Qa engineer summary

qa engineer summary

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Software problem are listed below:. Purchasing the license of tool (qtp, selenium, qc, lr). Lack of skilled Tester to run the tool. Expectation that automated tests will find a lot of new defects. Maintenance of automated tests. Technical problems of tools What is the role of qa in a project development? Qa stands for quality assurance.

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Priority: concern with application from the business analysis point of view. It answers: How quickly we need to fix the bug? Or How soon the bug should get fixed? Severity: concern with functionality of application. It deals with the impact of the bug on the application. How much the bug is affecting the functionality of the application? High Priority and Low severity: Company logo is not properly displayed on their website. High Priority and High severity: Suppose you are doing online shopping and filled payment information, but after submitting the form, you get a message like "Order has been cancelled." Low Priority and High severity: If we have a typical scenario in which the application get. Low Priority and Low severity: There is a mistake like "you have registered success" instead of successfully, success is written. What are the common problems with software automation?

Such defects are postponed - now, tester checks whether similar defect was raised earlier. If yes defect is assigned a status duplicate - when bug apple is assigned to developer. During this stage bug is assigned a status in-progress - once code is fixed. Defect is assigned with fixed status. next the tester will re-test the code. In case the test case passes the defect is closed - if the test case fails again the bug is re-opened and assigned to the developer. Thats all to bug Life cycle. What is severity and priority of bug?

qa engineer summary

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retesting has higher priority over regression, but in some case retesting and regression testing are carried out in parallel. Explain bug life cycle. Bug Life cycle: - when a tester finds a bug. The bug is assigned with new or open status. the online bug is assigned to development project manager who will analyze the bug. He will check whether it is a valid defect. If it is not valid bug is rejected, now status is rejected. if not, next the defect is checked whether it is in scope. When bug is not part of the current release.

testware is term given to combination of all utilities and application software that required for testing a software package. Testware is special because it has:. Different metrics for quality and. Different users What is difference between Retesting and Regression testing? The difference between Retesting and Regression testing are as follows: - retesting is done to verify defects fixes where as regression is perform to check if the defect fix have not impacted other functionality that was working fine before doing changes in the code. retesting is planned testing based on the defect fixes listed where as regression is not be always specific to any defect fix. Also regression can be executed for some modules or all modules. retesting concern with executing those test cases that are failed earlier whereas regression concern with executing test cases that was passed in earlier builds.

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qa engineer summary

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The difference between smoke and sanity testing is described below: - sanity testing is performed when new build is released after fixing bugs where as smoke testing is performed to check the major functionalities of the application. sanity is performed by the tester or the developer but smoke testing can be performed by the tester or developer. smoke testing is performed earlier where as sanity is performed after the smoke testing. sanity testing is narrow and deep approach of testing and smoke testing is focused testing based on major functionalities. What is destructive testing, and what are its benefits? Destructive testing includes methods where material is broken down to evaluate the mechanical properties, such as strength, toughness and hardness.

For example, finding the quality of a weld is good enough to withstand extreme pressure and also to verify the properties of a material. Benefits of Destructive testing (DT) - verifies properties of a material - determines quality of welds - helps essay you to reduce failures, accidents and costs - ensures compliance with regulations What is Testware? The testware is: - the subset of software which helps in performing the testing of application. testware are required to plan, design, and execute tests. It contains documents, scripts, inputs, expected results, set-up and additional software or utilities used in testing.

This will lead to plan the process which will make sure that product coming out meets the customer quality expectation. Qa also plays a major role in the communication between teams. It gives time to step up the testing environment. The testing phase starts after the test plans are written, reviewed and approved. What are verification and validation and difference between these two? Verification: process of evaluating steps which is followed up to development phase to determine whether they meet the specified requirements for that stage.

Validation: process of evaluating product during or at the end of the development process to determine whether product meets specified requirements. Difference between Verification and Validation: - verification is Static Testing where as Validations is Dynamic Testing. verification takes place before validation. verification evaluates plans, documents, requirements and specifications, where as Validation evaluates product. verification inputs are checklist, issues list, walkthroughs and inspection, where as in Validation testing of actual product. verification output is set of documents, plans, specifications and requirement documents where as in Validation actual product is output. What is difference between Smoke testing and Sanity testing?

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The process set. Qa is implemented. The qc is the responsibility of the tester. Software testing: is the process of ensuring that product which is developed by the developer meets the user requirement. The motive to perform testing is to find the bugs margaret and make sure that they get fixed. When to start, qA in a project? A good time to start the. Qa is from the beginning of the project startup.

qa engineer summary

- quality Assurance. What is difference between, qa, qc and Software testing? Quality Assurance qa qa refers to the planned and systematic way of monitoring the quality of process which is followed to produce a quality product. Qa tracks the outcomes and adjusts the process to meet the expectation. Quality control (qc concern with the quality of the product. Qc finds the defects and suggests improvements.

Software Engineer Resume Example page. Software Engineer Resume Statements, expertise in software engineering fundamentals and data warehousing functions. Proven ability to build high performance, secure, data driven applications with quality code. Strong understanding of java, c, j2ee, sql, xml, oracle and object-oriented development. Solid knowledge of concepts and procedures of common software development methodologies. Extensive experience with database design, algorithm development, source control, embedded proposal systems and multi-threaded software development environments. Design, develop and implement large scale enterprise level software systems. Conduct software and systems monitoring, testing and quality assurance.

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Software Engineering Resume Example for Software Engineering professional. The resume can be a reference for most software or programming positions. The summary documents first experience in object-oriented design/analysis, software development, requirements planning and testing. The writer also identifies skills in java development, ooad and raid configuration. Core business skills include it management, mentoring, requirements planning, prototyping, conceptual design and interface implementation. The job seeker also uses a technical Expertise section to document specific it skills such as java, swing, c, c, j2ee, corba, uml, jsp. The education section lists the. In Computer Science along with other training and respected affiliations.

Qa engineer summary
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  1. Innovative software testing solutions - tools and services for automated and manual testing of application software, web sites, middleware, and system software. Read the top 50 manual testing interview questions and answers. And get acquaint with all basic and advanced software testing concepts.

  2. Quality Assurance, qa interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced - list of Software. Quality Assurance, qa questions with answers - what is Software. Quality Assurance?, What is Software testing?, Why does software have bugs? This article is an effort to summarize my research and thought process behind getting. Qa, software testing certification. I hope this will help those who are facing the same dilemma.

  3. Interview questions for, qA, tester Author: Prakash Nepal Started: Janury 25, 2007 Background: t has been around more than 10 years now (Time just flies huh!). Qa, interview questions and Answers were prepared with our real-time experience. Qa, job Interview questions are for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Engineer, resume Example for professional with sample showing knowledge of software development and object oriented design using java. Search biotech, clinical research and pharmaceutical jobs from our network of premier life sciences employers.

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