Gender inequality in sports essay

gender inequality in sports essay

What causes, gender Inequality?

As early as infancy, we learn to adjust to the specific gender roles, and as we grow, they become more apparent, more important to our roles in society (norms). There is a lot of sexual discrimination against women and because of this discrimination, social mobility has been difficult, but it is certainly changing to benefit women. However, women are still belittled in society, men are still dominant. I think that this issue is very important, not only for women, but for everyone. This is a problem that affects everyone! People need to acknowledge the fact that women are far more educated, stronger, and actively involved in the world now, opposed to half a century ago. I am personally affected by gender inequality on a daily basis from unequal pay in workplace to consumer buying in society. I should not feel like i should have to carry out male characteristics on a job interview to get higher pay or even take my father with me to the car dealer to prevent from being over charged.

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The trend has been for the girls to be treated progressively better while the boys advantage has slipped away. However gender inequality does still exist in schools to differing degrees, even if the offended party has changed. Interestingly enough, against the hypothesis, the oldest group we looked at were not concerned over gender inequalities, maybe this something we can learn from and focus our attention on some bigger issues. Also, molly weinburghs research found gender to be the least predictive of a students scholastic success. On a final note, it is important to keep in mind that this is the schools we have looked at, the glass ceiling of the work place still must be addressed. Free work discrimination and Gender Inequality Essay. Since the early 1900's women have been fighting against the suppression of gender inequality, whether at home or in the workplace. Women have come a long way, of course, and are definitely fighting to win the battle of equality, but industry gender roles are very important in our society. They have been acquired in life from birth and society continues to uphold these gender roles. Male gender treatment is very different from women. This issue has become very important to me, as a woman.

After great amount of reflection, there was an agreement that men were given a better opportunity for success. These people struggled to decide not because they could not remember, but because they never gave gender inequality too much thought. Some responses to the questions designed to inspire thought and sentiments were good examples of the overall feeling on gender inequalities. For example, studies today seem to draw our focus to minor issues (mountains out of mole hills) and gender was the inequality of least concern back when I was in school. As for the two who did not feel there overall educational experience was fair, both graduated in 1976, both were female, but one felt the males got the clear advantage, the other felt the females won the war for favoritism. The silent Gender Gap, offers the best explanation for this conflict of opinions. The Education week article makes the claim that when looking at African-American students the gender gap actually favored the females as early as 1970. The women who said pdf there schooling was unfairly tilted toward males was from the predominantly white central Pennsylvania region, while the lady saying girls had the upper hand came from a school in Maryland which had an equal if not greater number of African-American students. When looking at the results, we see that the hypothesis was overall correct.

gender inequality in sports essay

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However, the inequalities became evident in later questions that were designed to bring out impressions about certain situations and asked for additional comments. Of the twenty-four respondents graduating from 1968 to 1979, twenty-two claimed overall equality in their education, of these, nine indicated some minor tendencies margaret toward gender biased policies in teachers classrooms. All but one of these nine said the males had received some form of favoritism regardless of their own gender. The recent graduate group results showed opposite results. Of the eighteen people who graduated since 1995, all claimed overall equality (a sign of progress however all but two claimed that the girls were given advantages over the males (a sign of too much progress). The two who did not claim female benefits felt their education was equal. The interesting age group was the elders. They were hesitant to respond to my questions.

I expected to find that the further back through time i looked, the more evidence i would find of there being a general sentiment toward the belief that males were favored in the classroom. This favoritism i expected to be greater and have a larger impact the further back through time i went with my interviews. However, i expected that in more recent times the pendulum of educational inequalities would have swung hard the other way, giving the females a clear advantage. In the end I was right, to an extent. I conducted interviews with or received surveys back from forty-eight people ranging in age, background, and geographic region of where they attended high school. Six of these people graduated high school between 19, twenty-four graduated between 19, and the remaining eighteen people have recently graduated since 1995. They represent three generations education in the public schools. When asked how they felt overall about the equality of their education based on gender, only two people responded that they felt there had not been fair treatment between the sexes, these two will be discussed in-depth later. Every respondent said that they had not changed the beliefs they held during school.

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gender inequality in sports essay

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They are the primary reason that the new stadium is erected or the new facilities have been designed to accommodate. These institutions only contribute to the sense of inequality among the sexes in their blatant separation lined and mismatched treatment of the sports teams of men an women. The crowds often flock to the mens games, while only the diehard fans come to watch the womens teams hard at work. All of this is only enhanced by the lack of any professional sports leagues in which women may participate and form careers. The idea that women cannot handle the world of sports is ridiculous because general assumptions of that magnitude cannot be accurately made by anyone. Women are as persuasive capable of playing athletics in the respected arena as any man is and it is time that action be taken to observe the truth of this statement. Gender equality is a broad topic with many different angles that can be examined.

For my part in this project I chose to research the changing perspective on gender inequalities in schools. I wanted to find out what people really felt about the fairness of their education, and whether they really felt they had been shortchanged in the learning process because of their sex. My results were generally what I had expected to find, though there were a few interesting findings along the way. I used an article from Education week entitled, The silent Gender Gap, An empirical research project conducted by molly weinburgh of georgia state University, and I conducted my own research by using surveys and interviewing people about what they remember from their days in the. I wanted to answer the question as to whether or not gender really played a role in the equality of peoples education.

Why should society tell her that she may not participate because it is not a sport designed for her? Since all women do not possess this assumed quality of innate frailty any more than all men possess the ability to fix cars and belch, they should not be treated as if they. Since professional sports teams were first developed years ago, women have not received their share of recognition for athletic ability by the establishment of leagues and teams within which they may play professionally. What makes a man playing a sport more interesting to watch than a woman playing the same game? Perhaps it is due to the fact that womens sports arent as popular at the high school and collegiate levels as the mens sports tend.

For this reason, the owners and developers of professional sports leagues may not feel that there is a need for these types of leagues. At the same time, a sort of circular idea emerges in that it could also be the case that these sports are not as popular at the high school level simply because teams do not exist at a professional level for female athletes to use. For example, many spectators watch the football, baseball, and basketball games eagerly in high school because they know that the possibility exists that the strongest athletes may be talented enough to go on to compete at the higher levels. On the other hand, most women do not have this opportunity to go on to achieve such glorious recognition, so why should the spectators be as interested in their playing of a mere game in any sport? Growing up in the American society, young girls and women are not given the same opportunities as their male counterparts in the ways of athletic competition and sports in general. From the time children begin to walk and run, our culture has led us to point the little boys in the direction of various athletic activities, while sending the little girls off to play school and house. This has, over time, been enlarged to be the general idea where sports are concerned. At the scholastic levels of competition, high school and college alike, while teams have been created for women, the best resources and ideas are usually reserved for the players on the mens teams.

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With few exceptions, women have proven that they really are no different than men when it comes to their abilities to participate in activities that used to be reserved for the masculine and the strong as opposed to the feminine and the weak. Only recently have activities, such as football, begun to present themselves as attractive sports for young girls wishing to participate in something athletic. Previously, the participation of the weaker sex in such a harsh game has been discouraged for a variety of reasons. Some site the frailty of women as the exclusion factor, relying on the assumption that all members of the female sex possess this inhibiting characteristic This idea can be proven wrong by any young girl who has had to grow up surrounded either. In this environment, especially, she has been forced to identify with those around her by taking part in the same activities and play as roughly as any one of the guys do with each other. She has demonstrated that she does not let her sex dictate who she is or who she wants. It is in part for this reason, perhaps, that girls have started to come out of their traditional roles as demure females and desire to step onto the playing fields with those with whom they may have grown. Where teams do not exist specifically for women in some sports, some have taken it upon themselves to try and play with the guys. These girls tend to find opposition to this type of change within their schools and communities.


gender inequality in sports essay

American society has chosen not to offer the same opportunities to its women as biography it traditionally has to its men. For centuries, it seems, it has generally been accepted that sports and other activities relying upon physical performance have been left for the men to participate in and enjoy. The women were generally left with the traditional duties of managing the household for their amusement. Just as many things have come to be drastically altered over the course of the last century or so, so has this old fashioned idea. Women have shown an interest of their own when it comes to sports. They have demonstrated that they, too, want to be able to prove their physical ability and talent through competition in a variety of athletic activities. While most of these activities are adapted versions of the same sports that were originally played by the men, women have shown that they can play them just as hard and as dirty against each other as the men have been doing for as long. They have shown that they can be conditioned and up to the physical challenge that most sports demand, despite their being female and traditionally seen as delicate creatures by society.

is interesting how different each team tends to be treated. At High school football games, for example, the students and faculty show up in record numbers to prove their loyalty to the team and to the school itself. This football team is always comprised of men who use the sport to demonstrate their masculinity through the smashing and bashing of each others skulls. Occasionally, one may find a select number of women who had to fight their way onto the team only to sit on the sidelines and watch. It is quite probable that such girls are only able to get onto the teams on the basis that most schools simply do not have a football team dedicated solely to the women football athletes. This lack of recognition for female athletes only becomes more frequent as one progresses through the levels of competition in virtually any sport. The games of womens teams, where they do exist, tend to draw only limited crowds at most levels of competition, scholastic or otherwise. In the realm of athletic activities, the.

While much of that can be accounted for by men and women doing different work, there is evidence to show that women are still being paid less for the same work in many areas. I think the Equal pay act is a good idea for closing in the pay gap it is successful in many cases. However, overall gender inequality still exists and the pay gap is still quite high, therefore i dont think the equal pay act has done a great job in eliminating gender inequality. Another way in which the government has tried to get rid of gender inequality was by introducing the sex Discrimination Act this act makes it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds thesis of a persons gender. Sex discrimination is not allowed in employment, education, advertising or when providing: housing, goods, services or facilities. The sex discrimination act applies to two kinds of discrimination. Gender In Sports Essay, research Paper. Gender in Sports, december 4, 1996, in high schools and junior high schools across the country the importance of interscholastic sports competitions is strongly demonstrated to the students.

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Gender Inequality, question - critically examine the success of recent government measures to reduce gender inequality. The government has tried to eliminate gender inequality for a very long time, a great example of this is the Equal pay act, this was introduced by the government in 1970 and came into effect in 1975, the purpose of this act is to get. There is currently a 17 gap paper between men and womens pay for full time work in the uk with a woman earning on average 83p for every 1 a man earns. And for part time workers there is a 38 gap with women earning on average 62p per hour or every 1 a man earns. The equal pay act has been successful in many cases, for example when the act was first introduced it had an immediate impact. When passed in 1970 the gender pay gap was 37 but by the time it came into effect in 1975, the gap was down. However the pay gap has not been eliminated currently the gap in earnings.

Gender inequality in sports essay
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  4. Gender Inequality in the labor Force. Gender Inequality in Egypt Essay. 985 words - 4 pages Many people define gender as sex. Gender is defined as the social expression of the basic. Furthermore, gender discrimination does not only affect women's aspiration in the workforce, but also leads to inequality in sports. Sports essay quellenangabe bei dissertation defense write an essay about our.

  5. Gender, inequality in, education. In the early years sports were played by the men, and the women were to sit on the sidelines and watch. Below is an essay on gender, inequality " from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper. Gender, inequality, in, the Criminal. Gender, inequality, in, the labour Force, essay, research Paper.

  6. Institutions only contribute to the sense of inequality among the sexes. However gender inequality does still exist in schools to differing degrees, even if the offended. Gender, in, sports, essay, research Paper December. Essay on WomeninSports - m Insports more often people do not acknowledge. Free essays on, gender, inequality, in, sports.

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