Write a sad story in 3 words

write a sad story in 3 words

Write a sad story using only 3 words

We don't have any cheese. We have some cheese. We don't have any eggs. We have some potatoes. We don't have any fish. We have some fish. We don't have any potatoes. We have some cola.

Write a, sad, story, using only 3, words, write a, sad

They have report some bread — false They don't have any bread. They have some potatoes — false. They don't have any potatoes. They are hungry — true. Look into your fridge and write what you have and what you don't have. We have some bread. We don't have any butter. We have some butter. We don't have any bread. We have some eggs.

He doesn't have biography any water in the jug. Does he have any water in the jug? Agent Cute is watching the children again. He is writing a new report to the boss. Use True or False. They have some butter — true. They have some milk — true.

write a sad story in 3 words

Write a sad story using only 3 words - imgflip

He doesn't have any water. We don't have any friends. Do you supermarket have any friends? Kate doesn't have any interesting books. Does Kate have any interesting books? My father doesn't have any computer games. Does my father have any computer games? I don't have any tea in my mug. Do i have any tea in my bag?

The children can't make an omelette because they don't have any eggs. The can't make ham and cheese sandwiches because the don't have any bread. They can't make fish and chips because they don't have any potatoes. Fill in the gaps with some or any. They have some milk. My aunt doesn't read any newspapers. Do you have any questions? We need some eggs and some milk.

Write a sad story using only 3 words - 9GAG

write a sad story in 3 words

Write a sad story

People eat hot dogs and jacket potatoes. Next business year I'll fly to london. I'll stay with my pen friend. They'll meet me at airport. My pen friend will introduce nurture me to his family.

I'll phone my mum and say i'm. My host family will show me my room. Unit 6 Lesson. Friends guess the meaning of the underlined words. Listen, read and guess the meaning of the underlined words.

She can hear fireworks. It's very scary for her. There are mistakes in the translations. Choose the correct answer. 1.— b     .

— b   . — b   . . Bonfire, guy, mistake — make. New year, halloween, bonfire night — celebrate. Fish and chips, hot dogs, jacket potatoes-make homework. People in England celebrate bonfire night on 5 november. People do not make bonfires near houses and in the streets. Children make a guy and put it on top of a bonfire.

Using only three words?

Rex is a labrador. He is only a puppy, but he is already homeless Rex is kind, beautiful and very clever. He is friendly with dogs and cats and he loves children. Come to our rescue home and you'll find a new member of the fuller family. They help blind people. Yes, they. People can go for a walk, to the bank or to the supermarket. Listen, read and answer the question. Today is 4 november.

write a sad story in 3 words

— dial the country code for Russia 007, then the area code and then your phone number. — thank you very much. Can I speak to kolya? It's ok, thank you. Guess the meaning of the underlined words. Fill in gaps with pdf these words. Do you want to find a friend?

into English — tell me, please, how do i phone home? — what country are you from? — i am from Russia.

— e .—. Friends, guess the meaning of night the underlined words. Guess the meaning of the underlined sentence. 1 — b, 2 — a, 3 —. Can I speak to sveta? — let's go to the museum today! — that's a good idea.

Teacher:alright, guys please write a sad story in 3 words

The owl name of Alice's friend is Betsey. No, she doesn't. Alice's story is not true. There is one bedroom in Betsey's house. Match the questions and the answers. — g . — a .— b . . — d .

Write a sad story in 3 words
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  3. Words for Fantasy, story, dominoes. Write the names of popular children s stories on the board such as goldilocks and the three bears, peter Pan, red Riding hood, jack and. Why are the farmers very sad this summer? Guess the meaning of the underlined words. ) 5) you couple rhythm/pace with literary preciousness (choice of words, construction of phrases, etc). When you write by hand, it only looks like part of the process rather than the process completed.

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