Restaurant essay

restaurant essay

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Of course, i would like to emphasize on Malaysian food to all the foreign tourists, for example laksa, nasi lemak and others. In addition, i will organize an activity on every wednesday; the winner of the lucky draw will get the special set of the day. The guests who spent more than RM399 will get a discount voucher and win a chance to enjoy a free buffet. The buffet will be held on 11th of every month, the price is just RM39 per person. It include sushi, western food, sea food, dessert and others different kind of food. 2.2 Price, it is a must for a five star restaurant to provide good ingredient for the quality of our food. However, the price would be reasonable, due to different ingredients and different dishes.

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My employees must memorize restaurant's menu and taste all the food on the menu so that they will know how to answer customers when they ask about the question of their food. Being familiar with the beverage, specials, meals and appetizers will help customers be easier to decide what to order. By providing a generous tip, customers will feel that they are helpful. Apart from that, courtesy is very important in today's society because it shows respect to others. Common courtesy for an example like listen attentively when customer is talking to you, if there was no respect for customers; they will feel that you're not polite. Other than that, the importance of a dress code for professionalism varies somewhat by industry. Employees need a dress code to maintain a professional image, it influences a small businesses may benefit by maintaining a strong professional image. Conversely, the customers would feel uncomfortable if the employees are not dressing professionally when the employees serve them. I will give my employees two business sets uniforms, so that they can usually clean their uniforms. 2.1 Menu, i would like to hire a multiple variety of chefs, this is because everyone has different preferences, and for examples like some people are vegetarian.

One of the most important service skills you can develop is the ability to understand and effectively respond towards the customers requirements and interest. 2.0 content, my restaurant must attain five star standards. Staff must take order in a short time. In this regard can be seen by the waiter's attitude and shop efficiency. The main responsibility is to confirm that all customers are happy and their requirements are met. For instance, you must also have a pleasant disposition and possess the flexibility to respond to a variety of demands from your customers. Plus, diary i will design more kind of food to satisfy all different kind of demand. However, most important responsibilities are to ensure accurate customer orders, so they received the dish exactly the way they like.

restaurant essay

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They will feel pleased and comfort when theyre having their meal so i will choose a place that is very beautiful. Moreover, i will always entertain all the guests with friendly manner. When the guests come in, we should greet the customer thesis no matter how the customer is or how arrogant they are. This is because customer can never be wrong. We should let them feel that they are being respected. In a nutshell, customer service is important to my restaurant because without customers there would no business. It has many advantages, for example they will get more customer come to visit, sales got increased, build up public image lined towards their restaurants reputation, satisfied customers and greater job satisfaction for staff, repeat business and customer loyalty and others.

The theme of my dream restaurant must be my favorite cartoon-Hello kitty; it is a very popular and stylish character. I hope my restaurant can provide warmth and blessing to each and every customer. In addition, i would like to use pink color to decorate my restaurant, let guests feel cosy. Furthermore, store hygiene can attract more customers. Clean restaurant will make customers feel very relaxed and comfortable; theyll be very pleased to visit again. Otherwise if it was not hygienic, customers will lose confidence and even cast doubt on whether the cleanliness of your food. We will give the customers first impression that our restaurant looks great in atmosphere.

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restaurant essay

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1.0 resume introduction of question 2. 2.0 content of question. 3.0 conclusion of question 2. Bibliography 16, question, if you owned your own restaurant, what kind would it be? What type of food? Greasy spoon or five star?

There are many way to define words like diversity and multi-cultural. However, what defines our cultural as much as anything is the food we eat. Please explain how food plays in important part in your familys cultural. Provide example as the how food defines you, your familys culture and your ethnicity. Be as specific as possible. Everyone also has a dream restaurant, including. I want to have my own restaurant from childhood.

I read my Professors comments and edited my essay by following what she had written in the comments. I followed Smarthinkings editing advice on grammar and comma errors. This assignment can let me improve my English and writing. In question 1, i know that we must always use a polite manner to treat guests whatever how the guests are. Besides that, we must always respect others.

Apart from that, question 2 let me find out all the interesting things of Chinese culture. I think the Chinese culture is pretty meaningful, we must continue to pass down these cultural to next generation. Main content, bil, content, page. Question 1. 1.0 introduction of question 1. 2.0 content of question 1 5-7-. 3.0 conclusion of question 1.

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China buffet might not be the best Chinese restaurant in Minnesota, but it stands out from other Chinese restaurants because its cheap. Its affordable price attracts customers to thesis give it a try. Their delicious food is so inviting. The cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect place to eat and bond with a family. This week, i focused on improving my draft thesis statement, organization, developing my conclusion, and correcting grammar and comma errors. I omitted the third person in my first paragraph to demonstrate that my primary audience is my Professor. I read aloud my essay and found some grammatical errors.

restaurant essay

When it comes to dessert, they have different kinds of ice cream, but I love butter Pecan the most because of its softness and creaminess. I cant help but to look around at the restaurants attractive ambiance while i am eating. A typical Chinese restaurant, there were Chinese pictures hanging, but I love the huge picture of the Great Wall of China. From afar, it looks like a mural engraved on the restaurants wall. The hanging lamp gives warmth and serenity of the area. Their utensils and drink dispensers are organized and the carpet is plan very clean. They have a huge fish tank where most of the children are enjoying watching the fish. The ladies room is clean and odor free.

shrimp, crab meat, clams and mussels. They have different kinds of shrimp meal. I tried their crispy shrimp which was coated with flour and egg and some seasoning. I love the crispiness of its shell and the softness of the shrimps meat. Their chicken satay blends well with fried rice. Their Happy family meal that is common in the Chinese restaurant is so delicious. They call it Happy family because it has chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, and mixed vegetables stir-fried in soy sauce and sugar.

I enjoyed eating at China buffet because of its affordability, delicious food, and the beautiful setting. The price of their buffet is 10 per person, and it includes beverages. There are a paper variety of salads in their salad station: fruit, vegetable, and seafood. Their main meal is composed of chicken, pork, beef, and fish. For dessert, they serve ice cream, cookies, and different kinds of cakes. For their beverages, they serve soda, milk, juice, and chocolate milk, but tea is my favorite. The food is excellent so its well worth the price. China buffets food is excellent and healthy. They have food stations for meat lovers and vegetarians.

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Review of China buffet Restaurant, i am a food lover, and i enjoyed eating in a chinese restaurant. I tried different restaurants in our place, but what interests me most is the China buffet Restaurant. China buffet is located at Madison avenue at the heart of Mankato, one of the biggest cities in Minnesota. The restaurant has a seating capacity of approximately 100 people. They have several food stations. Although the name China buffet speaks for itself, their food stations consist of American, Italian, and Japanese food. The owner purposely includes a variety of food because of competition.

Restaurant essay
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This is a food, review on the new Crunchy raspberry. So this book was something different for me in lot.

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  3. Do you prefer to eat at a resturant or at home? A sample toefl independent ( type 2) essay.

  4. This assignment can let me improve m y english and writing. In question 1, i know that we must always use. Restaurant Management Running a restaurant can be one of the most s tressful jobs as well as the most fun and rewarding jobs. Free essay: McDonald s, my favorite restaurant McDonald s is a fast food restaurant chain and has over 32000 locations in more than 100. And explain what makes this restaurant so spe cial to you and others. The name of my favourite restaurant is (say the name of the restaurant you are going to talk about) and it s situated in the centre.

  5. My family would eat at a restaurant, diner, or buffet at least once a week, often more than once. The trouble with eating Italian food, says woody Allen, is that five or s ix days later you re hungry again. This" reminds me of my favorite restaurant which. I am a food lover, and i enjoyed eating in a chinese restaurant. I tried different restaurants in our place, but what interests me most is the China buffet Restaurant. Want to have my own Restaurant tourism Essay.

  6. Restaurant essays everyone has a favorite restaurant that he or she loves to eat. The best restaurant to go to in Altoona is The Olive garden. Free essay: my favorite restaurants As far back as I can remember, i have always l iked going out to eat. Two of my favorite restaurants are jake s and. As a child, i was not fond of eating out.

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