Business plan for funding

business plan for funding

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It runs on Unix operating systems (ibm-pc and clones). DataTech plans to market it in Michigan, the midwest and eastern seaboard area. Other products and services dataTech provides contractual services to develop and support business application systems. One such contract is between DataTech and Burroughs Corporation. In July, dataTech completed the development of the burroughs Human Resource Planning System, called hrps. Currently there are seven sites within Burroughs, including a facility in Great Britain, that are using the system. By the summer of 1987, the system will be in use worldwide in most of Burroughs' facilities.

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DataTech enhanced the product extensively. Our revisions were completed in August, 1986. One company is using the system, and four others have expressed interest in the product. DataTech plans to market it in Michigan and the midwest. Commercial Lines Rating Software The commercial Lines Rating Software is a software product designed for insurance agencies. The software was developed by capitol best Computers Plus, Inc. DataTech and Capitol Plus entered into an agreement in August, 1986, allowing DataTech exclusive rights to sell and support the software in the United States. Capitol Plus will continue to develop other modules, including full accounting, commercial auto rating, client tracking, as well as personal, auto and homeowners lines, all to be fully integrated. When DataTech acquired the product, there were already five agencies submit using. Three more were recently added.

Limousine management System (Including Full Accounting) datalimo is a software product designed for luxury limousine companies. The software was completed in August, 1986. Currently, one company is using the system, and three guaranteed others have expressed interest. DataTech plans to market it nationwide. Our research indicates that there is currently no such software being marketed in the. Job Cost System (Including Full Accounting) The job Cost System is a software product designed for the construction industry. Software was originally acquired from Information Analysis and Control, Inc.

business plan for funding

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Controller (25) Accounting Budgeting Corporate policies Financial Analysis Personnel Administration Office thesis and General Administration Positions: Assistant Controller (20) Accountant (12,14) Administrative assistant (5,7) Secretary (1,3) products and services dataTech sells business application systems and technical support to the apple business community. Systems presently available for sale as follows: lease management System datalease is a software product designed for auto and equipment leasing companies. The software was developed exclusively by dataTech. It runs on ms-dos systems (any computer compatible with the ibm-pc). It was completed in July, 1986. There is currently one company using the system, and five others have expressed interest in the product. DataTech plans to market it in Michigan and surrounding states.

The five full-time employees are utilized in the following manner: Marketing, client relations and consulting 2 persons, product development and support 3 persons, the part-time employees are utilized in the following manner: Clerical duties and accounting 1 person. Documentation for new products 1 person, although DataTech is today a small company, it has developed a generic organization structure to set the foundation for a well organized team. As new employees are added over the next few years, the structure will become more apparent. This generic structure will be reviewed during the annual planning process. The current structure is as follows: President and ceo, vice President of Engineering Vice President of Marketing Controller Executive committee (President, vp - engineering, vp - marketing, controller) Strategic Planning Financial Planning Human Resource Planning Product Management Legal Affairs Large Scale contractual Jobs Other committees. Personnel eventually, as personnel are added, dataTech will employ the following structure: Vice President of Engineering (Executive) Advanced Research Product development Phase ii customer Support (Response to problems beyond Marketing ability) Positions: Research Scientist (Job level 23) Senior Research Engineer (17,19) Research Engineer (13,15) Senior. Vice President of Marketing (Executive) Advertising Customer Support Market Planning Public Relations Sales Systems Consulting Positions: Project Manager (20,22) Account Manager (18,20) Systems Consultant (16,18) Assistant Account Manager (16) Senior Marketing Representative (14) Senior Customer Support Rep (14) Marketing Rep (10) Customer Support Rep (10).

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business plan for funding

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The system is also ideal for university/college placement offices. It could be utilized to quickly connect students with employers based on education, special skills, pay requirements, etc. In addition, it could provide the educational institution with up-to-date information on student employment rates for academic planning purposes. The solutions that this software tries to provide for human resource managers lend themselves very well to the techniques of a brand of artificial intelligence called expert system. Therefore, dataTech's major research and development effort is to transform the software into an expert system. The funding requirement for this effort is about one million dollars.

DataTech will attempt to secure most of the funding from venture capital sources. This effort has already begun and will be pursued aggressively through next year. Organizational structure, dataTech was formed began operations on January 2, 1986. It started with three employees. By the fifth month, dataTech employed two part-time employees who contributed about 60 hours of work per week. Today, it has five full-time and two part-time employees. DataTech is in current need essay of a full-time marketing representative.

Utilizing these software packages as a foundation, dataTech intends to position itself as an industry leader in application software. The two products are as follows: The limousine management System, as large sectors of the American society have become more affluent and leisure oriented, the limousine industry has grown tremendously throughout the country. DataTech has developed a comprehensive software to help such businesses become more efficient. In researching the industry, no similar product has been discovered. DataTech believes that it can become the leading software vendor nationally in this market. Human Resource Planning System (hrps).

Although there are many personnel software systems in use throughout the United States, few address the planning aspects of human resource management. DataTech recently developed a human resource software package for Burroughs Corporation that can assist the company in such areas as locating qualified employees to fill specialized positions, monitor the individual employee's work history and goals, and provide demographic data on the company's workforce in general. Burroughs and DataTech are now discussing the terms for adapting this for Sperry, burrough's recent acquisition. One of DataTech's major product development goals is to make this software compatible with a variety of hardware systems. Several major companies and health care providers have expressed interest in a "generic" version of the product when it becomes available. Most corporations with large hierarchies, very specialized personnel, or many employees are potential customers.

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Business objectives, dataTech's primary goal is to pdf provide quality software products and related computer services to the business community. To achieve this goal, it offers the following about services: development of specialized application software for specific vertical markets or specific functions in a horizontal market. Software support for general business management, such as accounting, financial analysis, office administration, and decision support systems. Technical assistance to businesses as they apply advanced computer techniques to their operations. Development and support of custom-software on a contractual basis. DataTech's major interest is in developing and marketing specialized application software. To this end, it has created two such products with strong market appeal.

business plan for funding

While dataTech is a new company, the management feels that 200,000 is realistic not only in terms of need but also in view of managing debt obligations. Since its incorporation, dataTech has had reasonable sales of its products as it released them to the marketplace. Product orders for the fourth quarter of 1986 are improving significantly. In the same quarter, the company will meet ninety percent of its operating expenses with income generated from its consulting activities. DataTech's greatest attributes are a well-considered business plan, a strong desire to fully participate in advanced computer technology, and an experienced, enthusiastic staff. The management and employees are very encouraged by the amount of interest their products and services have deprivation generated in the respective business communities. The entire management team is confident that DataTech will be able not only to meet any debt obligations, but expand through its own resources within the next six months.

must be utilized at considerable expense to dataTech. Therefore, its management anticipates employing two-thirds of any funds received in marketing. The second reason for requesting financial assistance is to adapt software specifically designed for one type of hardware to others. During the past several months, dataTech has been hired to custom design software for several companies for which it maintains the rights. Three of DataTech's key software programs could thus be re-oriented to run on a variety of computer systems. Insodoing, their accessibility as well as affordability will be considerably enhanced, particularly for small businesses owning name-brand micro-computer hardware. The cost of this form of product development is estimated to be 75,000.

Is therarket for x? What is the funding requirement? How will funding be obtained? What will projeco for datatech? Reasons for additional funding. Data technologies Corporation develops computer software and supplies related technical support to the business community. In order to market and expand its current product business line, dataTech is seeking a capital infusion of 200,000.

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Business plan, data technologies corporation 1117 Huron. East Traverse, oh 31790, july 17, 1992. As one of the many new software developers in the United States, data technologies Corporation is writing trying to find and fill a niche immediately. DataTech has mapped out a strategy for creating a new product they hope will accomplish that goal. This plan is intended to persuade prospective investors and lenders that their financial support is deserved. Reasons for additional funding, business objectives, organizational structure. Products and services, executive summary of project x, what is the project?

Business plan for funding
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  2. 4 tips to secure non profit funding. Seeking non profit funding is no easier than seeking funding for a private business venture. To this end, over the past four years, flow companies have raised over 35 million in follow on funding and two have been acquired. Creating a business plan also helps you determine how much money you actually need. If you are presenting your plan to get funding, include the following financial documents. Summary of funding requirement.

  3. Business plan, funding and marketing resources for the fishing industry. Tools for tough times. DataTech will attempt to secure most of the funding from venture capital sources. Software developer Business Plan. The funding requirement for this effort is about one million dollars.

  4. If your business is self funding then it is you who are investing in your business. Business, plan, workbook without a business plan, no bank, venture capital house, or corporate parent will consider finance for start-up, expansion or venture funding. Is an essential guid. Please visit this link since your browser does not support frames. Read more about mark cuban s stimulus package open source business plan funding.

  5. In Getting Funded tagged, business plan, concept validation, funding, raising capital, validatation, vc, venture capital. About the author, david skok. Home ยป business - plan business plan for, travel Agency. Company review - details about expenses, assets, endowments, loans, funding details, etc. Do i really need a business plan?

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