Lost in the funhouse summary

lost in the funhouse summary

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( audio : The Eleven ) he and the master also enjoyed building "time flow analogues" to disrupt each other's experiments. ( tv : The time monster ) At the Academy, the doctor would often skip classes to practice yo-yos and juggling. ( prose : Match of the day ) The doctor was taught at the Academy that "the universe was nothing but a functional chain of causality at every level, governed by the oldest and simplest laws by a tutor the eighth Doctor would later describe. ( prose : Interference: Shock tactic ) At the Academy, the doctor conducted an experiment in which he created a bacteria known as the Ablative, with the ensuing scandal nearly getting him expelled until it was covered up by the Academy, who believed that all. ( audio : Planet of the rani ) In his fiftieth year at the Academy, the doctor made an enemy of his fellow student, valyes, after he fed a snapping wart fowl to valyes' summer project. ( audio : The next Life ) The doctor didn't attend his time-travel proficiency lesson, which made him unqualified to operate a tardis, and rejected an offer to retake the lesson. ( prose : Festival of death ) The doctor also failed practical theology, but was highly commended for landscape gardening, ( prose : All-Consuming Fire ) and received a poor grade in Time lord philosophy.

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( audio : The wormery ) When he was "just a kid" of ninety, he visited the medusa cascade. ( tv : The Stolen Earth ) The eighth Doctor stated that he was a terror until the age of one-hundred-and-twenty, claiming that he was a late developer. ( audio : The next Life ) As his fourth incarnation recalled, the doctor was a "spotty teenager" for fifty years. ( comic : Doctor Who and the time witch ) Borusa lectures the young Time lord. ( comic : Vortex Butterflies ) When the doctor was a young boy, borusa told him off for his attitude, and that he would be lucky to receive a class Three doctorate. Borusa taught him to be seen to respect tradition, even though he did not, ( comic : Vortex Butterflies ) and also gave him a lecture on regeneration, telling the doctor; "you will walk into a storm and a stranger will walk back out. And that stranger will be you." Borusa also told him to "never break eye contact with a shape-shifter as he would "see it everywhere he looked, and would never be able to trust anyone again". ( prose : The day of the doctor ) At the Academy, he and the master joined the " Gallifrey academy hot five " band, with the doctor playing the lead perigosto. ( prose : deadly reunion ) he once attended a party on the moon of Korpal, and met fellow academy student, rummas, but report was too drunk to remember. Soon after, he and Rummas began sharing Borusa as a tutor. ( prose : Spiral Scratch ) he was also part of the same zero-grav hyperball team as Padrac.

He had been told by Old Lady nine teeth that it was called Plutarch, where his cousins called it Lung, and his friends at the Academy called it mount Cadon. His mentor told him that the mountain had all three names, and told him that whatever he called it would determine the way in which it was climbed. ( prose : The Three paths ) The doctor left the gallifreyan equivalent of primary school aged forty-five. ( prose : Shroud of Sorrow ) While he was "little the doctor and his friend, the master, ran together ( tv : death in heaven ) across the fields of the master's estates by mount Perdition. ( tv : The End of Time ) The master would often hypnotise others, and the doctor would un-hypnotise them, having learnt hypnotism from the master. ( prose : The dark path ) Alongside other friends, the doctor would ride a presentation skimmer. ( audio : The paradise of death ) Still a "small boy the doctor wrote a treatise on the chromosomal origins of love. His tutor said that he missed the point entirely and gave him a "rubbish" grade.

lost in the funhouse summary

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( comic : Mortal Beloved ) On his first day at the Academy, ( tv : World Enough and Time ) the doctor formed strong friendships with both the master paper and the war Chief. ( prose : divided loyalties ) The master soon became the doctor's "man crush and the two friends formed a pact to see every star in the universe together. ( tv : World Enough and Time ) While at the time lord Academy, the doctor spent four days in the Cloisters, where he talked to the Cloister Wraiths, who told him of the prophecy of " the hybrid and showed him a secret passage. According to his twelfth incarnation, the experience drove him "completely mad and he was "never right in the head again" afterwards. ( tv : Hell Bent ) Missy claimed that while growing up, the doctor started calling himself "Doctor Who" shredder to "sound mysterious but "dropped the 'who' when he realised it was a tiny bit on the nose." ( tv : World Enough and Time ). ( prose : Falls the Shadow ) During his first year at the Academy, the doctor gained a troublesome reputation by trapping his teacher in a time-loop for a day, ( prose : Island of death ) and "mucking about" with space-time portals, something the. ( prose : Made of Steel ) he also frequently played "truant" to drink with the Shobogans, visit the hermit on his mountain, and venture into low Town with the master. ( prose : The eight Doctors ) At the age of ten, the doctor was "caught skinny-dipping with a pretty female cousin of an acquaintance". ( prose : Unnatural History ) At the age of thirty, the doctor asked k'anpo rimpoche the name of the mountain on which he dwelled.

( tv : Doctor Who ) At some point in his youth, the doctor became addicted to using vortex manipulators. The Eleventh Doctor once described his past self as "40-a-day man". ( comic : Space in Dimension Relative and Time ) Education During his formative years, the doctor was "brain-buffed" at his home by his avatroid Tutor, badger. During this time, the doctor was forced to learn by rote and was taught about the legacy of Rassilon and the story of Otherstide. The young Doctor disliked this form of learning and would often cause distractions and try to escape his lessons. ( prose : Lungbarrow ) like all Time lords, the doctor was taken from his family at the age of eight for the selection process. ( prose : a brief History of Time lords ) Staring into the Untempered Schism as part of a time lord initiation rite, he reacted by running away. ( tv : The sound of Drums ) The doctor attended the time lord Academy as a member of the Prydonian Chapter, and received tutelage from Borusa, ( tv : The deadly Assassin ) and Azmael. ( tv : The Twin Dilemma ) The tenth Doctor claimed that he spent "centuries" at the Academy.

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lost in the funhouse summary

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However, the hermit gave no words of pdf advice when he heard the doctor tell him all his troubles, but instead pointed at a flower, which the doctor had dismissed as a weed. As he descended the mountain, the world no longer seemed so grim to him and the doctor noticed the colours of the rocks and the vibrancy of life in the flowers. ( tv : The time monster ) The doctor spent what he felt where some of the finest hours of his life with his guru, being taught how to look into his own mind and being told ghost stories about the king Vampire. ( tv : Planet of the Spiders, state of Decay ) The doctor wanted to be an explorer when he was young, but because the time lords had already explored every time and place, he didn't believe there was any point to him becoming. He then found a reason and whenever he felt hopeless, he remembered that reason.

( prose : The Frozen Wastes ) Despite this, the doctor would later claim to have been a pioneer amongst his people, ( tv : The rescue ) due to the subconscious memory of his life as the Other. ( prose : Cold Fusion, lungbarrow ) As a child, the doctor would play conkers. ( tv : The highlanders ) he also toyed with trains, ( tv : The evil of the daleks ) and had a dream to one day drive one. ( tv : Black Orchid ) Amongst grey his favourite bedtime stories were The Three little sontarans, the Emperor Dalek's New Clothes and Snow White and the seven keys to doomsday. ( tv : Night Terrors ) he played in the tunnels under the panopticon as a child. ( audio : Order of the daleks ) he also watched a meteor storm on Gallifrey with his father.

( prose : Lungbarrow ) During his childhood, the doctor would leave his house, going to sleep in a barn ( tv : Listen ) in the Drylands, ( tv : Hell Bent ) where he would weep over his fears, ( tv : Listen. ( tv : The Empty Child ) When Madame de pompadour read the tenth Doctor 's mind, she said he was "such a lonely little boy." ( tv : The girl in the fireplace ) he had at least two imaginary friends, named Binker (. ( audio : The widow's Assassin ) Comforted by a kind stranger, the young Doctor weeps. ( tv : Listen ) As a time tot, the doctor played hide and seek with the rani, with his ninth incarnation recalling that his skill at finding her "drove her nuts". He held the time-tot hide and seek championship for forty-two years in a row.

( comic : weapons of Past Destruction ) he also believed humans to be a myth as a time tot. ( prose : The Shining Man ) When he was just a "small child the doctor's mother told him the story of Grandfather Paradox, a story which scared the doctor so much that he worried that Grandfather Paradox was hiding in his wardrobe or under. ( prose : The gallifrey chronicles ) Also in his childhood, the doctor was frightened by the "mythological horror" stories about the fendahl, ( tv : Image of the fendahl ) looked to Omega as his people's greatest hero, ( tv : The Three doctors. ( tv : The wedding of Sarah Jane Smith ) The doctor also had nightmares for years about an elderly lady who had been covered in veils after she died on a hot day, with the heat causing flies to swarm around her corpse. ( tv : heaven Sent ) The doctor spent a lot of time by the sea as a boy, where he believed the dead were out there, whispering to him from the waves. ( prose : Matrix ) On "the blackest day of his life he went to visit a hermit on the side of the mountain his family's house rested on in southern Gallifrey. While climbing the mountain, the young Doctor saw only dull coloured rocks and weeds.

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( prose : Unnatural History ) he had at least one brother, Irving Braxiatel, ( prose : tears of writing the book Oracle ) and an uncle. ( tv : Time and the rani ) The doctor claimed many times that he was half- human on his mother's side, ( tv : Doctor Who ; prose : Alien Bodies, the Infinity doctors, the Scarlet Empress, unnatural History, the Shadows of avalon, grimm. ( comic : The comfort of the good ) Ashildr would speculate the doctor was a half-human half-Time lord hybrid, something the Twelfth Doctor neither confirmed or denied. ( tv : Hell Bent ) According to his third incarnation, the doctor lived in a "house that was perched halfway up the top of a mountain" in the mountains of south Gallifrey. ( tv : The time monster, planet of the Spiders ) Known as the house of Lungbarrow, this house was one of the Ancient Oldblood houses and overlooked the cadonflood river. ( prose : Lungbarrow ) he grew up in Lungbarrow with his family. ( prose : Lungbarrow, unnatural History ) A lonely and depressed youth, the doctor did not get along with his family, being bullied by many of his cousins, who would call him cruel names to reflect the fact that the doctor had been loomed with.

lost in the funhouse summary

The first Doctor met his end after his battle with the cybermen in Antarctica caused a loss of purpose strength to maintain his ancient body due to mondas draining a large portion of his life force. Initially, he refused to go through with the change until an encounter with a future incarnation also refusing to regenerate caused the doctor to witness the type of person he would soon become. As a result, his fear of the change was turned to reassurance for his future, causing him to accept his regeneration into his next body. Biography life on Gallifrey youth and upbringing The doctor was born on Gallifrey, home planet of the time lords, ( tv : The war Games, the time warrior, death in heaven ) "the oldest and most mighty race in the universe ( tv : The. ( tv : The Shakespeare code ) he was born under the sign of Crossed Computers, the symbol of the maternity service, ( tv : The Creature from the pit ) with Clara Oswald also telling Robin hood that the doctor was born "into wealth. ( prose : Human Nature ) The fifth Doctor recounted his birth to patience, telling her that he was "born at Otherstide through the loom of the house of Lungbarrow in southern Gallifrey." ( audio : Cold Fusion ) As the Eleventh Doctor told Amy. ( tv : a good Man goes to war ) The doctor stated he had a mother and father, ( tv : Doctor Who ) as well as a family ( tv : The tomb of the cybermen ) and childhood, ( tv : The.

Vicki had gained a new companion. Steven taylor, with whom the doctor had a relatively uneasy relationship. Vicki eventually left the doctor's company as well, also after falling in love with a man she met on in Ancient, troy. After a lengthy fight with the daleks, Steven soon became bitter towards the doctor, blaming him for the several deaths of their travelling companions. Katarina and, sara kingdom, but eventually forgave him. They were then joined. Ultimately, steven decided to stay to help a civilisation they had encountered, while dodo was later injured in an adventure and decided to remain home in her own time, while the doctor found himself joined. Ben Jackson and, polly Wright, to whom he was much more kind; he hoped to prevent them from leaving as Steven had.

They settled for a time. Earth in 1963, where susan was a student. He was forced to abruptly depart from golf Earth with Susan's teachers, ian Chesterton and, barbara Wright, kidnapping them from their own time after they went to investigate their unusual pupil. After much travel with Ian and Barbara, he bade susan farewell to allow her to live a happier life with a man with whom she had fallen in love. Following Susan's departure, the doctor travelled for a short time with Ian and Barbara, before happening upon the planet. Dido, where he invited a new travelling companion to join him, vicki. She reminded him of Susan, and the doctor saw her as a surrogate to fill her spot in his travels with Ian and Barbara. Later, during a confrontation with the.

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Holding himself in high regard, the. First Doctor was prone to criticising those who he felt were naive or primitive compared to his intellect. However, after he began taking on companions, he developed a compassion, warmth, and wit that made up for his egocentric nature, serving to act as a mentor and guardian figure in his final years. Originally a very difficult and curmudgeonly person, the first Doctor matured from an apparent selfishness and became more inviting. His happier, kinder characteristics were fostered when he began to acquire an entourage of companions to accompany him throughout the wonders of the fourth dimension and learned to be a caregiver with a sense of justice in a universe afflicted by evils. Beginning after he fled with his home world. Gallifrey, his travels through time and space were mostly random owing to faulty components in his tardis. Initially, he travelled only with his granddaughter.

Lost in the funhouse summary
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  6. Well, if you care to hear excuses, i have plenty, the greatest of them being ive been in other dimensions and whatnot, unable to reach you by the usual means. Holding himself in high regard, the first Doctor was prone to criticising those who he felt were naive or primitive compared to his intellect. However, after he began taking on companions, he developed a compassion, warmth, and wit that made up for his egocentric nature, serving to act. A group of campers revolt against their strict camp director and take over the camp for themselves. Activities Edit Agility funhouse (m) Edit. Agility funhouse is an activity located at the south-west corner of the fayre, next to western exit.

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