Write a letter to you

write a letter to you

Write or Call the White house

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write a letter to you

How to, write a great cover

Plus, one of my favorite pastimes is writing to my pals. Another hobby of mine is using the Internet. I like the Internet, because it has a lot of stuff. What is your school like? What are some of your hobbies? What subject do you usually study at school? Do you have your own computure?

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write a letter to you

Prison Pen Pals at, write a prisoner!

I am very quiet person. I am in the school band and play the piano. My favorite subject is Mathematics. I do well in school. I am a student of the 6th form. I go to school six days a week, monday through Saturday. We have five or six lessons a day.

The students arrive at school about.00. The school year is divided into four teams, called quarters. It begins on the 1st of September known as a day of knowledge and finishes in may. Each quarter is followed by holiday. I have many hobbies that i best enjoy doing. I often dance at school dances.

It was so great to hear from you the other day. You should write more often. Anyway, you asked me to tell you about sport. Well, Im fond of football and i always watch football matches. Oh, and another thing! As for me, i like skate boarding!

I can skate in the street or in the park and make a lot of new friends. Are you ready for your match? When do you have new competitions? If it rains, you will not go playing, wont you? Well, thats all fornow. Im a russian girl. I am really interested in how you live in England. I hear a lot of stories but I dont really know how much I should believe.

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I think its atmosphere is exciting and you can get more emotions there than at home. As for me, its very boring to stay at home and watching films. On the other hand, its better to read the book instead of watching the film based. To be honest, i dont know the film which is better than the book. When you read the book, you imagine events yourself. And when you watch the film, professional you only watch the actions. Thats all for now. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Dear, harry, thanks for your letter.

write a letter to you

How are your parents? Has your brother found a job? How is your sister? Oh, i think purpose its time to finish my letter. I have to do some homework for tomorrow. Sorry, i havent written you for ages but ive been extremely busy. I hope it wont happen again! Im crazy about historic films, thats why Im glad that you liked. I cant stand watching films at home, therefore, i always go to the cinema.

watching historical films and romantic comedies. I think they help me to relax. I prefer watching films in the cinema because i can watch films with my friends and its more exciting. I miss you and your family.

We go to the cinema, bowling club, discos. I feel excited, because we get on well. And have you good relations with summary your younger sister? Do you share your secrets with her? Do you have arguments with her? Sorry, i have to finish. My friend Olga came.

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Dear Ann, Thanks for your letter. It was so great to hear from you! You long want to know what relations with my parents I have. Unfortunately, i often have arguments with my parents especially with my mum because of misunderstanding. She doesnt support my interests and hobbies and I prefer going out with my friends to staying at home with my parents. Im really bored with them! I have a lot of fun with my friends!

Write a letter to you
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  4. A newspaper is a store house of knowledge. If you write a letter to a friend in English often enough, eventually you will remember all the recommendations that accompany this action. Dear Ann, Thanks for your letter. It was so great to hear from you! You want to know what relations with my parents I have. Unfortunately, i often have.

  5. Thank you very much for the lesson may god bless you but I have some thing to ask plz i need to write a letter. Write a letter to the restaurant, including the following information: how many people what is the occasion the date and time check. Write a letter to you friend condoling the death of his mother. Imagine that you have been. Write a letter to you friend telling him the benefit of reading newspaper.

  6. Write a letter to you friend. Imagine that you have been to:a)The Grand Canyon. Apologise for missing the birthday celebration. Explain why you missed it and why you didnt tell your friend. The question is really just asking you.

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