Tuesday homework

tuesday homework

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Any solutions taken from other sources without good documentation will result in a grade of 0 for the test or assignment and might be cause for referral to the Academic Integrity committee. . If you have questions about what is appropriate, please ask. Students are encouraged to discuss homework assignments with each other; you should certainly share questions and ideas. It is a powerful way to learn the concepts. Each student, however, must write up the homework solutions independently in his/her own words and notation. . One handy way to avoid "borrowing too much" from others is to talk together but not take any written notes away from the conversation. . Suspicious similarities between solution sets may be noted by the grader and may result in a grade of 0 for the homework.

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Your total accumulated score on the homework problems I edinburgh grade will count as " Exam 4 ". . your accumulated score on the remaining homework problems will count as your homework score. Homework assignments will be posted on this web page. Homework 1 : Basis for Grading The four exam scores and the homework score will each count 20 of your grade. . However, homework assignments are an essential part of the course. . If you neglect the homework, your course grade may be dramatically lowered nabokov (regardless of test scores) at my discretion. . I will not have a scale for converting numeric scores into letter grades until the end of the semester. Academic Integrity during examinations "in class" and on take-home Exam 2, no discussion or consultation of any kind with any other person (including internet or other electronic communication) is permitted. you may consult class notes, the text, or any other references for ideas—but any such references must be explicitly documented in your solutions and solutions must be completely written up in your own words. You should avoid trying to "find" solutions to problems elsewhere: that just undercuts your learning. .

However, if there's going to be a change, i'd like to decide that by Thiursday, january 28, so that some students aren't upset by a sudden change later. The "in-class" exam and the final will be "short-answer consisting of such things as definitions, statements of theorems, giving examples/counterexamples, and true/false questions. The take-home" exam will consist of more substantial questions, analogous to homework problems. Homework There will be 6-8 homework sets during the semester. . Usually these will be distributed in class and will be due in class three lectures diary later. . Some of the homework problems are fairly routine, but many are quite challenging. Most homework problems will be read by a grader. However, on about most of the homework sets during the semester, i will select a problem (after homework is collected) and grade that problem myself.

tuesday homework

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Some fairly standard reference texts that are available in the library are. Kaplansky, irving Set Theory and Metric Spaces. Willard, Stephen General Topology. Munkres, james Topology. Kahn, donald, topology: An Introduction to the point-Set and Algebraic Areas Simmons, george Introduction to topology and Modern Analysis Eisenberg, murray topology each of these is quite different, and none follows the material as I'll present. Exams There will be the equivalent of four exams in the course: 1) Exam 1 In class, on Thursday, february. 2) pdf Exam 2 take-home, given out in class on Thursday, march 25, and due in class on tuesday, march. 3) Exam 3 Final exam, on Tuesday, may 11, 1-3. 4) "Exam 4" see description under "Homework" The dates for 1) and 2) can be moved slightly if a majority of the class wants the change.

The notes will be photocopied two-sided, on 3-hole punched paper.  There will be approximately another 125 sheets (2-sided).  so you might need to get abother (or larger) 3 ring binder. Once again, there will again be a charge.00 for the notes to cover the cost of paper, toner and copying time. . you can pay the receptionist in the mathematics Department Office (Cupples i, room 100). She will give me a list of the people who have paid. . The office will accept a check made out to washington University department of Mathematics or cash  (but the exact cash amount is needed; the Office cannot make change). . I will distribute the first 20 pages or so free of charge so that there's no rush; but please make your payment by Friday, january.

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tuesday homework

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Due in class Thursday, april 29 (last day of class). Homework 8 Solutions, instructor, ron Freiwald, my Office. Cupples i, room 203A, my Office hours, m 10:30 - 12:00 and W 11:30 - 12:30 on days when classes are in session, and by appointment. I can change these resume to some other time if there's a big demand but these seem good since homeworks will normally be due on tuesday or Thursday. Tuth 1-2:30 in Cupples i, room 215 (a change of room from last ghostwriter semester!) we can also schedule special meetings to talk about problems if enough people are interested.

Let me know. For all the lectures, you should have read through the notes handed out in the preceding class. . make a note to yourself about anything you don't understand, particularly for the part of those notes that I have already covered in a lecture. Textbook, the textbook i wrote continues for Math 418. As before, i will give out these pages lecture by lecture in class since i'm constantly revising and correcting.

 The material for the remainder of the course will depend on how much time is remains. Details about the course are given below.  Homework, exams and solutions will be posted here is the syllabus. Note: Final Exam is scheduled for tuesday, may 11, 1-3. In the usual classroom: Cupples i, 215.

Homework 1, due in class Thursday, january  28. Homework 1 Solutions, homework 2, due in class tuesday, february . Homework 2 Solutions, homework 3, due in class Thursday, february. Homework 3 Solutions, exam 1 and Solutions, exam 1 Scores. Homework 4, due in class tuesday, march. Homework 4 Solutions, homework 5, due in class Thursday, March 18, homework 5 Solutions. Exam 2 and Solutions, homework 6, due in class Thursday, april. Homework 6 Solutions, homework 7, due in class  Thursday, april 15;  postponed  due date now tuesday, april. Homework 7 Solutions, homework.

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Moreover from the book:.1: 1, 3, 11, 15, 51, 61, 63;.2: 7, 25, 29, 46;.3: 11, 23,. Tuesday's Worksheet: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, thursday's Worksheet: 3, 4, 7, 8,. Math 418 continues the material from Math 417, fall 2009. . In Math 417 we covered basic set theory and cardinal arithmetic, metric spaces, an introduction to topological spaces, complete metric spaces (including completions, the contraction Mapping Theorem, the baire category Theorem remote total boundedness, and compact spaces (with particular emphasis on compact metric spaces). Math 417 ended with some material about connected spaces (Notes, Chapter 5, sections 1-2). Math 418 begin with a quick review of the highlights of Sections.1-5.2 and then continues the discussion on connectedness for one or two additional lectures. . The course then moves on to product and"ent spaces, more interesting "separation axioms" (such as complete regularity and normality and some "big" classical theorems of general topology (such as Urysohn's Metrization Theorem, Urysohn's Lemma, listing and the tietze extension Theorem). Then we will spend some additional time on set theory (ordered sets and ordinal numbers) so that we can learn to do transfinite induction and use zorn's Lemma. A high point of that material comes when we give what is (by then) very simple proof of the tychonoff Product Theorem.

tuesday homework

Recipes are great for inspiration and ideas (especially flavor combinations but trust your skills and not a recipe. When you start doing this, youll see your success rates climb to the moon. Andyoull be able to recreate that Jamie oliver recipe you see on tv without the recipe. Ps if you havent already, postgraduate subscribe to the blog. Rss or, email to pick up more of this series. Pps, top lesson list. Did you see it? Sept 9, old Math 104 finals : 2012 Fall:.

remaining 1 tablespoon butter with olive oil in heavy large skillet. Sprinkle steak with salt and pepper. Add steak to skillet and sauté until brown and cooked to desired doneness, about 4 minutes per side for medium-rare. Transfer steak to plate and pour over sauce. Serve with your favorite side dishes. Tip: pay close attention to these lessons: Pan Frying, pan sauces, and all of the Premium Steak lessons (here is the first one ). this is a great exercise to move you away from always following a recipe word for word.

For example, if you dont know how to properly heat a pan, your food could stick or tear. You also wont be able to achieve that nice, brown crust on your food, which not only adds flavor, it also makes for nice presentation. Another example is if you were to over-brown garlic during the diary first stages of making a sauce or soup. If you were to continue on with the recipe, the dish will, unfortunately, never be that great because the garlic will have imparted a very bitter flavor. Exercise: so, for your exercise, check out the recipe below and tell us, based on your newly-acquired cooking school knowledge, where the critical points are in this recipe. Focus on finding the actionable areas in this recipe that are really important to the success of this dish (could be process, ingredient, preparation, or technique related). In fact, it may be a combination of these. Recipe: peppercorn steak, ingredients: 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) unsalted butter 2 shallots, finely chopped 1 teaspoon drained green peppercorns in brine 2 cups chicken broth 1/2 cup Cognac or brandy 1/4 cup whipping cream 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 1/2-pound top sirloin steak (about. Method: Melt 1 tablespoon butter in heavy medium saucepan over medium-high heat.

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Show me: All results, providers, advice information, what's. February 17, 2009: cooking School Homework Assignment. The goal of this series, and the following exercise, is to try and get you to look at recipes differently from thesis a technical perspective. We want you to start scanning the ingredients and the presented method, and then stop and think about the recipe before executing. In particular, we want you to identify the critical points in a recipe. What are, critical points in a recipe? These are the points in a recipe that will either drive you to success, or will negatively impact the end result if not executed correctly.

Tuesday homework
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  3. This Syllabus is provided for informational purposes regarding the anticipated course content and schedule of this course. Your course grade will be based upon homework, seven quizzes, and the final exam.The other six count for 60 of your grade, the homework counts 20 and the final. MymathLab homework, called, homework 5 you need to do 15 out. Tuesday s Worksheet: no hw Thursday s Worksheet:.

  4. 2 The goal of this series, and the following exercise, is to try and get you to look. Homework 1- due date: Thursday september. Homework 3- due date: tuesday, october. more on Chapter. Homework 9 ; due: tuesday 11/8/11 before class; question 3 has been removed.

  5. 4)I always leave the tv on even if i am doing my homework. Can you come next, tuesday, september 22nd? Access to free online resources and staff support to help all students with their homework every, tuesday and Thursday, 4pm to 6pm and Saturday nbsp. Homework 8 due in class Thursday, april 29 (last day of class). Homework 2 due in class, tuesday, february. February 17, 2009: cooking School.

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