Geology student resume

geology student resume

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Sherbondy, micheal, late Pleistocene Climate record from the north lake embayment of quaternary lake terreton, Idaho. Thomas, heather., the hydrostratigraphy of the quaternary valley fill Deposits Along the west Branch Susquehanna river Between Lock haven and Jersey shore, pennsylvania 1998 bailey, nicole, modeling of Barrier Island Landform and Vegetation Response to coastal Process Variables on the virginia coast Reserve. Daniels, noah, role of Debris Flows in Landscape evolution, Blue ridge, virginia. Davatzes, nick, strain Partitioning and Factorization in the silurian keefer Sandstone, central Pennsylvania. Helms, don, the Use of field-measured Fe2 Oxidation Rates to Predict Treatment Pond Volumes in Acid Mine Drainage. Jurgens, diane, an Investigation of the controls on Slope Stability in the 1995 Debris Flows of Madison county, virginia. Kirick, christine, use of Macroinvertebrates as Indicies of Ground Water quality.

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2001 Casaleggio, stephen., geochemical and biological Study of the first Passive mine Drainage Treatment System in writer the Shamokin Creek watershed, pennsylvania. Jr., comparison of Laboratory Iron-Oxidation Rate laws to field-measured Rates in Mine Drainage. Mallonee, jonathan., pleistocene paleochannel abandonment of Penns Creek in Union county, pennsylvania. Scheidt, matthew., geochemical weathering Characteristics and soil Chronosequence development on Blue ridge debris Fans in Madison county, virginia. Twele, casey., an Examination of Iron Photoreduction in coal Mine Drainage. 2000 Johnson, Adrienne., a structural Study of the silurian-devonian Carbonates in the national Limestone quarry in Middleburg, pennsylvania. Szuch, darren., a spatial Characterization of Hydrogeochemistry within the montandon Marsh, northumberland county, pennsylvania (Independent Study). Triolo, jason., use of Stable Oxygen Isotopes in a alpine forest Region to delineate the hydrologic Factors that govern an Alpine Ecotone. Cerrone, michael, alkalinity and Acidity in Mine Drainage: Definitions and Methods; and participant in the bucknell University/usgs assessment of the Shamokin Creek watershed, pennsylvania (summer, 1999 research projects). Golumbfskie, jason (Drexel University co-op student participant in the bucknell University/usgs assessment of the Shamokin Creek watershed, pennsylvania (summer, 1999 research project). 1999 Bradfield, william., temperatures of Alleghanian Deformation in the silurian Bloomsburg Formation, lehigh Gap, pennsylvania.

Turner, melissa,., the influence of Bedrock geology on the Ability of Pennsylvania headwater Streams to Ameliorate Acid rain. . Senior Thesis 2002 Hallett, benjamin., relative and Absolute timing of Partial Melting and Regional Deformation with in Proterozoic Migmatites of the rincon Range, north-Central New Mexico, senior Thesis. Hallett, benjamin., 1400 ma partial Melting and Regional Deformation in Proterozoic Migmatites of the rincon Range, north-Central New Mexico: Application of Monazite u-th-Pb Chemical Dating, senior Thesis with Honors. Iorio, john., holocene Climate of the mesotropics and Comparison of Paleodata Climate reconstruction with pmip simulations of Climate at 6000 14c years Ago, senior Thesis. Iorio, john., holocene Climate of the mesotropics and Comparison of geologic Climate reconstruction with pmip simulations of Climate at 6000 14c years Ago, honors Thesis. Szuch, darren., synorogenic Sedimentation Along the Arcward Margin of a mesozoic Forearc Basin, naknek formation, talkeetna mountains, Alaska, senior Thesis. Szuch, darren., synorogenic Sedimentation Along the Arcward Margin of a mesozoic Forearc Basin, naknek formation, talkeetna mountains, Alaska, honors Thesis.

geology student resume

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Winer, Emily, a ground Stability risk Assessment of the 4 Gold Mining Shaft of the Driefontein division of Gold fields, Ltd., carletonville, south Africa. 2004 Forsburg, Amanda 07 An Assessment of Hydrology and Water quality in the buffalo Creek watershed, Union county, pennsylvania. . McKenna summer Research Project. Tidmore, robert., sedimentologic and Petrologic Investigation of the miocene Frederika formation: a record of the Initial Construction of the Wrangell Volcanic field, Alaska. . 2003 Garfield, robert, placing Fractured-Rock site Characterization Within a regional geologic Context: Results from the bucknell University hydro-geophysical Research Site. . Guiliano, lindsay, analysis of Deformation Bands in Oligocene and Early miocene deposits of the funeral mountains, south-Central nevada. . Byron, tracking Barrier essay Island evolution: The Applicability of cm-scale gps and gis. . Nottis, gary, the development of Equations and Procedures for the Estimation of Shear wave velocities in soils, columbia and Dutchess counties, new York. Senior Thesis with Honors.

2006 Delaney, ryan., sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Frederika formation, Wrangell. Elias mountains, south central Alaska. Dennis, Adam, assessing Aeration Treatment Effectiveness for Mine Drainage at Scarlift Site 21, ranshaw Pennsylvania and Packer 5 Discharge, girardville, pennsylvania. McInerney, brian, The Effects of Acid Deposition on the Chemistry and Brook trout Populations in the headwater Streams Originating in the tuscarora formation, valley and Ridge Province, pennsylvania. Short, emily, evidence for the.4 ga regional Metamorphism and Deformation in the Thompson peak area, new Mexico:  An Application of Monazite Thermochronometry. Tully, craig, Impact of Historical Deforestation and Reforestation on Stream Channels:  a reconnaissance Investigation of Regional Adjustment to Changes in Sediment load in Watersheds in the susquehanna and Connecticut river Basins. 2005 Bunting, Philip, Emplacement Processes of quaternary Blockfields in Central Pennsylvania.

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geology student resume

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2010, lynch, Eric, characterization of vascular cavity coatings and microscopic tube-shaped structures from Upper Cretaceous dinosaur bones: evidence for bacterial origin for dinosaur "blood vessels". Geophysical analysis of seasonal Montandon gravel ridge water table fluctuation and moisture gradient variation due to storm events. Geochemical modeling and analysis of the frac water used in the hydraulic fracturing of the marcellus Formation, pennsylvania. Catastrophic Paleofloods on the lower Susquehanna: An analysis of slackwater deposits in Holtwood Gorge. 2008, hess, Anya, sedimentological and geochemical analysis of the keyser and Old Port Formations, central Pennsylvania: improved constraints on late silurian-early devonian paleoenvironmental conditions. Kassab, Christine, sedimentological analysis of overwash fan deposits on Hattaras Island, cape hattaras National seashore, north Carolina: A long-term sedimentary record of extratropical storms along the Atlantic coast.

Mellott, dallas, sedimentary record of Cenozoic tectonics and basin development in southwestern Arizona: geochronologic and petrologic data from the northern Mohawk mountains. Smith, stephen, a sedimentary record of overwash fans with respect to tropical storms and an east-west trending shoreline, okracoke and Hattaras Islands, north Carolina. 2007, forsburg, Amanda, stream Channel Morphology and Adjustments to Changes in Land Use in Buffalo Creek tributaries. Heuer, Dan, evidence of four Generations of Monazite Growth in Proterozoic Migmatites of the santa-fe range, north-Central New Mexico. Jenson, aubri, mla evidence of Radiation Damage in Microlite from the harding Pegmatite, taos county, new Mexico: An Energy-dispersive spectroscopy and Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction Study. Witmer, john, sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic - lower Jurassic McCarthy formation, Wrangell mountains, south Central New Mexico.

Also, something that i've learned from talking to other co-op students from across Canada is that our co-op department at Acadia is willing to put a lot more effort than any other school i've heard about into caring for and developing the skills of each. I strongly suggest you put some effort into your future success and take advantage of the opportunities that Acadia co-op provides. Tim Cross '08 BSc. Geology (co-op Option employer Upon, graduation: Iron Ore company of Canada, rio tinto, labrador City, newfoundland and Labrador). Research and Independent Study Projects since, algeo, jonathan. Monitoring stormwater redistribution into low-resistivity soils using noninvasive geophysical techniques.

The chemical and biological effects of an acid deposition remediation system on the impaired headwaters of Buffalo Creek, union county, pennsylvania. Catastrophic flooding in north-central Pennsylvania:  geomorphic findings from the september 2011 event and their significance to sedimentology. Sedimentology, depositional age, and provenance of sedimentary and volcanic rocks exposed along Willow Creek, eastern Susitna basin, south-central Alaska:  Implications for modification of a forearc basin by spreading ridge subduction. Progressive deformation at the Allegheny Front:  A study of structural geometry, associations and kinematics, lycoming county, pennsylvania. Mesoproterozoic deposition, regional metamorphism and deformation in north-central New Mexico:  evidence from metamorphic monazite and detrital zircon geochronology in the picuris mountains. Provenance signature of a forearc basin modified by spreading ridge subduction: detrital zircon geochronology and detrital modes from the paleogene Arkose ridge formation, southern Alaska. Characterizing the role of biotic and abiotic systems on the net rates of removal of manganese and determining growth rates of microbial colonies in passive acid mine drainage treatment sites. Independent Study Project,  a study of the Effectiveness of the buffalo Creek acid Precipitation Treatment System and its Ecological Effects on Buffalo Creek, union county, pennsylvania. Independent Study Project,  evaluating the magnitude of post-Eocene dextral displacement along the castle mountain fault, Alaska, using detrital geochronology.

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Visit the, earth and Environmental Science, department. "Despite concerns I book had about enrolling in the co-op program, i felt that doing so could provide some great opportunities for experience that would be hard to acquire elsewhere. As it turns out, i was offered a job as a geologist with a company in Labrador City, nl for my very first term. As this term progresses (I'm writing this near the end of it) I have come to realize more and more that i've made a decision which I will never regret. The knowledge and skills that i've developed- and that I will continue to improve on in the summer during my second term here - have been worth much more to me than graduating a couple of terms earlier (the main reason that I was advised. Not only have i learned a lot about what it's like to be a geologist in the mining industry; I'll also have a great reference and experience with a distinguished company to add to my resume. I can say with all honesty that i expect my co-op experience to have an important impact on my future in geology. I would personally recommend the co-op program to any student who is looking to improve his or her resume, self-presentation and confidence in dealing with potential employers.

geology student resume

Co-op students gain an enriched understanding of their academic program through practical application. In addition they refine their employability skills, gain an understanding of career opportunities in their field, and gain an understanding of the realities of the workplace. To graduate with the co-op Option, students complete three games 4-month co-op work terms (with an optional fourth) or a 12- or 16-month internship between their third and fourth years of study. Students that complete three co-op work terms, or an internship, will receive 3 credit-hours, counting as one elective course for graduation requirements. Students typically enrol in co-op at the beginning of their second year of study, but third-year students are also welcome. A minimum cumulative gpa.5 is required. All co-op students attend workshops and receive one-on-one coaching in job preparation skills such as resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, business ethics, and more. For further details on co-op, please visit the.

advanced graduate students and advanced undergraduates: Petroleum geology of the gulf of Mexico, caribbean, and Circum-Atlantic margins (geol 6383) - fall semester, mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-7. This course will provide an integrated tectonic, stratigraphic, paleogeographic, and structural framework for the entire region and require students to read and present to class on latest publications and research from the area. Geology and geophysics students with undergraduate honors, ms and PhD research topics in the region are welcome to participate.  No prerequisites. Structure/tectonics seminar intended for graduates at all levels and advanced undergraduates with honors thesis projects (geol 6396) - fall and spring semesters, Fridays, 10-12. This informal seminar team-taught by several uh faculty consists of graduate and undergraduate student oral presentations on starting and mentoring undergraduate honors theses and graduate ms and PhD projects on structure, tectonic, and petroleum topics. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Co-operative education is an academic program that integrates study with paid, discipline related work experience.

Of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from. Youtube video teaching, currently i teach the following courses: Graduate level course intended for first year grad students: Basin analysis for petroleum exploration (geol 6397) - fall semester, lectures tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-2:30 pm (course is held in evenings 5:30-7 pm in alternate years). Lecture-based part of course uses text Allen and Allen, basin Analysis, including work station exercises using 3D seismic and well data sets from rift, passive margin, foreland, strike-slip, and inverted fault block settings. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Graduate level course intended as a thesis follow on to basin analysis for petroleum exploration: Petroleum prospecting workshop (geol 6384) Co-taught with. John Castagna, spring semester, tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-5:30. This course builds on geol 6397 and is for grads and advanced undergrads.

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Curriculum Vitae, professor of geology, tectonics, petroleum geology. Sheriff Endowed Chair, director, caribbean Basins, tectonics and Hydrocarbons Consortium. A., Oberlin College, 1978,. D., State University of New York at Albany, 1983. Office: 427 SR1, office hours: M/W 4:00p - 5:30p. Phone: (713) 743-3646, home page, google Scholar Profile, researchGate. LinkedIn Profile, research Interests, tectonics, basin analysis, petroleum geology, principal investigator of Caribbean Basins, tectonics and Hydrocarbons (cbth) industry consortium at UH: http cbth. Cbth k-12 outreach page: http cbth., summary of student research awards at the parts University of houston Dept.

Geology student resume
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  4. Department of Petroleum geosystems Engineering. The academic discipline of geology is the study of Earth - what it 8217;s made of, the processes that affect it and how it 8217;s changed over time - and. For students wishing to pursue less extensive training at the undergraduate level, the minor. In addition to studies in the field, the department emphasizes student involvement. Completed post graduation in, geology from University of Los Angeles, ca in March 2003 - grade.

  5. Geology, department at the college of Charleston. This is also a great way to review basic introductory concepts and build your resume. Professor of, geology, tectonics, petroleum, geology. Sheriff Endowed Chair Director, caribbean Basins, tectonics and Hydrocarbons Consortium. Summary of student research awards at the University of houston Dept. resume, pdf structural geology ; structural diagenesis.

  6. Co-op in, be a geologist in the mining industry; I ll also have a great reference and experience with a distinguished company to add to my resume. Student, resources Bmail myBucknell Academic career Resources Class Registration grades Campus Life resources housing, dining transportation Billing financial Aid health safety. Geology at Bucknell Research Location For Current Students Job Opportunities. Jobs geoscience employment careers links geology geophysics minerals resources geologists. Job search tips, resume and cover letter examples, interview questions and tips, resignation and employment advice from m expert Alison doyle. Teaching assistants are an important part of the.

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