Do you have a lot of homework

do you have a lot of homework

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Your back should nothurt just from doing homework. Oh, and it's their, not there! Homework is good for students as it makes writing habit in students which is good for development of a child. Homework is good but till the limit. It should be given in a proper manner. 36 percent of kids get stressed about homework. If you want more info, go. It has alot of facts about kids having stress over homework and other things.

Do our kids have too much homework?

It depends on essay whether they are doing it or goofing off. Doing thework properly helps you to learn better and more easily. Back then, most kids went to work as soon as they were oldenough to do anything. Even 6-10 year-old's worked on the farm orin a factory. Its not always bad, its just not fun because you cant do anything else when you are doing. Because there are too many distractions and the only way a kid will do their homework is if it is fun and something they enjoy, so speak to the teacher and introduce some online tutorials or something like that. Help, yes, but only if they really need it - do itfor them, absolutely not! See the related question for more help. If your back hurts, blame the way you sit, not your work! Trysitting upright, in a good chair, and having beginning your computer keyboardor paper at the right height on your desk.

School is your job, so it's best to justbuckle down online and get it over with. Yes they are smarter then the kids that don't do homework because if you don't do your homework your get into trouble. So do your homework! Yes there is actually. I can assist you to a site hat can help with your homework thank you. Kids do homework based on their knowledge, their experience from class, and the notes they take. I celebrate after completing a lot of homework by watching tvshows, reading books, doing some unique and different things to getknowledge thanks. It depends on the kid! Some kids like learning and enjoy thechallenge of doing homework, while others stress out and hate thework.

do you have a lot of homework

Homework, good or Bad for, you?

They were hoping to fly across the International Dateline so that their homework would not be due until tomorrow. Depression isn't caused by doing work. Nobody likes to work - just ask your parents when they'reon their way to their jobs if they'd rather stay home and play! School is your job, so it's best to just buckle down and get itover with. Kids have way more play time than their parents, so they play gamesmore than they do homework. They only do homework for a few hours anight during weeknights, and usually have the whole weekend off. You get lots of homework because teachers diary don't want their students to forget anything over break. Nobody likes to work - justask your parents when they're on their way to their jobs if they'drather stay home and play!

That is why we havehomework. Above is correct but i also want to add that too much homework isworking too much a day. For Example kids are required to go toschool for at least 6 hours so that's 6 hours of work. And then youcome home with a average amount of homework and that taks you 1hourand 30 min. That's seven and a half hours of no stop work a day achild from the ages of 5th through 8th grade should not have morethan 30min. Of homework a night and at school between classesshould have small breaks. I think they have to go back home to work half way through the day, as in the job kind of work, such as blacksmithing silverware and agriculture. Yes by giving homework to school kids made their practice on the sylabus and hence make a grip on the sylabus.

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do you have a lot of homework

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Keep this with you all the time and you won't forget! Kids don't do homework simply because they have better things to doand many times they just don't have time to. In other words, they get bored and are not mature enough to makethemselves finish what has to be done. Nobody likes work - just ask your parents when they'releaving for their jobs if they'd rather stay home and play! This it the question that never gives good or helpful advice. Well kids really don't need home work because they are going to do the same thing in school the next day or it might be on a test.

If home work was taken away it would be for the better because it would have kids paying more attention in class because if you were goofing off you would get a big fat f on your paper. Most kids take a little break when they get home, maybe an hour orso, to wind down and have a snack and catch up on their email andtext messages. Kids and everyone else who is in school needs homework so you canlive a happy and successful life. Even as McDonalds and gasstations and cheap jobs are now not accepting people statement who don't havean education. Homework and studying is what makes you smart, no onewants someone who is dumb working for them.

Their punishment will consist of consequences - see next line. Let them take the consequences of their actions. If you provide them the proper environment, help when needed, and they still choose not to study hard enough to do well, then let them make a poor grade. Nothing teaches you like having to deal with mistakes, and they are more likely to change their minds and start working if you let them "face the music" early. It really depends on the teachers, but usually you'll be doingabout an hour or so of work per assignment.

Everyday include monday to Fridays and Holidays. They usually get more hm wk then American kids because they get more hm wk on Holidays, weekends, and also early release days. Kids are human beings! Everybody forgets things sometimes. Kids are especially forgetful because their brains are not finished developing - they get distracted by talking to their friends, or thinking about what they're going to do after school - and then they forget other things. One good way not to forget your homework is to keep a special assignment notebook where you write down every single assignment.

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Make an assignment calendar and keep it in a place where everyone in the family can see. Write down (or have them write) every assignment on the calendar so that there will be no "I didn't know it was due" complaints. This also helps you to remind them ahead of time if they need to go to the library or do a project. Avoid the temptation to "help" by doing the work for them - reviews homework is mostly practice to teach them how to do the things that will help plan them later. If you give in and do it for them, they will not learn. Set up a reward system. Keep track of successes - with younger children, you need to measure success in smaller increments, like "Did today's homework" or "Set out clothing for tomorrow" while older kids can wait longer for their rewards like "Got a good grade on test" or "Turned.

do you have a lot of homework

to do, but it is also less "scary" and you stress less over. Kids have homework because the want the parents to have tons of stress as well as the kids. Here are some ways to encourage your kids at school. Have a set time every day for them to do schoolwork. Don't buy that old "I don't have any homework" wheeze, either - if no homework, then they use the time to study! Have a special place for them to study - preferably somewhere you can oversee to be sure they are not distracting themselves with computer chat, cellphones, tv, or other things.

Here are some good ways to organize your work. Keep an assignment notebook with all of your homework, test dates, and other assignments written summary in one place so you can't lose. Write all of your due dates down on a calendar so you can see ahead of time what you need. Have a specific time every day that you set aside for schoolwork - even if you have no homework that day, study your textbook or read over your notes. If you have an assignment that isn't due for a few days, use this time to get a start on it so you won't get so bogged down at the last minute. Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What you can do today - shakespeare was right, and that applies especially to schoolwork. Otherwise, you're going to get buried in work.

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Thank you for your participation! your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project. Well, i think kids get a lot of homework so when they bring it to their teacher, that teacher can see if they're struggling in one arrea or if they are in another. Then, when conferences finally come by, then they can discus what the child needs to work on, and hopfully, the parents will work with their child so he / she does well in school, gets a good jobs, earns alot of money, and take awesome. 7 people found best this useful, yes,but maybe only a sheet every day because homework can take up lots of time and children need fresh air and need to get out of the house. When I was a child I hated how much homework my teacher gave me because it was an unnescessary yes, but not alot. Homework is a review for students to take home. After learning their lessons in school, homework is assigned so the students can not forget what they learned. The only way to handle a lot of work without drowning in it is to be organized.

Do you have a lot of homework
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  1. They also will be taught world and American history, how to use computer programs, and also physical exercise. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that all children under the age of 16 should go to school? Do american students have a lot of homework to do? What should I do to manage a lot of homework? How come i dont do my homework like i used to when I was young? Your name or email address: do you already have an account?

  2. Do you have a lot of homework. English sentences with do a lot of homework in context. No results, please check your input for typos or set a different source language 2 exact sentences 28 similar. A lot depends on the distance of the trip and what car-rental options are available, so you have to do a lot of homework. Children usually do have a lot of homework. They learn how to read and write English, how to do arithmatic and algebra, and basic physical science.

  3. I have a lot of homework. Because you have a lot of homework that needs to be done by monday. How do you say i have a lot of homework in french? J'ai beaucoup de devoirs. Share to: Why do you get lots of homework over breaks?

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