Learning disability essay

learning disability essay

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According to jimenez, j rodriguez (2010 the adaptation of the response to intervention assessment model in assessing students learning disabilities has resulted to various educational achievements. They note that the rti data have enabled the diagnosis of various tests which have not only helped in measuring the students response to the ongoing education intervention, but have also the administration of comprehensive and effective educational assessments that uplift the education standards. Additionally, jimenez rodriguez (2010) point out that the rti assessment model helps in the development of individualized educational plans which are not only useful in devising appropriate education instruction but also help in monitoring these students. This enables the students to adapt to the learning environment. For instance, they point out that the rti deploys the task analysis model in classroom which is useful in the identification of curriculum components that are fully understood by the students and others which still need modification to match the students capabilities. However, roth (2006) points out that the rti model cannot effectively assess the students learning disabilities if it is not appropriately constituted and implemented. She notes that the rti model normally presents the conceptual assessment framework that is intended to identify the students learning disabilities. This points to the fact that if no proper programs and educational assessment services are constituted then the assessment process becomes ineffective.

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She further notes that the effectiveness of rti in assessing students learning disabilities has resulted into various states interventions in enhancing such practices. For instance, she points out that the enactment of the act that had been formulated specifically to enhance education among the individuals with disabilities (idea) clearly illustrates the effectiveness of improving learning processes by assessing various students learning problems. She notes the idea act permits the state to identify the students learning disabilities by using various scientific and research-based education interventions. According to ncld (2010 the idea permits the state to adopt various criteria in determining whether students have specific learning disabilities or not. It points out that by operating under the same principles in identifying specific areas where the student is flourishing and those aspects where improvement is required, the rti measures the students response to early teaching and educational intervention. The report notes that the data collected in such an assessment help in evaluating the students style and rate of learning process during teaching. On the other hand, roth (2006) points out that rti model entails the administration of standardized educational test to the students. This helps in the identification of specific areas of learning difficulty you as they continue to struggle. She points out that data obtained from proposal such assessment manner are not only used in evaluating students ability in mastering specific learning areas, but they are also used in analyzing the curriculum requirements thereby provide another alternative education intervention that enhances the students learning ability. However, in demonstrating to the learner how he/she can adapt instructions to his/her own weaknesses, strengths as well as styles, it is important to address the educational achievements that are associated with using the rti assessment model in assessing students learning disabilities.

The report points out that the multidimensional assessment incorporated response to intervention (RTI) assessment model that helps in the identification of students learning disabilities thereby allows appropriate education intervention. According to ncld (2010 the assessment data obtained from rti are not only essential in determining if a student has learning disability but they also improve the chances of the student being able to give the required information regarding the literacy and numeracy skills. For instance, ruban reis (2006) point out that assessing the students learning disability brings out his or her potentiality in other fields of academic which then can be used in enhancing both their literacy and numeracy skills. Even though students learning disability has been characterized by intelligence"ent disparity, the multidimensional assessment has proven that there are other various factors such as the cultural and educational standards, and the students surrounding environment which has also greatly contributed to the students learning disabilities. They point out that education interventional can be effective only if such undermining factors are addressed. While addressing the rationale used in the assessment as well thesis as the various relevant issues in this process, it is primarily important for us to consider the principles and procedures that rti incorporate in assessing students learning disability. According to roth (2006 the rti as the assessment model is essential in the early identification and treatment of learning difficulties. She points out that the rti has enabled various educational institutions in acquiring effective learning guidelines thereby enhancing their instructional methods.

learning disability essay

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This helps in enhancing both their educational and social growth. Roth (2006) states that assessment is a procedural process of collecting data through multiple measures that helps in the identification of students strengths and weaknesses. It therefore allows the devising of decisive learning strategies that enhance the students educational and social growth. She notes that providing the basic information about multidimensional assessment regarding students who have certain forms of disabilities in learning is essential in devising appropriate education intervention. The write up addresses the relationship that exists between multidimensional assessment of students with learning disability and appropriate educational interventions. It addresses the rationale and the issues regarding the assessment and it further demonstrates the relevant instructions to the learner on how he/she can adapt the instructions to his/her abilities, deficits as well as the styles used in the assessment. Multidimensional Assessment and Education Intervention, according to the report presented by the national joint Committee on learning Disabilities, njcld (2010 it is noted that multidimensional assessment of students with learning disabilities is essential in considering appropriate education intervention.

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learning disability essay

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Skills that are needed to succeed in the general education classes are taught during this time. These classes can be much like a strategy time to figure out of that specific students way of learning best. Learning disability teachers spend much of their time trying to help their students adapt to what are called the normal classes. What would it be like if a normal student tried to learn like. Student does (Maniet 182)? Write your name on a piece of paper, using your best handwriting. Now write it again, but this time, move your left foot on the floor in a counter-clockwise as you write.

Try reading this: 32e. Introduction, according to roth (2006 students with learning disabilities normally encounter difficulties in acquiring literacy and numeracy skills either due to the education structure, social cultural factors or environmental factors. She points out that students normally develop learning disabilities depending on their personal characteristics, educational standards and the nature of their surrounding environment. She notes that literacy is the concept of adequately exchanging information through various means, such as reading. On the other hand, writing entails the ability of the student to work with quantitative information. She points out that the multidimensional assessment of the students learning problems does not only help in identifying the cause of their learning disability but it also helps in engaging them in learning activities that match their strengths and weaknesses.

Students are not paying attention or hyperactive, think that they are slow, and think that they get special attention (Maniet 49). Children often feel frustrated and embarrassed and this makes a student feel like giving. Giving up is an easy thing to do, but for. Student giving up is made easier when a student feels worthless. Parents sometime feel broken hearted because their children feel worthless.

Parents feel that it is their fault that their child has this problem. In some instances, it is thought that this gene can be passed from the parents, but it can also be the result of an early childhood illness (levine 4). It really is uncertain what really causes a learning disability. What some people do not understand is that a learning disability can not be fixed. Like everything else in life, it is something that you learn to deal with and it is the. Teachers job to teach this lesson. Teacher must have a deep understanding of what it takes for a student to grasp a concept. Mainstreaming is one of the most practiced types of educating disabled kids. This means that the students spend most of their day in regular classes and only a few hours in a special education classes (Lerner 132).

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This is especially true. Students and their parents dont know about themselves is that most. Students have have average or above average intelligence (Maniet 15). There is a block aid that is blocking that vast information. In the same area of social acceptance, there is the problem of discrimination, because most people think that a disability is more visual, like being in a wheelchair. People think that these students will be a strain on roles their time. Fellow students and teachers sometime presentation think that.

learning disability essay

These famous males had problems in the areas in spelling, grammar, and math (Maniet 20). Students without learning disabilities face problems like these, but these areas become increasingly difficult when you have trouble interrupting such everyday subjects. Since, a majority of these men were alive before a time when learning disabilities were a documented problem, most of them flunked out of school or had to repeat grades (Maniet). Like, a building without handicap entrances, school is a major hurdle anterolisthesis for a student with. School can also bring on some social problems that go along with a learning disability. Words like stupid and retard are thrown around groups of classmates, but to a special student, these words can be damaging and very hurtful. Kids need to be taught that words like these need to be ignored.

can, but I learn differently and its often much harder for. This in turn means that I have difficulty with reading and spelling, and also with remembering what I hear (Wren 3). Like cory, almost 20 of children, of the total school population, suffer from different types of learning disabilities. There are an even larger number of students that go undetected with. Most of these, undetected students are male (Maniet 11). This might explain the unbelievable number of famous males that have succeeded in their professional careers, while suffering from their disabilities. Thomas Edison, winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, da vinci, beethoven, and Tom Cruise are only a few of the well known males who have dealt with a learning disability.

People with a learning disability have trouble performing specific types of skills or completing tasks if left to figure things out by themselves or if taught in conventional ways. Individuals with learning disabilities can face unique challenges that are often pervasive throughout the lifespan. Depending on the type and severity of the disability, interventions and current technologies may be used to help the individual learn strategies that will foster future success. Some biography interventions can be quite simplistic, while others are intricate and complex. Current technologies may require student training to be effective classroom. Learning Disabilties Essay, research Paper, im just starting my sophomore year in college. I first knew I had a learning disability when I was in first grade.

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Learning disability is a classification including several areas of functioning in which a person has difficulty learning in a typical manner, usually caused by an unknown factor or factors. While learning disability, learning disorder and learning difficulty are often used interchangeably, they differ in many ways. Learning disability refers to significant learning problems in an academic area. These problems, however, are not enough to warrant an official diagnosis. Learning disorder, on the other hand, is an official clinical diagnosis, whereby the individual meets certain criteria, as determined by a professional (psychologist, pediatrician, etc.) The difference is in degree, frequency, and intensity of reported symptoms and problems, and thus the two should not. When the term "learning disabilities" is used, it describes a group of disorders characterized by inadequate development of specific academic, legs language, and speech skills.1 Types of learning disabilities include reading disability (dyslexia mathematics disability (dyscalculia) and writing disability (dysgraphia).1. The unknown factor is the disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive and process information. This disorder can make it problematic for a person to learn as quickly or in the same way as someone who is not affected by a learning disability.

Learning disability essay
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  6. Below is an essay on learning, disability " from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Since 1963 has provided support to people with learning disabilities for someone that has been diagnosed with a learning disability. Learning disability teachers spend much of their time trying to help their. Buy assessment for Students with. Learning, disability essay paper online. According to roth (2006 students with learning disabilities normally.

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