• Animated business presentation
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    Animated business presentation

    How can I put this delicately? It's not that your slide deck isn't chock full of useful information. It's that they've seen it all before. At the first sign of a static PowerPoint frame, their eyes glaze over. To really[...]
  • Write your song
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    Write your song

    I'm with you, why don't you write your own song. And I won't have to hear. When you get it all wrong. I'll find a way to clear. From my memory of you, you just do what you have to[...]
  • Four divergent book summary
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    Four divergent book summary

    A madea halloween lgf 73,206,343 2,299 28,501,448 2,260 10/21 12/22 43 Storks wb 72,679,278 3,922 21,311,407 3,922 9/23 1/12 44 10 Cloverfield Lane par. 72,082,998 3,427 24,727,437 3,391 3/11 6/2 45 Lights Out wb (NL) 67,268,835 2,835 21,688,103 2,818 7/22[...]
  • Legal writing professor
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    Legal writing professor

    G., f for facts). Facts (or other parts) may be scattered in various places throughout opinion. Revise your brief based on class discussion. Parts of a case brief:. Writing the case Brief Caption Costanza. 1999) Parties court Date decided. Writing[...]
  • A view from the bridge short summary
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    A view from the bridge short summary

    Czech legend has it that construction began on Charles Bridge at 5:31am on with the first stone being laid by Charles iv himself. This exact time was very important to the holy roman Emperor because he was a strong believer[...]

How to write

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