Urine analysis lab report

urine analysis lab report

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When we looked on the Internet for additional information on it, we did find several sites that talked about it, but none stated clearly that this tea contained morphine and that these levels could potentially be lethal. Even after our sons overdose accident, we were surprised to find out that even within the medical community, the fact that the morphine content in poppy seed tea can be lethally high is not widely known. The purpose of this Web site is to hopefully have it show up in Internet search results for people researching the subject. Mostly for curious users experimenting with it, like our son was, but also for concerned parents looking to understand the risks that their children may be undertaking. We can only wish that we had seen the information provided on this Web site when we did our. Internet search trying to understand what the risks were when our late son was taking the tea. Please share with others.

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The last time he took it, it resulted in restaurant his death due to morphine overdose. The autopsy revealed a morphine concentration in his blood and urine that was six times the lethal levels. The coroner's lab also analyzed an infusion of poppy seeds prepared with the same batch of seeds and confirmed that the concentrations of Codeine and Morphine was extremely high and matched the percentages detected in the autopsy. This ruled out the possibility of Morphine also having come from an additional source other than the tea (pills or injection). How could this happen? Clearly, the supermarket had received a new and different batch of seeds, with significantly higher Morphine content in them. Please be very careful with poppy seed tea! You can never know how much Morphine it will contain. It is very addictive. Why do we have this site? When, as parents, we realized that our son was taking poppy seed tea, we saw it as a "natural herbal tea prepared with an ingredient sold openly in supermarkets without any restrictions, and thought that it was acceptable for him to do this.

Morphine is recognized as one of the most (if not the most) addictive substances known to man and is, for this reason, also one of the most tightly controlled. Overdoses of Morphine can be lethal. The main cause of death for Morphine overdose is pulmonary edema, where the lungs fill with fluid passed from the blood stream through the alveoli in the lungs. The dosage problem, the morphine content in poppy seeds can vary enormously depending on many factors: the exact type of seeds, the harvesting time (even seeds picked a few weeks apart and others. Poppy seeds sold in bulk in supermarkets are not controlled for the amount of opiates in them, but rather for their flavor and appearance, as they are meant to be used for baking. When you make an infusion from these seeds, there is no telling how much opiates your solution will with contain. You are truly playing a potentially deadly game of Russian roulette. A recorded case: our son, he had taken poppy seed tea several times, always using the exact same amount of seeds and same preparation.

urine analysis lab report

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This was caused by the diuretic effect of caffeine by inhibiting the secretion of antidiuretic hormone (ADH). A fall in adh levels leads to increased water loss in the form of urine. This eventually leads to dehydration making urine output decline and be more concentrated hence the strong odor. Dipstick, the dipstick results have been attached. Interpretation, leukocyte- negative, for healthy and normal persons, urine should not contain leukocytes. The presence of leukocytes would be an indication of localized infection along lined the. This site is dedicated to the memory of our beloved late son, who died at the age of 17 from an overdose of poppy seed tea. Poppy seed tea contains different opiates in various concentrations. Typically morphine and Codeine are the main ones.

Or 1094 Milliliters indicating that the void is much lower than the th input and normal output volumes are in line with the expected normal and recommended volumes. The normal urine output for healthy adults fall within the range of milliliters. However, as taught in class, several factors such as temperature and diet resulted to the difference in the input and output volumes. Additionally, the difference in the output and input volumes could have resulted from fluid loss through other means such as sweat. My consumption of Arabic tea increased my urine output. This is because tea contains caffeine increases glomerular filtration in kidneys by decreasing the tubular reabsorption of sodium ions back to the distal convoluted tubule. Water reabsorption from the distal convoluted tubule follows the flow of sodium ions out of the distal convoluted tubule. Therefore, decreased sodium reabsorption leads to a decrease in water volume leaving the renal tubule hence increasing urine output. Towards the evening, i noted that my urine had a strong odor and was concentrated.

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urine analysis lab report

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Of Arabic tea postpartum * 1:00 pm took lunch and I had. 2:00 pm void and collected 12oz. 3:00 pm I had. 4:00 pm void urine measured8. 8:00 pm I took.

Of juice during dinner. 9:00 pm I collected the final laura void for the data measuring8. The tally of the total intake and the total output was then determined. The dayâs total intake of fluid tallied to. On the other hand, the dayâs total void urine was 37oz.

Urine for biochemical analysis can be taken during the day, for general urine analysis, research by the method of Nechiporenko - only in the morning. For analysis, the collected urine is only available for two hours: it quickly decomposes, and it can appear in bacteria and salts that can affect the results of the study. Category Of Medical Issues: diagnostics. Content: Name, course, instructor, date, urine Analysis Report 24 hours Input and Output * 6:30 Am woke up and void. After the first void urination, i started taking notes of bout my fluid intake and output.

7:30 Am took breakfast with. Water and. 10:30 Am Drank. Of fresh fruit juice. 11:00 Amfirst void urination of9. 12:30 Am Drank. Of water and.

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The specific density of urine in newborn babies should not exceed 1,018, In children from the fifth day to two years - 1,002-1,004, In children 2-3 years - 1,010-1,017, 4-5. 1,012-1,020, In children after 10 years - 1,011-1,025. Leukocyte norm for boys - 5, writing girls - 7; Erythrocytes - 3-4; Epithelial cells - 1-2. How to collect urine for research to obtain adequate analytical results, it is recommended that patients stop taking uroseptics and antibiotics, refrain from using products that may affect color (asparagus, carrots, blueberries, beets, rhubarb) on the eve of delivery of urine. Liquid should be used in the usual volume, no more and no less. Before collecting urine for analysis in children, adults need to carry an ordinary toilet of genital organs, but without the use of antibacterial and disinfectants. It is undesirable to pass urine for analysis during menstruation, shortly after cystoscopy, less than 12 hours after the last sexual intercourse.

urine analysis lab report

Interested physicians will usually have a general urine test. The presence of protein in the urine is allowed, but not more than 300 mg/day. If the norm is overestimated, the kidneys should be checked. When a sharp increase in protein raises the question of hospitalization of the mother. Elevated leukocytes in urine analysis during pregnancy indicate pyelonephritis, renal infections. Blurry urine indicates that it contains urates, phosphates, manure, calcium oxalates, leukocytes, bacteria, red blood cells. The presence of ketone bodies during pregnancy indicates early onset of toxicosis. When receiving a poor urine test, women are advised to give urine for bacteriological sowing, repeated general analysis. Urinalysis in children, in most cases, urinalysis in children is carried out in general, only the norms of urine analysis in a child are different from those of an adult.

of the internal organs, metabolism. Indicators of urine analysis: glucose. Its norm - 0,03-0,05 g/l; Total protein - not more than 0,033 g/l; Amylase edl; Potassium - 38,4-81,8 mmol/day; Phosphorus -.4-1.3 g/day; Sodium mmol/day; Creatinine - in men - 0,64-1,6 g/l, in women - 0,48-1,44 g/l; Microalbumin - no more than 3-4.25 mmol/day; Uric. A poor urine test that detected a deviation from the indicated norms may indicate infection, poisoning, kidney disease, and liver disease. If there is a suspicion of hidden inflammation of the genitourinary system, carry out an analysis on Nechiporenko. For this analysis take the middle part of the jet of urine and pay attention to the elevated levels of leukocytes, red blood cells, and cylinders. The high level of these urine tests indicates infection, cystitis, prostate adenoma, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, glomerulonephritis and other serious kidney diseases. Urinalysis during pregnancy, a pregnant woman undergoes urine analysis at each scheduled examination, as the genitourinary system is experiencing a heavy load, and its functionality should be kept under control.

Norm is considered transparent, and light yellow color of urine, the smell should be shabby. Specific gravity is a coefficient reflecting the ability of the kidneys to concentrate, it should not exceed 1,024. Norm of leukocytes for men - 0-3; 0-6 - for women; Erythrocytes: for men - 0-1; 0-3 - for women. The number of epithelial cells should not exceed 0-10. Proteins, glucose, bile pigments and ketone bodies, parasites, bacteria and fungi should not be in the urine of a healthy person. A bad urine test is called if there are serious deviations from these norms. For example, an increase in specific gravity may indicate diabetes mellitus, a decline in excess fluid in the body and non-sugar diabetes. The reddish color of urine indicates damage summary to the urinary tract, bladder, tumors, colorless urine - about the ongoing kidney disease. It is not desirable to have mucus or bacteria in the urine, its bad smell speaks of bad metabolism, infection, diabetes.

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Home, science, current: Urine Analysis Lab Report, other essays that might be of plan use: 2018 Designed. Interpretation Of The Urinalysis (Part 1) - introduction And Inspection (Health And Medical Video july 2018). Urine tests are conducted in laboratory conditions to detect various diseases, assess the body's condition and dynamics of the disease, the effectiveness of therapy. The final diagnosis is not based solely on the analysis of urine, with its help usually detect deviations and this is the reason for the appointment of additional studies that can finally detect kidney problems, diseases of other internal organs, detect hidden inflammation. There are several types of research: biochemical, general urine analysis and the nechiporenko method. General urine analysis, for preventive purposes, such an analysis is prescribed to all patients who for various reasons have applied to a medical institution. In deciphering this urine analysis, the following indicators are indicated: Color of urine; transparency; scent; specific weight; Protein content, glucose, bile pigments and ketone bodies; leukocytes and erythrocytes; Mushrooms, parasites and bacteria; Epithelium cells; Cylinders and salts.

Urine analysis lab report
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Urine tests are conducted in laboratory conditions to detect various diseases, assess the body's condition and dynamics of the disease, the effectiveness of therapy. Topic: Urine Analysis (Lab Report Sample). Name course Instructor Date Urine Analysis Report 24 hours Input and Output 6:30 Am woke up and void.

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  1. Blood/Urine Analysis Lab Report. The coroner's lab also analyzed an infusion of poppy seeds prepared with the same batch of seeds and confirmed that the concentrations of Codeine and Morphine was extremely high and matched the percentages detected in the autopsy. Urine analysis help in detecting kidney diseases, diabetes, bilharziasis, ketosis, drug abuse, and many other disorders. I preparing a urine sample. Diet also affects the Urine ph and should be taken in consideration while reading a urine analysis report. Download Urine Analysis -lab Report biochem.

  2. There is a lot of importance that comes with testing urine. Healthcare, lab life Science. Brand new lab urine test Strip Analyzer with built-In Printer 400 free tests. Bluetooth urine analyzer bc401.4 lcd microusb monitor 11 Parameters Test. Order of a lab report urinary -.

  3. Urine analysis strips test strips urine medical lab equipments. Analytical instruments urine analyzer for clinical lab use w-200B. Urine analysis ib has the introduction, and instant feedback. General requirement for instructors and provided in class dissertation comics concentration levels, and technology laboratory analysis lab report. So news that a british Airways passenger who paid nearly. Urine Analysis Lab Report Essay sample - bla Bla Writing The senate approved a 4 trillion budget plan after a late-night debate.

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