Mixed farming business plan

mixed farming business plan

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Housing and goat farm design are of various types according to the production type and breed. Feeding your goats Well goat feed management is also very essential for commercial goat farming business. Goats are not carnivorous animal. They dont eat other animals. Usually goats prefer to eat grasses, plants, shrubs, weeds and herbs. Besides those feeds, goat also need energy, portion, vitamins, fiber and water for proper growth and for making better profits from this business. It will be better if you have sufficient knowledge about what to feed goats. Care management Always try to take good care of your goats.

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However, choosing the right breeds for commercial goat farming will ensure high profit. Choose proper breed according to your desired production and geographical location. You can also visit some of future your nearest goat farm or livestock training center to learn more about the suitable goat breeds in your area. Make shelter or housing for your goats housing is an important factor for profitable goat farming business. Small scale farmer generally keep their goats with their other livestock animals. But for commercial production, a good quality goat housing system is highly recommended for better production. A good house statement not only give shelter and protects the goats from predators but also prevent them from various types of goat diseases. Always keep the house neat, clean and dry. Make proper ventilation and drainage system inside the house. Also ensure the availability of sufficient fresh air and light inside the house.

Dwarf goats are of different colors like black, chocolate, gold, color, etc. Wide variety of colors is a major factor that makes them so popular. Dairy goats are raised mainly for commercial milk production or for family milk consumption. They can also be displayed at trade shows. According to the association of dairy goats Nubians, lamanchas, Alper, Oberhasli, saanen and Togenburgs are the world famous business dairy goat breed. Cashmere goats are popular for wool production. Mountain goats are blunt, square looking covered with soft white, woolly, dense undercoat. Boer goats originated in south Africa and suitable for highly meat production. Some studies say that boer goats are very expensive and demand exceeds supply which attracts investors.

mixed farming business plan

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Good transportation and veterinary service. A market near the farm land so that you can sell your products easily and buy necessary commodities. Choose goat write Breeds, there are different types of goat breeds available around the world for rearing in the goat farm like pygmy goats, dwarf goats of Nigeria, cashmere goats, Black bengal goat, mountain goats, boer goats etc. Some of the available goat breeds are famous for tasty and nutritious meat and some breeds are famous for milk production. Some Indian goats are also highly meat and milk productive. Pygmy goats originated in Africa. They literature are good as pets and mainly used in the program and goat show. A lot of people rear them as pet instead of meat and milk production. Nigerian dwarf goats and pygmy goats are of the same origin.

Select a very good Farm Area. Always try to select a suitable farm land/area for your business that has all required facilities for successful goat farming business. The necessary facilities for goat farming business includes the followings. Great source of fresh and clean water supply. Availability of all types of equipment. Easily available food source. Fertile field for crop, grasses and other green plant production. Feeding green food keeps the animal healthy, productive and reduces feeding costs. Availability of full time labor.

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mixed farming business plan

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You can use the goats manure as a high quality natural fertilizer in crop field. This will directly help to maximize crop production. As goat farming business is very profitable, so many govt. Banks are providing loans for starting this business. This business require less labor and you can easily use your family labor for raising analysis goats. Commercial goat farming business is a great source of employment and income.

So unemployed educated people can easily create a great employment and income source through raising goats commercially. Along with the above advantages, there are also many advantages of raising goats commercially. How to Start goat Farming Business. For starting and maintaining a profitable and successful business, you must have to make a proper and effective goat farming business plan and go according to the plan. Here we are shortly describing the necessary steps for starting goat farming business.

And the roi (return of investment) ratio is very good. Goats are generally smaller in size but reach slaughter age faster. Goats are called the foster mother of human. Because their milk is considered as the best milk for human consumption than any other species of livestock animals milk. And their milk is low cost, nutritious, wholesome and easily digestible. All aged people from child to old one can easily digest goats milk.

Goat milk also has lesser allergic problems. And used as an ayurvedic medicine for the people who are ailing with diabetes, asthma, cough etc. Goat milk is suitable for preparing various types of milk products. And goat meat has a huge demand and high price in the local and international markets. Even you can consider exporting your products to the foreign countries for more profits. Goats can be milked as often as required. This also prevent refrigeration costs and milk storage problems.

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There is no need of a online high end housing system for goats. Even they can easily share their living place with their owners or his/her other livestock animals. Goats are very suitable for mixed farming with other domestic animals. Diseases are less in goats than other domestic animals. Goats are easily available, comparatively cheaper in price, easy to maintain and always have a friendly disposition. They are capable of adopting themselves with almost all types of agro climatic environments or conditions. They can tolerate high and low temperature throughout the world and live happily. They also can tolerate hot climate more than other animals. According to the investment per unit they produce more than other domestic animals.

mixed farming business plan

Risks are less for goat farming (even in drought prone areas) than any other statement livestock farming business. Both male and female goats have almost equal value/price in the market. No religious taboo against goat farming and meat consumption. Goat meat and milk are cholesterol free and easily digestible. Goat milk is used for making various types of foods and its very easy to digest than milk of cows. Commercial goat farming business has created a potential way of employment for unemployed people. Goats are multi purpose animal. They can produce milk, meat, skin, fiber and manure at the same time.

These simple tasks do not require much equipment, capital, labor or hard work. The main advantages of starting goat farming business are described below. Starting a goat farming business requires low initial investment or capital. Goats dont require huge area for housing because their body size is comparatively smaller than other livestock animals. Usually goats are very friendly in nature and very lovable. Goats are good breeders and they reach sexual maturity within their 7-12 months of age and give birth of kids within a short time. And some goat breed produce numerous kids per kidding.

You can produce a wide variety of products from goats, such as milk, meat, fiber, manure etc. Goats milk is used for producing full cream goat powder, skimmed word goat milk powder, goat butter, goat milk cream, fresh goat milk etc. Goat meat is a great source of consumable meat which is very testy, nutritious and healthy. And goats wool is being used in many purposes and skin of goat plays a vital role in leather industry. However, here we are describing more about the advantages of goat farming business and the required steps for starting a lucrative business. There are many advantages of goat farming business. You can also raise goats along with your other livestock animals. Goats have been considered as poor mans cow (mini cow) for the poor people because of its immense contribution in rural economy and national income. Goat products like milk and meat is not only nutritious and easily digestible food but also a great source of regular income for the poor, landless and marginal farmers.

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Goat farming is not a new enterprise. Rearing goats is a profitable business. Goat has been rearing since the time immemorial. Generally goat farming means rearing goats for the purpose of harvesting milk, meat and fiber. At reviews present, goat farming has become a profitable business and it requires a very low investment because of its multi-functional utility. Commercial goat farming business is contributing greatly to the economy and nutrition of a country. Goats are multi-functional animals.

Mixed farming business plan
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  2. Saqa qual id: qualification title: 48977 : National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems : originator: sgb primary Agriculture : primary or delegated quality assurance. Goat farming is not a new enterprise. Rearing goats is a profitable business. Goat has been rearing since the time immemorial. Generally goat farming means rearing.

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