Southside with you review

southside with you review

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But more importantly, they are completely believable in every way as this future first couple. Tanne has taken an unlikely concept and made a sweet date movie that is one to remember. Its a film even Fox News gadfly sean Hannity could love; well, maybe not, but for everyone else i say. Producing with Sumpter and Tanne is Robert teitel. Exec producers include Tracey bing and John Legend, who contributes a beautiful song, Start, over the end credits that is worthy of an Oscar nomination. He reportedly was inspired to write it after seeing an early cut of the movie. Roadside Attractions and Miramax team up on the release, which was a hit at Sundance and opens Friday.

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She believes it would not look good to be involved in any way with someone from her workplace. Chain smoking and much more at ease, barack is far more laid back about the whole situation. There is an eye-opening and inspiring sequence once they get to that meeting, since as it turns out Barack used to be a community organizer in that very district and many of the attendees fawn all over him. He gets up and makes a great speech about lifting people up in their lives and you can see michelle beginning to look at him in a different way, at least a little. Finally he asset convinces her to make this daylong outing an official date, and that means dinner and a movie — spike lees explosive. Do the right Thing. A chance encounter with one of the firms partners outside the theater sets her off again, telling Barack there can be no relationship between the pair. What follows is one of the most liltingly romantic scenes I have seen in awhile, and it also involves ice cream. Southside with you offers some premium product placement for Baskin-Robbins, the kind of thing you just cant buy. It really is remarkable how Sumpter, who also serves as a producer, and Sawyers look like younger versions of the Obamas and also really get the cadence of their voices.

Barack Obama and future flotus michelle robinson, turns out to be lovely to watch and absorb. I doubt the Obamas themselves would think this would make compelling summertime screen entertainment, but it is sweet stuff with lots of food for thought. As I say in my video review above, what makes it really hum are the exceptional dead-on performances of its leads. Parker Sawyers and, tika sumpter. The format here is similar to what Richard Linklater did with the. Before sunset trilogy, where essentially we see ethan Hawke and Julie delpy walking around talking about their lives. That is what happens here as Michelle, who works in a chicago law firm, heads out to a community meeting and is accompanied by one of the firms summer associates, barack, who is working there while on a break from his studies at Harvard. He keeps trying to turn it into a date, but she is insistent the outing is strictly a professional thing, resisting his overtures at every turn even as they take detours to an art museum, eat ice cream, walk around the city, etc.

southside with you review

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Spike lee s groundbreaking, do the right Thing. To tell a love story about a sitting President was a bold move by tanne, especially since the film eschews scandal or controversy by sticking to the facts. And while this isnt an obvious choice of material in chronicling the life of our nations first black president, it proves to be a touching one. Moreover, the film is just as much about Michelle—clearly a strong influence on Baracks policies and passions—as it is about our president, which makes it all the more satisfying. While the script itself is at times very on-the-nose (sometimes distractingly so it charms more often than not and is ultimately a very sweet movie about a very important couple in the history of the United States. Rating: b, click here to catch up on all of our Sundance 2016 coverage thus far, and peruse our other reviews below. Image via sundance, related Content). One of the most unexpected movie ideas of the year, southside with you, writer-director Richard Tannes account of the 1989 first date between.

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southside with you review

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The film even opens with Obama essay lighting up a cigarette, which is a frequent occurrence throughout the film as Michelle looks on in disapproval. What really makes the film, though, is the performances of Sumpter and Sawyers. They pet transcend simple impressions and manifest as three-dimensional characters. Sumpter is strong-willed, a bit contentious, and very sharp, while sawyers performance is just the right kind of laid-back with an undercurrent of sincerity throughout. They make no efforts to smooth out the rougher edges of their personalities either, as Sawyers Obama can be pushy and a bit cocky, while sumpters coldness is at times tough to crack.

Image via sundance, ultimately, though, while this is a film about our President and First Lady, it is at heart a love story. Barack and Michelle argue about aspirations, their backgrounds, and their current corporate-geared jobs, but the romantic spark between the two flows just beneath the surface, culminating in an incredibly sweet and touching moment of passion towards the end of the film. If you remove the historic importance of these two characters, southside with you still mostly works as a simple love story between a pair of intellectuals striving for greatness. Tanne makes the jump to feature film territory with ease, guiding this story along with elegance to spare. Patrick Scola is striking, and paints a warm portrait of the city where barack and Michelle got their professional starts. The soundtrack as well is time and character appropriate, and if you know the frequently-told story of this particular date, youll be happy to know the film does include barack and Michelle attending a showing.

Barack and, michelle Obama, i was curious to find out why this film exists. Theres nothing remotely scandalous or dramatic about the first date between our nations First couple, so whats the need to chronicle the event. Before sunrise -esque fashion? But once i was watching the film i understood: Barack Obamas presidency is an undeniably historic event in our nations history—hes the first non-white President ever, and Michelle is the first non-white first Lady ever, so understanding the origin story and background of this couple. They bring an entirely different point of view to the White house given their backgrounds, and by chronicling their first date and showing shades of the people they would become, tanne offers a sweet, oftentimes too on-the-nose meet Cute of historic importance, anchored.

Tika sumpter and, parker Sawyers. Very much inspired by, richard Linklater s, before trilogy, which followed a single days conversation between two would-be/have-been lovers, southside with you begins the morning of Barack and Michelles first date, in the summer of 1989 in Chicago, and encompasses the events of the entire day. While michelle is under the impression that shes simply meeting her colleague to accompany him for a meeting, barack quickly makes it clear that hed like nothing more than to make this an official date. Thinking a romantic relationship unprofessional, michelle maintains that its not a date until she says so, but agrees to accompany barack to an art museum and a walk through the park before a community meeting later in the afternoon. The conversation between the two covers plenty of ground, from religion to aspirations to baracks complicated relationship with his father. Indeed, while tannes script wants to make clear parallels between who barack and Michelle were in the 1980s and what kind of President and First Lady they become, the dialogue is at times strained and inelegant as certain topics feel unnatural, arising only because they. But for the most part, the films lack of subtlety is forgivable. Barack gives a rousing speech during the community meeting that maybe feels a bit too familiar, but the guy didnt simply acquire great oratory skills once he took office; the script may be obvious but its not misleading. And this isnt hagiography either—Barack is honest about his difficult relationship with his father, and the religious beliefs of Barack and Michelle are directly addressed.

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"The trajectory of the date is about 90 accurate said Tanne, adding that he mostly culled from the public domain, since the Obamas were in no way involved. They went to the art institute, they gps had lunch afterwards, they saw. Do the right Thing, they kissed outside the baskin Robbins. "There was some question as to whether or not the community organizing meeting happened in the first date, or just early in the courtship. But dramatically it worked, so i just put. Its a fictionalized account i tried to make it as accurate as possible.". Have something to say about this review? Share it in the comments. Going into, southside with plan you, writer/director, richard Tanne s drama about the first date between.

southside with you review

That ride, by the way, will take place in a shitty yellow Datsun Sentra, with butts in the ashtray and a hole in the floor. Michelle, already wary of dating a co-worker, is going to be a challenge for the kid, who is more than up for. This is my first lead, and I live outside the country, so nobody knew me, sawyers said. So i just figured everyone thought I would suck anyway so, there wasnt that much pressure. That ease translates into every scene as the smooth talker starts breaking down Michelles walls, brick-by-brick. And the turning point comes when the young Obama brings her to a community meeting with a component he didnt tell her about beforehand: Not only do the elders in attendance immediately start talking him up, but he stands to speak before the crowd and. Michelle is swept up in it, but she recognizes the ruse — just because shes impressed doesnt mean her defenses have been defeated. And there are more challenges ahead but — spoiler alert — it works out pretty well for them both. There is some dispute as to whether Obama took robinson to that meeting on the first date or a subsequent one, but first-time writer-director Richard Tanne couldnt the resist.

social and racial issues, family dynamics and, yes — romance. Ultimately, i just wanted to see someone who looked like me falling in love up there, tika sumpter, the producer who plays Michelle Obama and was instrumental in getting the film made, said at the end of an audience q a that followed the films. That remark got a loud whoop from the audience, attending the park city festival at a time when diversity in Hollywood is the foremost issue in entertainment. Sumpter is phenomenal, playing then-Michelle robertson as the accomplished, up-and-coming corporate lawyer who is deeply skeptical of the smooth-talking summer associate who is making no bones about his romantic interest in her. That would be the young Barack Obama, played with an otherworldly ease and assurance by newcomer Parker Sawyers. This is not an Obama impression — not in the least. Though Sawyers bears a faint resemblance, his manner in both speech and physicality evince Obama in such a breezy, seamless way that you at once forget that youre watching an actor. It's the young Obama, right before your eyes. From the moment we first see him — his fingers, really, pulling a half-smoked cigarette from a dirty ashtray to take a drag — were locked in and along for the ride.

By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can: transfer your personal data to the United States or other countries, and process your personal data to serve you with personalized ads, subject to your. Eu data subject Requests. Park city, utah to call, southside with you the Obamas first-date movie is to sell it terribly short. Though the entire film is a linear account of that day, now fixed in presidential mythology, its so very much more. It starts as a study of courtship, the kind where the young woman isnt so sure about the young suitor. But as it unfolds, multiple, interlocking themes emerge, nearly all of which will shape not just this day-long outing, but the course of history. See also: Sundance review: 'manchester by the sea' is a masterpiece about moving. Make no mistake: southside with you keeps its feet firmly planed in Chicago, and on that very day. There are no flash-forwards, no winky allusions to the presidency that is to come.

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Southside with you review
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  2. Review: Director-star John Krasinski works hard at making 'The hollars' likable. Afi cancels 'birth of a nation' screening after Nate parker controversy. Southside with you soundtrack. When asking about what song is playing during a scene, please specify around what minute. Sumbit a question/answer or review.

  3. Who really knows what this first date was like? Ttv news Channel entertainment-News southside with you review southside with you. The large hole in the passenger side floor of his raggedy vehicle will not diminish his swagger nor derail his plan. See also: Sundance review : 'manchester by the sea' is a masterpiece about moving. Make no mistake: southside with you keeps its feet firmly planed in Chicago, and on that very day. "Southside with you." A sweet date-night movie inspired by the first date between Barack Obama and the then-Michelle robinson and.

  4. Reviews Box Office heat Vision roundtables afci global Directory. 'southside with you sundance review. Pushing things a bit on his side and her pushing back on the other. The result makes you realize how few realistic and three-dimensional date movies have been made in an era of throbbing. Review : Barack and Michelle's First Date, imagined, in southside with you. Southside with you isnt, of course, a documentary.

  5. Southside with you isnt perfect, and it is no before sunrise, but its still a well written, well-acted and believable romantic drama that exceeds expectations. Southside with you arrives on Blu-ray on December 13, 2016. Review by Erik samdahl unless otherwise indicated. The latest Tweets from southside with you southside_movie). SouthsideWithyou, inspired by barack and Michelle Obamas first date - now on Blu-ray, dvd digital. Southside with you is about Barack Obama, but writer/director Richard Tanne takes a different approach in his inspection of the world leaders personality, traveling back to 1989, where a young lawyer from Chicago went out on a date.

  6. Southside with you review: The Obamas meet Cute sundance 2016. Going into southside with you, writer/director Richard Tannes drama about the first date between Barack and Michelle Obama, i was curious to find out why this film exists. A movies commercial prospects dont usually rise and fall with its subjects polling numbers, but the best news for Richard Tannes southside with you is that Barack Obamas approval ratings continue to climb. Southside with you, about the first date of Barack Obama and the future first lady, is sweet and enlightening deadline's Pete hammond says. As I say in my video review above, what makes it really hum are the exceptional dead-on performances of its leads Parker Sawyers and tika sumpter.

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