymade up of: - online the Principles of Unity - the Action Agenda - the Implementation Strategies. Philippine Agenda 21 advocates a fundamental shift in development thinkingand approach. It departs from traditional conceptual frameworks thatemphasize sector-based and macro concerns. Philippine Agenda 21 promotesharmony and achieves sustainability by emphasizing. a scale of intervention that is primarily area-based. The national and global policy environment builds upon and supports area-based initiatives. Integrated island development approaches where applicable. This recognizes the archipelagic character of the Philippines which includes many small island provinces. people and integrity of nature at the center of development initiatives.

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At the 1992 Earth Summit in rio de janeiro in Brazil, over 160 countries, including the Philippines, pledged to pursue sustainable development as embodied. This global agenda attempted to find the balance between development fueled by the rapid integration of nations into the world economy and the impacts of this process on the environment and society. As a demonstration of this commitment, the Philippine government under writing the ramos administration created the Philippine council for Sustainable development (pcsd). Subsequently the pcsd convened a nation-wide process to produce pa21. During the consultations, it became clear that PA21, to be truly sustainable, had to find a creative response to the opportunities and challenges of globalization. is the nations blueprint for sustainable development. In concreting the vision, it describes word a path for individuals, families, households and communities; an action plan for each ecosystem (coastal/marine, freshwater, upland, lowland, and urban and across ecosystems in consideration of the interaction of the various lifescapes and landscapes found therein. The path is grounded on respect and active advocacy for the empowerment of the various social groupings of society to manage the economy, critical resources, society and culture, politics and governance and in the arena of foreign relations. Philippine agenda 21 (PA 21 ) is our own nationalagenda for sustainable development.

It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the un, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment. It recognizes that sustainable development is primarily the responsibility of governments, and this will require national strategies, plans and policies. The efforts of nations need to be linked by international cooperation through such organizations as the United Nations. The broadest public participation, and the active involvement of the non-governmental organizations and other groups should also be encouraged. The objectives of, agenda 21 require substantial assistance for developing countries. They need this additional support to cover the incremental costs of actions to deal with global environmental problems, and to accelerate sustainable development. Money is also needed to allow international bodies to implement the recommendations.

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sustainable development is development that meets the needsof the present without compromising the ability of futuregenerations to meet their own needs. Development that meets the need of the present withoutcompromising the ability of the future generation to meet theirown needs. (Brundtland, 1987) It is the harmonious integration of a sound and viableeconomy ; responsible governance ; social cohesion; andecological integrity to ensure that development is a life-sustaining process. Economic development Environment Protection Social Reform peoples Empowerment. spiritual development unless we see and explicitly acknowledge the spiritual in nature, human beings and society in our framework of development, we can never do justice to the strong sense. Philippine spirituality that permeates, philippine, agenda.


Human development existing measures of human development, such as the human development Index (hdi which are limited to health, education and income, indicate some improvement over time. This improvement has in part been achieved through greater empowerment of the populace. social and cultural development promoting resource access and upholding property rights Promoting environmental awareness, inculcating environment ethics and supporting environment management action political devel0pment empowering the people maintaining peace and order economic development maintaining a sustainable population maintaining productivity and profitability of environment and natural. ecological development adopting environmental management weapons in policy and decision making Protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. Agenda 21 is an action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was an outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and development(unced) held in rio de janeiro, brazil, in 1992.

The United Nations development Program (undp) reminds us that, if we are not careful, economic growth can lead to jobless, ruthless, voiceless, rootless, and futureless growth. The growing awareness that economic growth is a means, not an end in itself, has influenced most of the countries of the world today to pine for another development, one that retains the useful features of capitalism without falling prey to its excesses (emphasis added). It is apt to note at this point what the pa21 vision of this other development means both for civil society and the government: Philippine, agenda 21 envisions a better quality of life for all through the development of a just, moral, creative, spiritual, economically. The short-lived Estrada Administration re-affirmed PA21 as the countrys framework for sustainable development and issued Memorandum Order 47, which directs all local government units to localize pa21 through sustainable integrated area development. Siad is now also recognized as a potent framework for poverty eradication.

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I do not want Filipinos to succumb to a materialistic consumerist lifestyle. I do not wish to see our world-renowned Filipino spirituality and revelation social sensitivity to be sacrificed at the altar of the economic advancement (emphasis added). Cleaning up as we grow in the realm of culture to me means to harness Filipino creativity, values, talents and skills to create a new model of development, one that is not only democratic, environmentally friendly and cost-effective, but also celebrates the vibrancy of our. This, after all, is what being maka-diyos, maka-tao, maka-kalikasan, and maka-bayan mean in real terms. After elaborate and detailed discussions with civil society, the government is categorical, at least in PA21, in its rejection of the excesses of capitalism that leads to undesirable forms of growth. This opens the possibility that the Philippines may actually succeed in modeling a new form of development, one closer to the ideals of deep sustainable development, and one that tames and manages the forces of globalization to be consistent with the countrys vision and purposes. In the words of President Ramos: Economic growth, unleashed by capitalism, has also been presentation accompanied by other forms, less desirable forms, of growth.

philippine agenda 21 summary

It also agrees with civil society interior that the Philippines rejects a grow now, pay later approach. Instead, in the words of President Ramos: In my State of the nation address last 22nd of July 1996, i mentioned that we do not intend to Grow now and clean up later. But do not misunderstand. Given the many demands of development, this cleaning up not only refers to the economy and the environment. It also means that we will clean up all other facets. Philippine life, including our politics and our culture. When I say, we clean up in terms of our culture, we intend, for example, to grow and develop with our spirituality and sterling Filipino values Intact.

commitments the, philippine government made at the earth Summit in rio. The number 21 means twenty first ( 21 st) century. Ramos captures the significance of PA21 in his September 26, 1996 speech launching PA21. Among others the President characterized PA21 as a unique chapter in the history of our nation and as one of the most consultative policy documents produced in the history of our nation. Therefore, the President called upon the future leadership to take pa21 to heart as expressing a basic desire and deep mandate for sustainable development among the vast majority of Filipinos. With this document, the, philippine government, with prodding from civil society, is making it clear that it does not intend to pursue a trickle down approach to development.

Even those who questioned apsuds stance in apec did not oppose pa21; rather they questioned the sincerity of government in carrying out the promises they made to have the Individual Action Plan (IAP) governed by pa21. In addition, cadi has book given lectures and seminars on PA21 for over 10,000 people, mostly from civil society, in the last one-and-a-half years. There was not a single dissenting voice on the Principles of Unity of PA21. Instead they affirmed the framework, principles, parameters, and strategies of PA21 which were drafted by the representatives of more than 300 civil society organizations (CSO) all over the Philippines. Process-wise, pa21s Principles of Unity (POU) is the consensus product of government and numerous organizations within civil society. The governments version of the pou was reconciled with civil societys version of the pou. And together, civil society and government, in different parts of the Philippines, crafted the final pou. All told, more than 20 regional consultations and 3 national consultations were convened to discuss PA21.

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The importance of, philippine, agenda 21 (PA21) stems from two things: panoramic and encompassing substance and unusual consensus process. In PA21 we have a document of extraordinary importance, one that resonates with the concerns and aspirations of the broadest sectors of society. Substance-wise, pa21, simply put, is literature the countrys highest framework for development. Memorandum Order 399, dated 26 September 1996, directs all government agencies to review their policies, plans and programs and to realign these with PA21. The plans to be revised include Philippines 2000 and its component frameworks, policies, and programs. We will demonstrate this fact together with the supreme importance of PA21 in greater detail below. PA21 is also, arguably, the highest policy framework for civil society. In 1996 the leaders of more than 5000 organizations under the informal banner of the Asia pacific Sustainable development Initiatives (apsud) rallied around PA21 as their framework for negotiations with government on apec.

Philippine agenda 21 summary
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  1. Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. Philippines, the plan is philippines Agenda 21 (PA21).

  2. Philippine, government is a signatory to the Global Program of Action for Sustainable development (. Ramos issued Memorandum Order. 288 entitled directing the formulation of the. Philippine s, agenda 21 and Activating its Formulation Process. Philippine Agenda 21BeginningsAt the 1992 Earth Summit in rio de janeiro in Brazil, over 160 countries, including the. Philippines, pledged to pursue sustainable development as embodied.

  3. View Notes, summary -of-Important-Provision-of-, philippine, agenda - 21 from engineerin 1431 at Columban College - olongapo city. Summary and Outline of Important Provision. Philippine Agenda 21, short History On 22 December 1989, the general Assembly of the United Nations (UN) adopted a resolution calling for a un conference. Philippine agenda 21, atienza, alysia belicano, roxanne calamagohoy, agnes. Agenda 21, was the global plan adopted by the United Nations Conference on Environment and development on Here is the conference statement, press release and evaluation, two years later.

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