Agenda 21 summary pdf

agenda 21 summary pdf

Agenda 21 Summary

32 (Foreign Affairs, summer 2007) obama did with an executive order in early 2009, Obama explicitly authorized the cia to continue extraordinary renditions. 33 like bush, Obama has claimed that diplomatic assurances, along with oversight, will make sure that torture wont be used but this has not been the case. The first documented rendition under Obama was that of a lebanese white-collar criminal, raymond azar, in April 2009. He and a friend were seized by eight armed fbi agents; he was hooded, stripped naked and photographed, given a body cavity search, shown a picture of his family and told hed never see them again unless he confesses, driven to bagram, shackled. Obama has also endorsed the view that the entire world is a battlefield, and that anyone anywhere can be a legitimate target even for assassination, and including. Citizens living abroad (see point.6).

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Confessions were coerced from him through torture: the wounded Khadr was interrogated immediately after capture; drugged and handcuffed to a stretcher; threatened with gang rape and death; hooded and chained with his arms suspended in essay a cage-like cell; forced to urinate on himself and used. These coerced confessions were admitted as evidence in the tribunal. Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict, radhika coomaraswamy, condemned the proceedings, saying they will jeopardize the status of child soldiers around the world: Since world War ii, no child has been prosecuted for a war crime. 29 In April 2011, the administration announced that they had reversed their position on trying Khalid Sheik mohammed and four other alleged 9/11 plotters in a civilian court, and will instead try them in military tribunals at guantánamo bay. 29b 29c.4 Extraordinary renditions bush did called an illegal tool of the. By the european Parliament, another method to capture and interrogate terrorism suspects by the bush administration was the program of extraordinary renditions meaning disappearances, and the outsourcing of interrogation and torture to other countries. 30 bush held the legal view that the. Can imprison people of any citizenship from anywhere in the world as prisoners of war, as the entire world is a battlefield in the war on Terror. 31 obama said to build a better, freer world, we must first behave in ways that reflect the decency and aspirations of the American people. This means ending the practices of shipping away prisoners in the dead of night to be tortured in far-off countries, of detaining thousands without charge or trial, of maintaining a network of secret prisons to jail people beyond the reach of the law.

To circumvent the geneva convention in the handling of detainees. 10 (Organizing for America website) obama did shortly after rejecting detainees right paper to habeas corpus (see point.1 Obama began the fight to bring back military tribunals, causing an uproar among human rights and civil rights groups. In October 2009, Obama signed the military commissions Act of 2009 into law. Attorney general Eric Holder has also assured critics that, in the unlikely case that a terrorism suspect is found not guilty by a civilian court, the administration will imprison him anyway, using what they call the presidents post-acquittal detention powers. 27 As the administration has also retained the right to decide who will be heard in court, who in a military tribunal, and who will be detained without any type of legal process, the question of civilian courts has become merely a symbolic one: whoever. The first military tribunal under Obama began in August 2010, against Omar Khadr. He was a 15-year-old child soldier in 2002, when he was captured in a legitimate firefight in Afghanistan, and has grown up in guantánamo.

agenda 21 summary pdf

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16f.3 Military tribunals bush did dubbed kangaroo courts by human rights organizations, the military tribunals introduced by bush permitted testimony extracted through torture and hear-say to be used as evidence, and permitted withholding evidence from the defendants, so as to ensure convictions for detainees. 17 At the same time, the bush administration also tried a number of terrorism suspects successfully in civilian courts. 18 obama said by any measure, our system of trying detainees has been an enormous failure. This legal black hole has substantially set back Americas ability to lead the world against the threat year of terrorism, and undermined our most basic values. Make no mistake: we are less safe because of the way george bush has handled this. My approach is guided by a simple premise: I have confidence that our system of justice is strong enough to deal with terrorists. 19 (Press conference, june 18, 2008) Obama will reject the military commissions Act, which allowed the.

If and when it eventually is, it will have little meaning if the administration leaves in place the policies that the prison has come to represent, as aclu director Jameel Jaffer stated. 16 The small print in the executive order also kept open such secret cia facilities as were deemed for temporary use. On March 8, 2011, Obama issued a new executive order, formally codifying the permanent role of the guantánamo bay facility in the administrations policy of indefinite detention, and as the location for military tribunals (see.3 below). 16b 16c At the beginning of Obamas second term, a number of detainees started a months-long hunger strike one of many since 2005 with the majority eventually joining. Attempts by the prisoners either to have their grievances addressed or to starve to death have been met with brutal force-feeding by tube, despite protests by the American Medical Association and the red Cross. A number of senior American doctors, writing in The new Englang journal of Medicine, described guantánamo as a medical ethicsfree zone. 16d 16e a majority of the inmates have long been cleared for release, but may still spend the rest of their lives detained there.

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agenda 21 summary pdf

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7 The facility had become a pr disaster for the. S., due to torture, homicides, and its very reason for existing, which was to escape legal oversight. 8 9 There was, however, never any backtracking by the bush administration on the legality of the practices in guantánamo. Obama said guantanamo has become a recruiting tool for our enemies. The legal framework behind guantanamo has failed completely, resulting in only one conviction. The first step to reclaiming Americas standing in the world has to be closing this facility. As president, barack Obama will close the detention the facility at guantanamo.

10 (Organizing for America website) obama did one of Obamas first executive orders was to shut down guantánamo (which Bush had also promised to do along with secret cia prisons abroad. 11 Obamas strategy from the start, however, was to move guantánamo detention practices elsewhere while build continuing to argue for their legality (see point.1 above). He was denied funding by the senate to transfer guantánamo detainees — into continued indefinite detention without legal rights — to a prison complex in Illinois, dubbed Gitmo north. 11b 11c The administration was more successful with the bagram Detention Center: In may 2010, Obama won his case at the dc circuit court of Appeals, making Bagram infamous for its own cases of torture and homicide a new legal black hole for the administration. This prompted eight major civil liberties and human rights groups to sign a joint letter opposing the entire closure. 15 guantánamo has still not been closed, long after Obamas self-imposed deadline of January 2010.

6a 6b, the bill formally codifies the. Governments right to arrest anyone anywhere on suspicion of terrorism-related crimes, including. Citizens, and to imprison them indefinitely without trial. 6c, misconceptions about the bill abound. 6d 6da ambiguously-worded and misleading statements from the White house and the president have given the impression that Obama objected to the codification of indefinite detention without trial. However, both Bush and Obama had already claimed to legally have — and had exercised — this power.

Obamas earlier veto threat and subsequent statements expressing serious reservations about the bill were prompted by the administrations opinion that indefinite detention of suspects should happen at the sole discretion of the president, without interference from Congress. These opinions are unambiguously expressed in a white house policy statement on the proposed bill, as well as in Obamas subsequent signing statement. These same statements also refer to the flexibility needed to incapacitate dangerous individuals, which includes the presidents claimed right to assassinate. Citizens without charges or trial, a power Obama has already exercised (see point.6). 6e 6f As described multiple times by senator Carl levin, the White house specifically demanded that provisions excluding. Soil from indefinite military detention be removed from the bill. In other words, the negotiated modifications, which Obama stated were necessary for him to sign the bill, include broader powers to ignore habeas corpus rights, not safeguards to protect them. 6g 6h calling the decision a historic tragedy, human Rights Watch concluded, President Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in us law. 6i.2 Closing guantánamo bay bush did in 2006, bush and many high-ranking officials in his administration stated publicly that they want to close down guantánamo.

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2 (Senate, september 2006 obama did, shortly after assuming office, obama appealed a district court ruling that granted prisoners in Afghanistan the right to challenge the legality of their detention, adopting the legal argument straight from the bush doj. 3, this was well before his political opponents exerted public pressure to this effect. There is little or no evidence against a significant portion. Detainees held on suspicion of terrorism, and many are known by the administration to be innocent. In may 2010, Obama won the case in a dc circuit court of Appeals (see margaret point.2 below). 5 6, standing in front of the original Constitution at the national Archives in may 2009, Obama introduced a staggering new expansion of executive power: In addition to using military tribunals (see point.3 the administration would now retain the right to indefinitely hold detainees. 23, this was the first time. History that the executive branch asserted the right to imprison people indefinitely on suspicion that they might commit a crime in the future., in December 2011, Obama signed into law the national Defense authorization Act for Fiscal year 2012, causing outrage among human rights and.

agenda 21 summary pdf

text, which shall serve as a summary albeit still an incomplete one of Obamas first term. The argument here is not that Obama is a uniquely conservative democratic politician — or a unique politician in any respect. On the contrary, this should serve as a case study illustrating the state of our two-party system. 03/18/2016: Check out my new blog here! Human rights and civil liberties.1 Habeas corpus, bush did, bush suspended terrorism suspects right to habeas corpus. By branding them unlawful enemy combatants and by imprisoning them in guantánamo bay, his administration argued that they are not protected by the constitution or by the geneva conventions, and can be imprisoned indefinitely without evidence or charges. The supreme court ruled in 2008 that guantánamo bay detainees do have the right to habeas corpus. A constitutional scholar with a law degree from Harvard, Obama argued strongly against the bush administrations disregard for civil rights, calling them the essence of who we are: As a parent, i can also imagine the terror I would feel if one of my family. by giving suspects a chance even one chance to challenge the terms of their detention in court, to have a judge confirm that the government has detained the right person for the right suspicions, we could solve this problem without harming our efforts in the.

By ilari kaila, first posted: 03/20/2011. With additional updates by timothy page and tuomas kaila. This article was first posted halfway through Barack Obamas first term as president, with a lead paragraph stating that little has changed from the bush era when it comes to issues such as the war on Terror, civil liberties, militarism, corporate influence on government, secrecy. This statement is no longer valid: it has become challenging to keep up with all the ways in which the president has not only embraced, but expanded and institutionalized, george. Bushs most radical policies. Two significant shifts have happened during the first months of friend Obamas second term. Firstly, the reality of the presidents true policies has finally penetrated mainstream discussion, spurred on by the guantánamo hunger strikes, revelations about en mass domestic surveillance, prosecution of journalists and whistleblowers, as well as by the growing consciousness about the drone assassinations.

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Digital Single market digital Economy society. Skip to main content, the digital Single market strategy aims to open up digital opportunities for people and business and enhance europe's position as a world leader in the digital economy. Month, day, date, meeting Type, minutes, dec. Tue 12/20, board of Supervisors, minutes, dec, mon - tue 12/12 - 12/13. Board paper of Supervisors, minutes, dec. Tue 12/6, board of Supervisors, minutes, nov, mon - tue 11/14 - 11/15, board of Supervisors, minutes, nov, tue 11/8, board of Supervisors, minutes, nov, tue 11/1, board of Supervisors, minutes, oct, tue 10/25. Board of Supervisors, minutes, oct, tue 10/18, board of Supervisors, minutes, oct, mon - tue 10/10 - 10/11, board of Supervisors, minutes, oct Mon 10/4 board of Supervisors Minutes Sep Thr 9/29 board of Supervisors Minutes Sep tue 9/27 board of Supervisors Minutes Sep tue. Little hope for change: a summary of the bush-obama legacy.

Agenda 21 summary pdf
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  4. June 28, 2018 rio nuevo board. Agenda ; may 2018. May 22, 2018 rio nuevo board. Important Notice About viewing meetings: If you are having trouble viewing the live meeting using the below link, try viewing the live meeting.; For meetings held from 3/13/18 through 5/22/18, you can access the. Pdf minutes and the supporting documents via the minutes link, and the video link will bring up the video for that).

  5. Tracking Obama s abandoning of the progressive agenda. The digital Single market strategy aims to open up digital opportunities for people and business and enhance europe s position as a world leader in the digital economy. 2014 was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2014th year of the common Era (CE) and Anno domini (AD) designations, the 14th year of the 3rd millennium, the 14th year of the 21st century, and the 5th year of the. Apple 666, Artemis, ipads (infertility pads Project Inkwell, connect ed, e-rate, and. Agenda 21 -an expose with an all star cast. 2018 board meeting Schedule; 2017-board-meeting-Schedule; June 2018.

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