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To know that, we must know something about his character as well, for while temperament determines how one reacts, character determines both the kinds of persons, events, and situations he reacts to and the general content of his reaction. Character, unlike temperament, is a social product. It is formed primarily by ones early experiences, though it can be changed to some extent by new insights and new experiences. Fromms conception of character differs from the Freudian conceptions. Freud developed a penetrating theory of character as a system of strivings which underlie, but are not identical with, behavior. He appreciated the decisive point, which is that character traits underlie behavior and give behavior its real meaning. He also understood that the basic entity in character is not the single trait but the total character organization or orientation from which the single traits follow.

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In this sense, lord Byron succeeds in capturing the truth in human nature and was left with a poem that has been enjoyed through the ages. For many years, personality development has puzzled man. Why do people do what they do? Where does personality come from and how does it grow? There are some well-known theories that explain where personality comes from, and why we act the way. There are two very famous theories which were developed by great psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Erich Fromm. Fromms theory of character starts with a definition of personality, which is the totality of inherited and acquired psychic qualities which are characteristic of one individual and which make the individual unique. In the main, inherited or constitutional qualities are synonymous with temperament, and acquired qualities are synonymous with character. Following Hippocrates, Fromm distinguishes four temperaments: choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic. If we know a mans temperament we can say in general how he will react, but we cannot say what he will react.

It is a direct plea to an audience of readers to discern the truth of his words and statements on life in his mixture of sexual and adventure themes. The literal and underlying meaning of? Are, in instances, both clearly stated and ambiguously interchanged. S preoccupation is with all things romantic, he best writes of politics, religion, metaphysics, history, and nature. He uses a plethora of themes to reiterate his main theme of Nature. The best summary of the themes of? Is found at the end of Canto vii? Love tempest - travel war? Byron wrote a poem with deep literal meaning in the form of a light-hearted, adventuresome, sex-laden tale to attract an audience whose ignorance overrode their ability to grasp the severity of the problems in their lives.

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Public tastes were controlled by groups such as the society for Suppression. Vice, and many writers and publishers feared prosecution for immoral material. In fact the first two cantos of? Were in jeopardy of being edited out of the poem because of their content. In this atmosphere, byron wrote his most risqu? Poems in response to and possibly because of the increasing conservatism.?Don juan? Is a satire of the political and social problems during the romantic Age and clearly is a release from the prudish, censored works of the time.

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Through his main character, lord Byron explains the confusion and loss of reputation in his life brought on by love affairs (Boyd 112). He also condemns the hypocrisy of society? S ideals of love and especially marriage. In accordance with his beliefs on these ideals, byron proceeds to make juan out to be a hero in every respect of his life except in his relations with women, giving the listener a peephole in which Byron is revealing a bit of himself. Byron explains or excuses the behavior in his own life by writing about Don juan.

This is how the human being is evolved whom the world ignorantly dubs a don yoga juan. Hypocrisy, violence, and vicious self-indulgence in individuals combine with an unnatural civilization to ruin the pristine beauty and purity of the human heart? In most literature containing references to don juan he is portrayed as deceitful and immoral, but in Byron? He is shown to be an innocent, beautiful, and charming young man whose way with women leads to many sticky situations. The ingenuity of this poem is the lapses in the story in which Lord writing Byron has interjected his own reflections on the subject. In this way byron both separates himself from juan and simply displays their similarities. In a period of literary history when conservatism ruled.

Along with the normal word-order, and yet the rhythms of everyday speech are also introduced and meshed with all of the intricate stanza work. This produces a frantic energy in the poem that alleviates the potency of the story. The way that Lord Byron fits form to subject in? Adds immensely to the enjoyment of the poem an many levels.?Don juan? Is told from the perspective of the main character, don juan.

He is a classic? Byronic hero?, characterized by his moods passion, and dark sexual allure (Keith 87).?Don juan? Is considered by most to be autobiographical, though none of the love scenes are strictly. Byron approaches many subjects through Don juan? S exploits and handles them all? Playfully on the surface, but with an underlying seriousness?

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Amazing tone and tremendous energy. This tone and the energy also come mini from Byron? S complete understanding of the spoken language (Bottrall 108). In his poetry, especially in? Juan?, lord Byron demonstrates the rhythmic ideals of colloquial English through the devices he employs? The huddled speed of question and answer, parenthesis, court gossip, innuendo, thrust, and repartee, is breath-taking? Byron sticks with a common abababcc rhyme scheme throughout?

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This poem is considered Lord Byron? S (a.k.a george gordon) masterpiece and placed Byron on the list of one of the great poets of the romantic Period. S style is different of that nehru of any other nineteenth century poets. Juan?, byron evolves a form that best fits his subject. The style used in? Is personal and subjective, but the themes are universal (Boyd 109). Byron uses language that expresses a full range of emotions which lends to?

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