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The book was later translated into a number of languages and two films were based. The title of Druzhnikov's most critically acclaimed novel, Angels on the head of a pin, written from 1969 to 1976 in Moscow, is ironically derived from the scholastic formula: The number of angels found on the tip of a needle are equal to the square. The novel revolves around a newspaper, Trudovaya pravda (The working people Truth), which relates the story of Prague spring, the revolt in czechoslovakia in 1968 during which the soviet Politburo sent tanks to Prague to enforce their influence there, effectively causing an era already known. Druzhnikov's former journalistic experience supplied the raw material for him to weave a rich tapestry of the lives, both public and clandestine, of the men and women working at the Trudovaya pravda. Druzhnikov captures the lifespan of the newspaper, Trudovaya pravda, with journalistic accuracy: 67 days, from the february 23 to April 30, 1969, from the heart attack of the chief editor, makartsev, a member of the communist party central Committee, who found a forbidden Samizdat manuscript. The famous French diplomat and traveler, the marquis de custine, published a scathing account of Russia during the reign of Nicholas the first, russia in 1839, banned until very recently in Russia and about which Alexander Herzen, the russian author and literary historian, wrote without.

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Furthermore, druzhnikov makes a case that Morozov was very likely developmentally impaired and wouldn't even have been able to thesis understand Leninism let alone believe. Druzhnikov doesn't think that the kulaks killed pavlik but rather the nkvd who were looking for any reason to incriminate the kulaks as a societal class even if that meant fabricating a cause. At the height of the terror in 1937, the soviets made numerous demands on the citizenry to turn in traitors, criminals, and other enemies of the state. One of the most interesting of Druzhnikov's findings was that pavlik morozov was never a pioneer during his lifetime; the government appears to have made morozov a pioneer long after his death. The second half of Informer 001 deals with the creation of the pavlik morozov myth from his creation as a soviet literary hero at the first Congress of soviet Writers in 1934 and the subsequent monument dedicated to morozov on Red tom Square to the still. While this book is written in the dry language of fact (Druzhnikov often says the book was written with the cool reason of a historian Informer 001 goes far beyond the conventions of literary or historical investigation. Druzhnikov concludes that one of the greatest tragedies of growing up in a socialist nation was that the morozov myth, essentially a story of treachery, was used as an example of virtuous honesty and piety. When Informer 001 was published in London in 1987, Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote: Yuri Druzhnikov should be given every respect for writing this much-needed book. It's through books such as his that many soviet lies will eventually be revealed. The book was immediately banned in the former soviet Union (The first Russian edition was published in Moscow in 1995 yet Informer 001 was known in the soviet Union because Druzhnikov read it aloud on radio stations Liberty and The voice of America.

Pavlik morozov, the barely grown hero-youth, turned his father into the nkvd secret police for treason and, according to soviet propaganda was killed by kulaks, wealthy peasants, in 1932. For these actions, the soviets recognized Morozov as the first honorable member of the pioneers, a soviet youth organization somewhat like the boy scouts, and was later held up as a model of behavior and class morals for millions of soviet-era youth. Dozens of books, plays, songs, and even an opera were written by soviet writers about this young informer. Over fifty years these publications became the basis for the foundation of myths about who pavlik morozov really was. Druzhnikov upheld that the majority of media about pavlik morozov was fabrication or simply lies. Unable to find archival materials, Druzhnikov visited thirteen cities, searching for evidence of the murder of the century. He spoke with the remaining witnesses, including pavlik's guaranteed brother who was accused of espionage and sent to labor camp for ten years, his classmates, fellow villagers, participants in Morozov's murder trial, Chekists, and even managed to find Morozov's mother. In this sensational book, druzhnikov makes an excellent case determining that the young would-be hero turned his father into the nkvd not from any particular dedication to the cause of communism, but rather, at the insistence of his mother who wanted revenge against pavlik's father.

biography writers

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After an international scandal caused by the opening of his illegal 1987 exhibition in owl Moscow entitled, The ten years of a non-Writer, Druzhnikov was banished from the ussr. Druzhnikov lived for a short while in vienna, later making his way to the United States in 1988, where he began to teach writing courses at the University of Texas at Austin, worked for Radio liberty in New York, and eventually settled in the university. It was here that Druzhnikov starred in the film, Prisoner of time, (director. Levinson) in the role of Daniel, a writer. Informer 001or The myth of pavlik morozov, the book secretly written and researched during the years of 19 in Moscow, became a widely popular work in the underground. Samizdat press and later brought Druzhnikov fame. This work was the first independent apple research investigating what the soviets called the murder of the century, the death of a pioneer -hero who later became a tragic symbol of soviet ideology.

In 1979, Druzhnikov wrote the memoirs, The cancellation of Writer 8552, describing this process, published. Nearly all of Druzhnikov's prose was secretly written then read by his coconspirators and smuggled to the west for publication. In the 1980's, Druzhnikov, by that time removed from the literary process, became heavily involved in the. He was forwarding the works of forbidden authors to western publishers, organizing an underground workshop for young writers, and later jointly with the film star, savely Kramarov, establishing the underground theatre dk (Druzhnikov-kramarov) which was promptly burnt down in 1991 by the kgb. During this same period Druzhnikov tried unsuccessfully to establish an independent writer's union and a private publishing company, the golden Cockerel. For his efforts, Druzhnikov often received threats and underwent interrogation by the authorities. In 1985, the kgb gave druzhnikov a choice because he lived in a free country the ussr, to either be banished to a prison camp or put away in a psychiatric ward for the insane. Only the extensive efforts and protests of Western writers such as Bernard Malamud, kurt Vonnegut, Arthur Miller, Elie wiesel, western human rights organizations, the intervention of the United States Congress and his honorary membership in the International pen-club, saved Druzhnikov from arrest.

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biography writers

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16, 1974, accused Druzhnikov of slandering the soviet people, isn't it odd that Druzhnikov lines up quite a rogue's gallery of characters in his books? It's a travesty that. Money goes 'round was published alongside real magazine articles about the true soviet heroes of our day: the many spiritually rich, morally clean workers who are living through their Motherland's labors and worries. Druzhnikov's literary search never followed the official soviet lines on literature. While investigating the role essay of ideology in soviet literature and culture, druzhnikov touched upon a number of politically controversial topics, which led to an abrupt halt of his official literary activity.

In 1976, Druzhnikov's first and last novel was published in the ussr, wait till Sweet Sixteen. To be more accurate, half of the novel was published with the censor-substituted title. To sacrifice This Very bird, a biblical passage title. His comedy play, teacher in love, was removed from the stage, and his other play, father for an hour, had only just been accepted when it was forbidden from production. In 1977 Druzhnikov was officially removed from the Writer's Union of the ussr and declared a traitor to the motherland for participating in the. Samizdat underground publishing movement and for other illegal activities. During the decade of the 80's up to the end of 1991, Druzhnikov's name was removed from all publications in the soviet Union.

He graduated from a moscow pedagogical institute in 1955 with a history/philology major. Through 1964 to 1971, Druzhnikov taught Russian literature for two years in kazakhstan, served as the headmaster of a high school, and then returned to moscow to work as a book editor, a traveling correspondent, and an editor for the newspaper, The moscovsky komsomolets. He was accepted to the Writer's Union of the ussr in 1971. Druzhnikov's first book of prose, the anthology, never ever goes my way, published in 1971, told the stories of a chronic failure whose life contrasts the idea of optimal efficiency. In the story, my favorite wall, an everyday moscow family happily comes to inhabit a former barracks building, in front of which stands a dirty old wall remaining from a torn-down structure that blocks out all of the light to the barracks. However, the authorities won't tear down the dirty wall.

The story ends with a comma instead of a period because before printing the government censors cut the remainder of last sentence which contained ominous black clouds. The chronic failure character was seen as overly autobiographical. In 1974, Druzhnikov published two books about adolescent upbringing, boredom Prohibited and, never Stop Asking questions, boys. Meanwhile, magazine editors and book publishers rejected his prose. Alexander tvardovsky, the editor. Novy mir, decided to publish two of Druzhnikov's shorter novels, valedictory and, february the Thirtieth, but later tvardovsky changed his mind giving Druzhnikov the excuse that the magazine's" for social criticism allowed by the authorities was filled by Alexander Solzhenitsyn's short stories and that. An excerpt from Druzhnikov's story, money goes 'round, was published in the magazine, rabotnitsa (Working woman albeit with a large number of omissions. The newspaper, izvestiya, aug.

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The key is in having a quality product ready to sell, and from the little bit I read, i believe he does. Druzhnikov, yuri (Born April 17, 1933, moscow) — russian writer and historian of remote literature, is one of the most respected contemporary russian emigre writers. He was born to an artist's family and raised around a group of artists and intellectuals many of whom he saw disappear during Stalin's Great Terror. At Druzhnikov's high school graduation in 1951, he was denied the silver medal for underestimating the role of comrade Stalin in the russian civil War which paved the way for his rejection to every university to which he applied. Druzhnikov later studied at a latvian university for two years where he became attracted to the stage and worked as an actor in a russian Drama Theatre. In the fall of 1953, Druzhnikov returned to his studies in Moscow. He supported himself by working as a photographer, journalist, and as an internist in a government archive building where he took it upon himself to track down the labor records of rehabilitated prisoners with which were used to determine pensions.

biography writers

Either avenue gives you a quick and inexpensive means of getting your book published quickly. Having said that, i would caution your friend to make sure that he includes in the title that this is the unauthorized biography. Even as such, there are a lot of people who may be interested in learning more about the man, especially since he is garnering so essay much attention ion the press right now. He really needs to take advantage of that. At the same time, it would be a good idea for him to put together some sample chapters and a query letter to sedn out to some agents here in the. Because of the fact that Jobs is so newsworthy right now, they might have a chance to sell this manuscript to a traditional publisher. In the meantime, if he is selling it himself as an e-book, he may be able to start getting some interest stirred up in the book and maybe even make a little money while waiting out the traditional process. There are some who would caution that self-publishing as an e-book will prevent you from obtaining a traditional publishing contract, but that is not true. There are more and more authors today who are making this kind of move and proving to be very successful.

places as widely separated as Singapore, new zealand and most of the countries of both Eastern and Western Europe) or to attend international conferences on science or science fiction. He is a past president of both World sf and the Science fiction Writers of America and is currently midwest Area representative to the authors guild, having served for nine years as a member of the guild council before moving to the midwest. He currently makes his home in Palatine, illinois, with his wife,. Elizabeth Anne hull, who is a past president of the Science fiction Research Association and a noted scholar in the field. (For further information: Who's Who in America, or Pohl's autobiography, the way the future was, ballantine books, 1979.). The fastest way to take advantage of the current publicity that is focused on Steve jobs would be to self-publish your book. You can go to Amazon Kindle to get it out as an e-book and have it available to sell within a few days. If you want to make it available in print format, you can use CreateSpace (also an Amazon company).

He is also the. Encyclopedia britannica 's authority on the first Century. Many of Frederik pohl's works have been adapted for radio, television, or film, beginning with the two-part Columbia workshop of the air version of the classic. The Space merchants in 1953. In Europe, a number of his stories have been televised by the bbc and his famous novella, "The midas Plague became a three-hour special on German television. The 1981 nbc two-hour television film, The Clonemaster, was based on an business original concept of his; his award-winning novel, gateway, has been dramatized for live theatrical production; his novelette, "The tunnel under the world became a feature film in Italy; and his novels, man Plus. Gateway was also made into a computer game under the title of "Frederik pohl's Gateway" by legend Entertainment; a second game, "Gateway ii: The home world was released a year later.). Among his most recent novels are.

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Frederik pohl has been about everything that it is possible to be in the field of science fiction, from consecrated fan and struggling poet to critic, literary agent, teacher, book and magazine editor and, above all, writer. Called by kingsley amis (in Amis's critical study of science fiction, new Maps of Hell ) "the most consistently able writer science fiction, in its modern form, has yet produced Frederik pohl is clearly in the very first rank of writers in the field. He has won most of the awards the science-fiction remote field has to offer, including the Edward. Smith and Donald. Wollheim memorial awards, the International John. Campbell award (twice the French Prix Apollo, the yugoslavian vizija, the nebula (three times, including the "Grand Master" Nebula for lifetime contributions to the field) and the hugo (six times, he is the only person ever to have won the hugo both as writer and. Other honors include election as a fellow to both the British Interplanetary society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Apart from the field of science fiction, he is a noted lecturer and teacher in the area of future studies, and is the author of, among other non-fiction works, Practical Politics, a how-to-do-it manual of the American political process; Our Angry earth, on the world's. Clarke calls "perhaps the most important book either of its authors has produced and, most recently, chasing Science, on the uses of science as a spectator sport.

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  5. Margaret Atwood toni morrison Alice walker Amy tan Arundhati roy anniina jokinen. The United Nations Society. He is also the Encyclopedia britannica s authority on the first Century. Russian writer and historian of literature, is one of the most respected contemporary russian emigre writers. He was born to an artist s family and raised around a group. A biography is a narrative account that covers the events of a particular person s experience, but different writers may choose to emphasize different events.

  6. Online gambling News, writers list of featured, writers for the calvin Ayre tablog. A friend of mine (no, really!) is well on his way of writing a unofficial/unauthorized biography of Steve jobs. While the historical impulse would remain a strong element in early American biography, american writers carved out their own distinct approach. Tags: Homosexuality, biography, writers. Marcus Garvey and the vision of Africa. Tags: Politics, biography, racism, history, harlem, africa.

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